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It's Halloween and Sunset Shimmer and the others are looking forward to having a good time. However, when Twilight offers to make their costumes look more realistic, they get more than they bargain for when they actually transform into their costumes! Now, Sunset is the most brilliant unicorn wizard in existence, Rarity and Applejack have switched perspectives, Pinkie has become psychotic (in a bad way), Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are sporting fangs and fur, and Twilight must keep her alter-ego from reasserting itself! Can Sunset and Twilight reverse the spell before midnight when the spell becomes permanent and they all remain trapped in their altered forms forever?

My entry in the FlutterDash Contest: Nightmare Night, What A Fright!

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Oh no, it's a Displaced EQG. Nah, I'm kidding. Your fic just things me of one.

Actually sorta reminds me of a Buffy the Vampire slayer episode...

To quote the great Scott McNeil, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

Oh my! This is fun and I'm hoping for some shipping goodness!

Especially with Rarity and AJ -fingers crossed- lol

Which ship are you hoping for?

That's one way to put it.

Well I'm cool with Sunlight....but my favorite ship is rarijack obviously lol xD and based on your avatar I wouldn't be surprised by some flutterdash (even if I prefer Pinkiedash myself, I'm okay with Flutterdash lol)


If Legend of Ever free show us anything it's that Midnight Sparkle really isn't a separate entity, so Twilight will keep her sanity the longest, though her magic control might get worse.

Okay...that's interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how all this ends. Expecting a lot of really entertaining madness before the night is through. :pinkiecrazy:

However, Applejack's...and now Rarity's accent, apparently, is kinda painful to read. For example:

"Ah know Ah'm purty" Applejack said, her checks red with embarrassment and frustration "but Ah don't need tah look fru fru to show it. This is absolutely uncomfortable!"

If I wrote that sentence, I probably would have written it like this:

"I know I'm pretty" Applejack said, her cheeks turning red with embarrassment and frustration, "but I don't need to look fru fru to show it. This here get-up is downright uncomfortable!"

I guess you could have been exaggerating her accent for the whole Rarity/Applejack switch thing, and if that's the case, then I'll let it slide, but I'm personally kinda tired of reading Applejack lines as if she can barely talk comprehensively. Maybe I can take tolerate the 'Ah's instead of 'I's, but her saying 'tah' instead of 'to' or 'tha' instead of 'that' just sounds strange to me.

Ah, this trope. I know of a story universe called 'Xanadu' where this trope is at the heart of it.

and soon twilight will becoem midnight again great

oh and sunset will have a beard im sure she will be thrilled with that

How do I know this story won't die after only one chapter?

Cause I intend to keep going.

And for the record, I intend to get back to every story I've started eventually.


"Yeah, and besides, afterwards, Pony Fluttershy decided that it still wasn't her cup of tea" Sunset finished.

which isn't a good lesson to be teaching kids in a show about friendship, BTW

Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie should be easy for them but Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are a different cause.

Uh, Pinkie might be more of a problem than you think. Remember who she was dressed as?

Only way for Sci-Twi to ignore Midnight is think of something she loves like books, Spike's adorable moments, or Sunset Shimmer.

When Twilight first hears Midnight my only thought was "she stuck with you even if the spell is reversed", not that as OCD as Twilight is she wouldn't imagine it different.

As if to confirm the comment, Fluttershy flapped her wings, creating a powerful gust of wind. Before the Rainbooms could react, they will blown off the ground and sent flying before hitting a nearby wall with a ' crash![/]' and collapsing into a heap.

Then, with an angry [b[Hiss , Fluttershy spun around and took off into the air, leaving the girls bewildered at the surprising action.

I'm not sure how, but you messed up the bold but accidentally fixed it...

Oops!:twilightoops: Didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll fix it immediately.

Oooooh I hope AJ and Rares remember everything after the spell is reversed xD lmao

I'm still also holding out hope for rarijack lmao :P xD

I can't wait to see FlutterDash happen!:yay::rainbowwild:

Perfect timing for Halloween or Nightmare Night:yay:

Actually, it’s a wonderful lesson to teach in a kids show about friendship. She tried something all her friends liked and didn’t like it, AND THEY ARE ALL STILL FRIENDS. It taught the lesson that you don’t have to like all the things your friends do, and you don’t have to try and force yourself to do something you hate just to make your friends happy.


Even rainbow dash attended that stupid butterfly migration for her but Fluttershy refuses to do the horrible act of "putting on a costume and hanging out with friends for one day" (gasp) cause she "scared of it", aside from obvious signs she is giving into asocial tendenciesdidn't they have an entire episode telling the hat was the whole point of the holiday, gimme a break, for every step forward she has made in in the past season, forfeiting from an entire holiday was the biggest step backward you can take, she's arguably more secluded now than she was before

What's next? Deciding not to go to birthday parties because finding a gift is too stressful? Deciding not to celebrate New Years because it's too noisy? Gimme a break


also what irks me about all this is that she deals with "frightening" creatures associated with Halloween such as spider, bats, wolves and so forth on almost a daily basis but when put up as a decoration on someone's house it's suddenly terrifying to her?



nicely done; also:

For hanging from the street lamp upside down by clawed feet, her bat wings wrapped around her and her long pink hair dangling downward, was a certain yellow-skinned vampire bat.
"Tha has tah be tha second biggest bat Ah've ever seen" Rarity said slackjawed.

wait: the SECOND biggest bat that RARITY has ever seen?!

Summoning all the courage they could, the Rainbooms charged forward into the clearing, ready to stop the vicious duel between friends turned mortal enemies...and were greeted with an unbelievable sight.
Rainbow Dash was walking panting like a puppy, her paws wrapped around Fluttershy, who in turn had her wings wrapped around Rainbow while her talons gave the wolf a pleasant scratching. Most shockingly, however, the two were sharing affection nips, Rainbow chewing Fluttershy's ear while Fluttershy nibbled at Rainbow's neck without drawing blood.
"You have got to be kidding me" Sunset said flatly as she took in the scene before her.
"Did those two actually get turned on from fighting?" Spike asked in shock.
"Either that, or they were having a very crazy courtship ritual" Twilight said monotonously.
The pair of creatures continued to cuddle and nuzzle each other lovingly, not a sign of them wanting to tear the other to pieces.

well, they DO say that there's a fine line between love and hate...

Uh, I'd tell you, if I knew what she did myself.

In regards to the first comment, it's a classic joke. Beside, I doubt Rarity has seen a giant bat. The spell made her act like Applejack, remember?

Also, glad you liked that little bit regarding Fluttershy and Rainbow suddenly being all over each other. Also, thanks for quoting it, It made me realize I had a writing error I needed to fix.

Overall, glad you liked the story!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Ah, it is one of those situations. I understand. The Pink works in mysterious, implied-to-be-disturbing ways.

nicely done; also:

I'm definitely going to tell Princess Twilight about everything that happened last night".
"Do you suppose that she'll be jealous that you literally got to be Starswirl the Bearded?" Rarity asked.
"Possibly" Sunset shrugged "I mean, the only thing that could top that would meeting him in person".

:ajsmug: oh, if you only knew...

I know. :pinkiehappy: That's what I wrote that part.:twilightsmile:

:pinkiegasp: You gotta share, you gotta care! :pinkiecrazy:

Midnight, now don't you go take over Twilight again, it didn't end well last time, and this is NO time to mount a coup on Twilight's consciousness!

My lord, the strongest part about this one was the comedy. Don't get me wrong, the flutterdash romance and the brief mentions of fluff were aweosme- they always are. But sir, you had me chuckling with every chapter. If I'd been a judge in that last contest, this would have been one of my top 3.

We're lucky Sunset didn't get Starswirl's personality from the season 7 finale.

just thought of something else:

Applejack smirked "How about next time, tha loser has tah babysit the winner's sister and her friends?"
"What?!" Rarity cried "Applejack that's too cruel! I'd rather be forced to kiss whoever you choose!"
Applejack grinned. "Done".
Rarity paused. "Wait! Applejack, wait! I didn't mean I wanted to do those terms!"

first off, I'll admit it: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :scootangel: :twilightsheepish: :yay: :trollestia: :moustache: :eeyup: that was pretty funny; secondly, I WOULD ask why Rarity considers this to be cruel, but we've already seen at least part of the answer elsewhere; and lastly, is this possible foreshadowing I see?

No, just a funny gag.

Why do I see a "Power Ponies" snafu in the future?

Actually, I never really thought of that. Interesting idea.

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