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    AppleDash Contest #4 - Deadline Extension and 1 Month Warning

    I figured people would like to spend New Year's with friends/family instead of churning out horse words last minute, so the deadline has been extended by 24 hours. This means entries are now due at 8:00AM (GMT) on January 2, 2016.

    That's a few hours under a month to go!

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  • 73w, 3d
    AppleDash Contest #4 - A Little Twist of Lemon

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    A Day in the Life of a Purple Alicorn [Music]

    Hey guys! I know most (all?) of you don't follow me for my music, but I will subject you to it anyway. :D

    It's been over a year since I've last finished a song, but now I've finally done so. This is good news on the fanfiction front, as I'm most definitely making a comeback in all things creative. It's just a matter of time... and not too much of it at that!

    Check it out, if you'd like:

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  • 138w, 3d
    A Room in Northern Virginia?

    Hey guys,

    I wouldn't normally do this, but the guy I was going to room with in 3 days just backed out since he calculated his income incorrectly. This leaves me in the tough position of needing an room near Ashburn, VA to go along with my new job and, unfortunately, I'll not have a place to live by the end of the week that's financially stable. I'd really, really appreciate it if you or anyone you know in the area is looking for a roommate and could help me out. I'd be looking for a 3-6 month term while I figure out if this company is going to keep me and me them. It's a bit of a long shot, I know, but I'd really like to not spend 60% of my income on housing if I can help it.

    In other news, this move is going to be great for my depression. I'll be living away from my family (who's a major contributor to it) and will be able to manage it much better. This means I'll likely be getting back to writing in the next couple of months and can finally finish that TwiJack and AppleDash I started so long ago. :P

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  • 147w, 3d
    Indefinite Hiatus

    As if it weren't clear already, all my work is on an indefinite hiatus. My depression's gotten so bad I can't even code things. And I love coding things more than anything. It's likely going to be a long while before I dig myself out of this slump. I'll let you guys know when I'm able to do stuff again.

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    Rainy Day Reads

    So I've got this new thing. If you like fic recommendations, you should check it out. I kinda just thought of it, so it's very empty, but it'll fill up in time.

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    FIMFiction Emote Extender Update - Version 3.0

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    Prompt Collab

    I know it's probably not what you wanted, but I've managed to sneak in enough time to complete my entry for the AppleDash group's 200th prompt collab.

    Writing pony words is hard when you're working 16 hour days. I promise that I'll be updating other things and uploading that TwiJack as soon as I'm able to. I just can't say when I'll have much of any free time again.

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  • 165w, 4d

    My week has been complete shit, thanks in no small part to my family. I've spent 8+ hours a day this week doing stuff for them and that's aggravated my depression/stress/anxiety so much that nothing has been done. I hate to do this, but it's gonna be another week of delays.

    Edit: Accidentally a word.

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  • 166w, 5d
    Status of Things

    The holidays ended up taking a good 2.5 weeks out of my schedule where I got almost nothing done for anyone. Now that the holidays are over and I can get back to my normal schedule, you can expect the next chapter of A Bit of a Problem in the next week or so. In fact, I'm leaving in 5 minutes to go to my favorite coffee shop to write for a few hours.

    After I'm done with that, I'll return to working on my (still untitled) TwiJack contest entry (that won third place! :pinkiegasp:) and hopefully I'll get that to a state I can be proud of within 2-3 weeks.

    Finally, I'll be getting around to doing the promised art for that AppleDash contest that happened a while back in between working on the above two things.

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    TwiJack Contest Entry

    Howdy, y'all!

    I did it. I wrapped up my entry for the contest today and it now sits at 15971 words, according to Google.

    The reason I'm writing this post? I'm not going back on my word, that's for sure. It won't be posted as an official story until I add another 4k words or so to it and give it a lot of TLC (trust me, it needs it).

    However, if you're interested in reading it in its current state, the contest thread in the TwiJack group has links to all the documents on Google. These docs won't change between now and when the contest ends on Christmas Eve—I've got all the stuff copied over into new documents so I can edit and write while the judging is taking place.

    With any luck, I'll have that story completed, edited, and posted within 2 weeks in the way I truly want it to be seen.

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  • 170w, 3h
    What I'm Up To (Story Progress)

    So, it's been a little while and I thought I'd let you know that I'm still fully planning on updating A Bit of a Problem. And soon. It'll be another week or two, but the next chapter is all outlined and ready to be written.

    The reason this is taking so long to update is this TwiJack fic I'm writing for the TwiJack contest, which I fully intend to have done before tomorrow at 8pm... at least, done for the contest. I'll post the story, but only for the judges. Sorry. It's sitting at around 11,000 words right now and I've got another 6k or so to go before it's done. This will probably take me up until very close to the deadline to finish and I won't have much time to edit the whole thing. I'd rather not post the story in its unpolished state if I can avoid it.

    Once it has been judged, I'll be going over it with a fine tooth comb and give it some serious editing, after which I'll send it to my editors. I'm hoping that I can get this editing process done and the story posted before the winners of the contest are announced, but in the meantime, I'll be writing the next chapter of A Bit of a Problem.

    Now, back to some intense writing. I've got a contest to try and win. :P

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    When Grown Mares Cry: A Look at Writing Crying Characters

    So let me let you in on a little secret, of sorts. I suppose I could call it a writing tip, or maybe even just something to keep in mind, but that doesn’t sound near as fun or mysterious. But before I do, let me ask you a question:

    Think about the last time you read about a character crying. How did you feel about it?

    Note that this isn’t just about My Little Pony fanfiction. It can be any book you’ve read, any movie you’ve seen, so long as the character has actually cried.

    If the answer to that is ‘I didn’t care enough’, or something along the lines of ‘I didn’t feel all that bad about that part’, you should be able to relate enough to this blog post to understand it. In fact, I’d be very surprised if you’ve haven’t not felt for a character who’s in tears.

    Now, why is that? Obviously, you’re supposed to feel bad about the character who’s also feeling bad. You’re supposed to cry when they cry, and laugh when they laugh. So why don’t you cry when they do?

    The answer to that is amazingly simple: When a character cries, the audience has no reason to.

    Think back to the last time you read something where you actually cried. Got it? Good. What was the character you were reading about doing at the time? Were they crying? Probably not. It’s more likely that they were holding back tears, trying not to cry. They may have been letting it out in the form of anger instead, or just letting it build up in the presence of friends while plastering a smile on their face. The saddest scenes in movies work this way, too.

    When you outright say that a character is in tears, there’s nothing more to say. They’re crying, and, well… um… hm.

    Making your reader feel sad for a character is much like creating a (very) short story with a three act structure:

    First, you need to establish what the character is feeling and doing. This is usually the simplest step, as it should flow with the rest of the story and it’s more than likely you’ve already written it for yourself.

    Second, you need a rising action. You need to build up emotions, create an internal war, and really get a conflict going. This is where your reader should feel for your character. This part is different for every character. Examine their personality and explore how and what they would do when holding back emotions.

    You’re also going to need a climax. This would be about when your character reaches their breaking point and is where you should have them outright cry (if that's the intention, they don't always have to). Keep it short, and to the point, but also think about other ways of expressing this that don’t involve crying.

    Finally, you have your falling action, and sometimes resolution. Your character’s probably going to feel a bit better after they’ve let all of that out. You’ve cried before, so you should have a pretty good idea as to what this should feel like. At this point you should be leading into the next part of your story. Introduce a character who helps the one feeling down, have them fall into a comfortable sleep, maybe even make them go and confront who or whatever made them feel that way. It’s up to you, but again, keep this part concise and carry on with the main plot of the story.

    Now that I’ve gone over all of that and you’ve had your mind-blowing revelation, how about some real world examples? I’m full of myself and I’ll be using my own fic, “A Solemn Summer Night”, as the first example. I shouldn’t need to say that there’s spoilers ahead, but there are. You’ve been warned.

    Keep in mind that there’s an awful lot I would change about this story, involving a re-write and ten thousand more words or so. I don’t like what I have anymore, but it serves its purpose as an example here.

    Throughout the first chapter, Rainbow Dash is trying to prove she can be strong without Applejack. She knows that Applejack won’t last the night, yet she resolves to try to enjoy it with her and fulfill a dying pony’s last wish.

    If you haven’t read it, go do so and pay attention to how Rainbow holds herself together—just barely—right up until the very last two sentences.

    Another example I can point to is Cold in Gardez’ Salvation. Specifically in chapter 13, “The Morning After, part 1” (Warning: Direct chapter link). If you haven’t read the fic, I highly recommend it, but it is extremely sad, so have a box of tissues on hand. The reason I point out chapter 13 specifically is because it takes the above formula and runs with it.

    Again, major spoilers ahead:

    We can identify the setup as Rainbow waking up and going through the previous night’s events in her head and ends roughly around where Rarity wakes up. Dash knows Rarity did something, the reader knows what she did, and we know it’s going to end badly.

    The rising action here constitutes almost the entire rest of the chapter. Dash moves from comforting her friend until she calms down enough, to anger upon the discovery that Rarity invaded her dreams without her permission. She’s been betrayed and lets it out in anger.

    When she leaves Rarity’s presence, Rainbow calms down some. Nothing has been resolved and the feelings remain bottled up. Her conversation with Applejack not long after pokes at her until she bursts into anger again, but this time she’s hurt Applejack. Her anger dissipates into what’s really getting to her.

    The climax is finally reached in the last few paragraphs where Rainbow cries into Applejack’s shoulder. By this point, the reader has already felt what they’re intended to feel, and this part signifies the end of the conflict of emotions that Rainbow’s dealing with; she only has raw sadness left to express. Note that this doesn’t mean that things are better for her, only that she’s found a temporary release for it. The entire act of crying in this chapter is a single sentence.

    The falling action is, again, very short. In this case, it’s four small paragraphs, but it sets up the introduction to the next part of the fic and lets the reader know that things are going to pan out for the better eventually.

    Now that I’ve shown you how to properly make your readers cry, go forth and drop thermonuclear feels on your audience.

    Since I hear blog posts detailing one's progress is a thing, I suppose I'll tack a bit onto this post. My TwiJack contest fic is sitting at 5651 words and is probably around 1/4 to 1/3 done (sans editing). I've also drafted up a bit of the next chapter of A Bit of a Problem. Once I get a better idea of how long I'll need to finish the TwiJack entry, I should be able to switch gears again.

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  • 174w, 5d
    TwiJack Contest

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  • 175w, 5d
    Chapter Lengths

    Alright, I know this question gets asked around a lot, but for the life of me, I can't remember what people prefer.

    Right now I have around 4500 words for the first chapter of my new story (that's right, I'm actually writing something that actually has meaningful chapters), and it looks like the rest of the chapters will end up being between 4500 and 6500 words. The first chapter is pretty much complete, I just need to send it off to my editors, which I can't do on my phone.

    I originally wanted to make them longer, with a minimum of around 8000 words (I love getting large updates to stories I'm following), but it turns out that I can't really do that with the current outline for this fic without joining multiple scenes into one chapter (effectively reducing the number of overall chapters, but with about double the length).

    I'm hesitant to go and combine scenes, as I feel that a chapter should take the place of a line break, in a sense. Each chapter should be as continuous as possible without jumps in time, charactes, or location (to a reasonable extent). With the single scene chapters, I'm running into problems with making them longer without adding too many unnecessary details and events.

    Longer chapters won't really mean longer times between updates for me, as I spend more time on editing and refining more than I do writing the draft. With that in mind, what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you like longer chapters with multiple scenes per update, or shorter chapters focused on one scene at a time?

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    Fimfiction Emote Extender Group

    I've created a new group to host the Fimfiction Emote Extender! This group will be used for support, questions, suggestions, and update notifications. Major update posts will still be posted to both my profile and the group, so no need to join if that's all you want.

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  • 180w, 1d
    Looking for a couple of pre-readers/editors.

    That's plenty of people, thanks! If you messaged me, I'll get back to you tomorrow.

    As the title would suggest, I'm looking for a couple people to fill the role of pre-reader/editor for my upcoming story (currently without a title). Seeing as I'm going to be writing something that's over 6k words in length, and seeing as I've never had anyone look over my stories before posting them, I figured that it'd probably be a good idea to get a couple people on board for a much longer story. There's a couple of things I'm looking for and things that you'll need to be aware of if you're interested, so if you are, read on.

    Things I need from you:

    - Be somewhat fast at reading what I give you. I'd like to be able to publish new chapters on a weekly/bi-weekly schedule (as things permit).

    - Be okay with reading clop. This upcoming story will have some in it, but it will only be used to further the story—it won't be the focus.

    - Have a good understanding of story structure and things I shouldn't do. I'm rather bad at this, myself.

    - Be a little concerned with spelling and/or grammar. These two are strong points for me and I can pretty much self-edit to that extent, but occasionally things slip through.

    - Maturity. I like to write about heavy subjects and one should approach them with an open and mature mind.

    Things you'll get from me:

    - A chapter or 5-10k words (probably averaging 6-8k) every week or two, starting in a week or two from now.

    - Fast changes. If you see something that needs changing and I agree, I'll most likely have the changes done the same day.

    - A mention that you've helped me out in the fic.

    - Everlasting gratitude. (Really!)

    If you're still interested, either comment on this blog post or send me a PM, either is fine. If you have references or anything else you'd like to include, it's not necessary, but may help.

    Rushing out the door, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  • 186w, 2d
    What Depression Is

    I've been meaning to write a long winded blog about what depression is (or in my case, major depression), why it sucks, and ultimately, why it takes me forever to write anything. Well, because of said depression, I still haven't gotten around to it. It's wonderful how ironic that is.

    That said, I've stumbled across an article that explains what depression is and how it affects people. It's not very long, but it is an informative read and something that I think people should at least be aware of. So go check it out if you find yourself in need of something to do. I might still write a more detailed blog at some point in time, but this should do for now and should shed some light on why I haven't updated that fic I started almost exactly a year ago (but still fully intend to update... eventually).

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  • 187w, 5h
    Fimfiction Emote Extender: Version 2.0 Release!

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One of the hardest ponies to write dialogue for is Applejack, but mostly because people don't know how to write Applejack properly. Because her accent is so different from almost the entire cast of the show, people interpret that as her personality, which, in turn, leads to poorly written dialogue as people try to use, and express, her accent.

This is almost entirely unnecessary. Far too often I see certain words substituted where they shouldn't be— most notably "Ah" instead of "I". Fortunately, Applejack really isn't a hard pony to write if you follow a few simple guidelines:

1. Forget about her accent. Nix it entirely. Do away with the "Ah"s, "Yer"s, and other such nonsense. Instead, focus on what Applejack actually says. Is she really saying "Ah", or is she saying "I"? It's the latter. She may say it with an accent, but if the reader is familiar with the pony (and there's a pretty good chance of that if they're reading My Little Pony fanfiction in the first place), they should be more than able to fill in the accent themselves. Applejack says "You're", "Your", "I'm", "I"— not "Yer", "Yer", "Ah'm", "Ah". There are cases in which changing words around is appropriate, such as those ending with "ing". Applejack tends to leave the "g" off of these words, resulting in "changin'" or "keepin'".

2. Word choice is very important. When you watch the show, what sets a pony apart from one another? Sure, we could go on about color, gender, movements, and such, but the most defining part of a pony is his or her personality. This personality is expressed almost entirely in the form of dialogue (yes, expressions are important, too). When you write Applejack, keep her personality in mind and choose words she's likely to know and say. She wouldn't be using words like "hypochondriac" or "endocrinologist".

3. Sentence structure is often overlooked when writing Applejack. Try to picture her saying what you want her to say. Sound it out in your head. Do it again. Does it sound right? Does it sound like Applejack? If not, change the way you're structuring her sentences and double check your word choice. Consider the following two sentences:

"I don't know when I'll be back from Canterlot for certain, but I can guarantee that it'll be no later than next Tuesday."

"I don't rightly know when I'll be comin' back from Canterlot, but I reckon it'll be before next Tuesday."

The first one doesn't sound much like Applejack at all. It sounds more like something Twilight would say, doesn't it? The second example sounds much more like what Applejack would say. A few simple changes can mean a world of difference to your readers.

You could also write the above as: "I reckon I'll be back from Canterlot before next Tuesday, but I just can't say for sure."

While these few tips apply to any pony, Applejack is by far the most abused when it comes to writing her dialogue. If you are writing Applejack, take a few minutes to go over her dialogue and make sure it sounds right. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Report KrazyTheFox · 2,878 views ·
#1 · 232w, 6d ago · · ·

I feel vaguely targetted by #1~ XD

edit: would be too much work to change it all though now >_>

#2 · 232w, 6d ago · · ·



...really, though, it's not just you (and it wasn't you that prompted this little guide; I've been meaning to write it for a few weeks). I read a few fics last night and every single one of them used "Ah"s everywhere. It's not really a huge deal, but it would be nice to try to sway the community from that habit. I don't think I'll be terribly successful at that on my own, though. :rainbowlaugh:

#3 · 232w, 6d ago · · ·


Yeah, I stopped using it in Mood Wings. Just kept doing so for TBW since I started with it.

#4 · 232w, 6d ago · · ·

Back in April I wrote a livejournal post about accents in general, covering a lot of the same things here.

Given that, I hope I write an acceptable Applejack, or I'm really embarrassed. :ajsmug:

#5 · 232w, 5d ago · · ·


In agreement here.

/Feels bad man.

#6 · 221w, 5d ago · · ·

Hm... Those are some good points. I'll keep this in mind. Word choice really is the key.

#7 · 213w, 4h ago · · ·

I actually prefer writing Applejack's lines phonetically, if only because it's pretty fun. I can understand why Mark Twain did that a lot. "Allus" for "always", and other such phonetic stand-ins. At the same time, how slurred it is depends on how fast I want to imply her speech. In the show, she sometimes speaks so fast, it all sounds like it's just one word. (Not as often as Pinkie Pie, of course.)

#8 · 213w, 2h ago · · ·


As do I. :applejackconfused:

Speaking as a southerner, I feel confident in writing "Ah" in place of "I". I can tell you that I often find myself pronouncing it that way more often than not. No, I'll grant you that she does sound more southern midwest than deep south, but I see nothing wrong with the "Ah" replacement. I'll also throw in the occasional "if'n" or "y'all", though I probably stop with the former, since I honestly can't remember ever using it in the show.

Now for a certain OC in my story, I don't mind going full-tilt southern twang, and it's tons of fun. I suppose I could tone back the twang for Applejack, but I'm keeping the "Ah". Now how do you feel about writing "Dahling" for Rarity's dialogue? :raritywink:

#9 · 212w, 4d ago · · ·

I have been looking for days now just to find help with her accent and THIS just saved my whole fiction I started some time ago.

I just couldn't get it right. :ajsleepy:

Thank you for making this. You are awesome

#10 · 208w, 22h ago · · ·

Thanks a lot for posting this, you've help me tons. :pinkiehappy:

#12 · 197w, 6d ago · · ·


It sounds like you just did! Glad it helped! :ajsmug:

#13 · 177w, 3d ago · 2 · ·

This makes writing AJ so much easier. Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

#14 · 172w, 3d ago · · ·

this is so awesome!!!!:rainbowkiss:

#15 · 172w, 21h ago · · ·

I'll keep these thoughts in mind when I write down Applejack. Thanks!:ajsmug:

#16 · 170w, 5d ago · · ·

Thanx for the help. She is a lot easier to write now thanks to you.


#17 · 170w, 1d ago · · ·

Thanks for the tips! Really gonna help considering I can suck at writing dialogue with characters like this! :rainbowlaugh:

#18 · 170w, 1d ago · · ·

I can't thank you enough for this. :pinkiehappy: If I can have a question, are things like 'ain't' correct?

#19 · 170w, 21h ago · 1 · ·


"Ain't" is part of her accent, but in the correct way. When she says "ain't", she's not saying "isn't", she's saying "ain't". It's things where the word she actually says gets misspelled for the sake of portraying an accent—something that's very hard to do right.

#20 · 154w, 3d ago · · ·

I'll just keep this bookmarked.


#21 · 134w, 5d ago · · ·

So what about "Ya" for "You"? Do I use the latter? :rainbowhuh:

#22 · 134w, 4d ago · · ·


You should choose whatever fits at the time. Say what she's saying aloud in her accent (as best you can) and pick whichever sounds closer. For example: "I'm tellin' ya, Rainbow; you should try out this season. Ya never know how things'll turn out."

A good majority of the time it'll be "ya", so if you don't feel compelled to pick and choose, it's generally a safe bet to use it (of course, "you" also works fine, so it's really up to you whichever you use).

#23 · 134w, 4d ago · · ·


Thanks. Now I'm just having problems with archaic language. :raritydespair:

#24 · 134w, 4d ago · · ·


One more thing, I'm guessing this also applies to Apple Bloom?

#26 · 133w, 1d ago · · ·

This is quite useful.

Well done.

#27 · 86w, 3d ago · · ·

I keep Doing Number 1, I think I should Really stop. :twilightblush:

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