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The capital is burning. Changelings swarm through the streets. The Princess has been incapacitated, and the Royal Guard is in full retreat. However, not every member of the Guard was taken out in the first few minutes of battle. It is said that discretion is the better part of valor, and three stallions who escaped the initial attack take this saying to heart. They don't plan on saving the day, but they certainly plan on surviving it.

Proofread by warewolves.

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Comments ( 6 )

Wasn't this already uploaded? o_O

I remember reading the changeling version of this.

(In summary) Capital, the Capitol is a building.

putting it's back

A pretty enjoyable read. Shame not many people have seen it.

A fascinating story. The cock is detailed and poetically refined.

Should have made it "Tunnel Snakes".


...What? It's Fallout 3, for christ's sake, you can't not like it?

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