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Crowquill Symphony

The stallion before you looks to be on the heavy side, a bit too fond of rich food and hard liquors. He twirls the pen in his hoof, eyes half-lidded as he scans the page. "Sup." He says.


I'm not going to fool around, this is a stupid story that I wrote for a stupid reason with a plot deliberately stolen from something I saw once. Anyone who has seen "The Great Chimp Heist" on Newgrounds will know what's going on. I am so ashamed for writing this. Please don't hate me.

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Comments ( 6 )

Sexual lobster... nuf said. :facehoof:

Didn't expect Fluttershy to be the Gooseman of this :rainbowlaugh:

Kinda expected Derpy or Surprise

So this is what I say when I find this story

"720 people have read it, 4 people have commented on it... No votes .How, how does this even happen?"

6592019 Who knows? Maybe they just don't want to admit, anonymously or otherwise, that they read this.

Edit: And it's kinda really old. As in "grandfathered in before the 1000 word minimum rule" old.

6594767 k that's cool rurberfeher
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