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A fanfiction in which Sunset Shimmer commands a fleet to conquer the Solar System's seventh planet.

Rated T for excessive immaturity.

Chapters (1)
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For a moment, Sunset just sat there, wondering what her rainbow-haired chum found so amusing. Even after two years in this world of hairless monkey people, there were still times when she fell afoul of their culture's norms.

Seriously?! It's still a bit rude! How do you like it if call you small horses with tattoos on your butts, and have color skin disorders, and giant anime eyes!!?? Now, you know how I feel! 😒

It's so childish that it's perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

Zetari #3 · Monday · · ·

Three cheers for a George of the jungle reference

“Liquid Alkaloid Stimulant Dispensers offline!!”

Not the coffee machines! You monsters!!

I thought that the description said conquer the Solar System's seventh universe

Sure, it's low-hanging fruit, but all too in-character for Dash. Also, A+ technobabble on the downed systems. I do love Sunset still being bemused by the local ape-people.

I want it spicy, I want it large... ;)

Fluid outside and Rocky inside!

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