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Big Mac has always been seen as the one stallion in Ponyville that always seemed ready to be a father. He had raised A.J. and Bloom almost by himself, and always has time for the CMC. But is the large stallion ready to be a father? Mac himself doesn't know as he stares into the crib that holds his son. Is he ready to be a father? And if so, what kind of father could he be?

Thank you to Jszellmer as always for edits, and a thank you I never thought I would have the plesure of saying, but thank you Mr Bronius Maximus for his edits and suggestions, leanred a lot from you bro, and thank you for his and the permission of ROBBERGON of DeviantArt for this amazing picture!

And a super special thank you to CptBrony for the amazing moral support!

This is also a belated birthday gift to Jake the Army Guy since apparently it is illegal to try to break into Hub and make MacDash cannon.

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Comments ( 35 )

Did they not edit your summary as well?

Stares, not stairs, and holds, not hold's. (Hold can't even BE possessive!)

Also, "But is the large stallion to be a father?" is incomplete/missing a word or two.

Mac doesn't know himself... Put the himself after Mac, or else it sends the wrong message. (Identity crisis rather than uncertainty in himself)

Oh that was awesome! *grabs chest and dies*

That was AWESOME. I loved that story. Great job. Just great job.

Well actually hold can be possessive, if used a a synonym of stronghold, but of course that isn't what's going on here.

4406964 This is why the guy with dyslexia and ADD should not be allowed to publish anything with out some over sight...also he should get more than three hours of sleep.

4406964 no we did not edit the description

4407026 Eh, it's okay. I didn't to sound so abrasive either. Going to bed sounds like an amazing idea after the day I've had. :ajsleepy:

4407216 Was the "I didn't to sound so abrasive either" intentional? Because if not, Your day must have been very tiring.

I really have to appreciate how Mac was portrayed in this story, I think it's just about how he would react. Great job with this one.:twilightsmile:

I love it, it was lovely, and very well express. the feels!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

This story is great, it convey so much feels.

By the way I am the only one that think that a pony slap has no effect due to their joint not rotating in the good angle and the awkwardness of the weight transfer in quadruped.

This is great... touching...:fluttercry:

I will always be there for you bud ^^

I'm glad that Buck was the first word, Dash would be so proud XD

4407498 if you're talking about how I forgot 'mean', then no, it was not intentional. I have not slept well for three nights now, and if I had finals tomorrow, I would likely go crazy.

(Sorry for the 'spam' messages, author. I will be reading this when I get home from church.)

4406986 Oh shit! My work has killed again!

D'awwwww, and you know what else? Dash is probably one of the few females (in-universe and generally speaking) that won't really care if his son learned a swear word...or maybe her recently activated mother instinct will prove otherwise.

Wow... this was absolutely amazing. The grammar was astounding, save for some spelling errors, and the emotional feels just slap me across the face. And, honestly, it's hilarious that Zap's first word was "Buck." I feel like if this story got a hilarious ass sequel, where Zap went to school something like this could happen:

I proudly admit that the unponified version of that first word is the same as MY first word. Applause is requried

4407775 I thought that would be impossible to do, because the join at the shoulder don't bend that way. Please explain that to me! I'm interesting in comparative anatomy! and it's physics.

4412149 I admit that the classical slapping motion is indeed impossible for a pony, but the act of slapping itself is still possible : by holding its hoof and then using their other fore hoof as a pivot point they can actually slap, lacking any strength of course lacking velocity of weight.

4412263 So a kick from the front hooves has enough strength to be something painful? if not less strong than a kick from their back hooves.

4412400 excuse me I forgot to write some word in my earlier description, here is the complete one : by holding its hoof face height and rotating their entire body by doing crossed steps with their back hooves, using their non-raised hoof as a pivot point they can actually slap, lacking any strength of course lacking in velocity or weight.

4412478 apart from that, my last comment is still possible or a fact? like a kick from a horse can broke your ribs kind of thing.

4412542 It is possible but is it a slap ? as far as I know a slap need a flat surface and an circular motion, witch i don't see in your description, and I just had a flash slapping is entirely possible for a pony : in a downward motion.

4412576 Maybe it's like Miss Piggy's karate chop...

4412576 plus they're magical talking ponies. What can't they do!:rainbowdetermined2:

4413684 Stop three fillies from destroying the town to get their cutie marks.

Awww, that was so sweet. :twilightsmile: Mac is gonna be a good father! Shoot, I see all the Apples as good parental figures.

And I'm always here for you, Captain! :moustache:

Best....mac/dash fic EVER! I love how adorable it was. The sweet moments like Zap apple's first word were perfectly spliced in with Big Mac's worries about being a good father. Don't worry Mac! Nobody is truly "ready" for parenthood, like many great things in life, you just have to experience it one day at a time. *gives him a hug* Great job, Captain unstoppable!

4415709 Thank you for the kind words, but this is no where near the best MacDash story. Check out stories like A Camping We Will Go, Home on the Range, Breaking Barriers, and Under a Luminous Sky for much better stories.

I dunno about that. I'll admit the author of "A camping we will go" has excellent creativity in dialog but I found your story far more interesting. Yours might not be as subtly done, but it far exceeds in terms of emotional impact and most of your "Awww" moments are cuter than his. Of course, this is just one Brony's opinion...:unsuresweetie:

How is his first word a swear? The Apples "Buck" the trees to get the apples to fall!!

4450745 I guess it can be a swear in the contents it is used in...or I just decided it was one and went with it.

4451004 It made me lol because when you think about it thats what big mac for a living:eeyup::ajbemused:!

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