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Crowquill Symphony

The stallion before you looks to be on the heavy side, a bit too fond of rich food and hard liquors. He twirls the pen in his hoof, eyes half-lidded as he scans the page. "Sup." He says.


Mac goes out for a mysterious package late at night. What does it contain? What kind of fix does he need? How will Rainbow confront him? Not too long, so expect this to wrap itself up quickly.

Rated T for Teen for Language. Bad Language.
Be harsh with criticism and generous with praise, comments appreciated.

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Comments ( 14 )

A small thing I wrote on a whim.

This was cool! Saddly short, but good all the same.

This was very good! I was really surprised to find such a great new story. Everyone was in character, it was well written, and really cute and silly at the end. Great job! Haha this is the first comment I've written since making my account just now. xD I'm happy to say it was for a good story. Oh and I love this pairing. Fluttershy/Big Mac is just so over-done, and they haven't even talked in the show! Keep up the good work!

There are two things I am so sick and tired of seeing: Fallout Equestria crossovers (curse them all, they're like a plague!) and derogatory, unrealistic gay shipping. I only have one pair that I can see being gay and that's Lyra x Bonbon. Other than that, it is pointless and stupid. I haven't even read this yet and I know I'm going to like it, judging by the content and acclaim so far.

So, as my first fanfic of the day, I say


Horse music! Hey epic!

well rainbow dash in love and married with big mac with "no transitional romance what-so-fucking-ever"

564685 MacinDash. Heavy Metal. Rarity not knowing anything about stallions. VISIONARY.

569566 I've got to agree. It gets a bit annoying when Rarity always seems to know everything about dating EVER. Really was a unique and creative story.

569708 And really, the one who spends most of their free time reading romance novels usually knows the least about romance. 'There should be no secrets in a relationship'? Worst. Advice. Ever. If there were no secrets, how would they surprise each-other with gifts?

Great continuation to "My Little Lover" Short sweet and to the point :3

did you mean: "hijo de puta" in place of: "hijo de la perra"? in spanish the first one is used and not the second.:ajbemused:

I like the fic.:eeyup:

2797442 I would've put that one, but I decided to go for the slightly cleaner one.

Was Method of Decrease meant to be an altered version of System of a Down?

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