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Crowquill Symphony

The stallion before you looks to be on the heavy side, a bit too fond of rich food and hard liquors. He twirls the pen in his hoof, eyes half-lidded as he scans the page. "Sup." He says.


Being a princess has its own perks; you get prestige, power, a fancy castle and all the royal accouterments. But there is one other thing a princess can do which Twilight decides to pursue in depth; that thing being the right to form a harem of studs waiting at her beck and call.

Something I wrote in a short amount of time on a whim. I hope you enjoy it, questions, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome and appreciated. Have a great day!

Cover art by yours truly!

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Comments ( 6 )

Oh man, that last line. :rainbowlaugh:
This was hilarious, and it has earned a mustache several mustaches.


What, no girls, Twilight?

That was funny. Great job. I hope you write other stories that are as funny as this one.

"Ah Twilight?" Spike asked " I think I'll be goin on vacation with Rarity, If that's OK with you?":moustache:
"Sure Spike I've arranged it with her already " :twilightsmile:She ushered the Drake out of the castle, His bags having been loaded on the Ratirot with his
marsh mellow mare at the helm ,:raritywink:" Come Spiley Wikey , If Twilight can have her harem , I'll have my Los Pegasus wedding !"
Spike asked "Gosh, ,Is that legal?"
Rarity looked into the Drakes eyes " Spikey Wikey, My dearest .What goes on in Los Pegasus stays in Los Pegasus":duck:
"Spiket swooned "WoW !"

Big Mac looked on "Yeeap":eeyup:

Paying? Who said anything about paying? Other than Twilight. Maybe her royal finance officer should figure that out.

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