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Twilight and her friends are ready for a fun, festive Halloween party at Canterlot High. With the seven prepared in-costume and the school in full decoration, it's bound to be a night to remember.

Unfortunately it seems that someone with Equestrian magic is afoot, and intends to make sure that tonight's party-goers REALLY get into character! Can the Humane Seven get to the bottom of this magical mayhem and put things right?

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“I just didn’t want to dress up. I don’t want to scare anyone.”

A shame. I want to see Fluttershy use her Skullcruncher concert outfit for a costume. Especially the laser skull staff.

There’s some tabletop and card games, and video games. The rooms are labelled.

Darn it, now I want to go to this thing.

And we've got the Sunnydale Samhain Special. This should be quite fun. Especially the question of what kind of princess Sunset's going to be, to say nothing of what the rest of the school's wearing. Looking forward to more.

Oh hoh hoh hoh! I sense a little bit of a Buffy TVS Halloween reference in this episode. This'll be fun.

Now, who could our mysterious mischief maker be.

I swear that this could be the EG version of a Halloween contest going on in one group. Or at least the idea of people becoming their costumes is the same.

This one to be preciese https://www.fimfiction.net/group/295/art-for-fanfiction/thread/449737/open-halloween-party-2020-current-slot-used-0-20.

Could be wrong of course.

bright green alligator costume

So Pinkie dressed up as Gummy. 🐊


Ah, a classic. Wonder who's behind this.

Halloween Town 2 Spell?:rainbowhuh:
Looks like fun!!!:pinkiehappy:

Haha Twilight as her Ponied-Up super form, brilliant!

Cool chapter! Can’t wait to see more! :pinkiehappy:

I'm a bit disappointed Dame Rainbow didn't declare "Behold! A Satan!"

“And please don’t bow or pray to me.”

See, Twilight? You have more in common with your pony counterpart than you think.

And Sunset's become a different sort of monster. This is going to be complicated. Still, hopefully the severity of the situation will pull her head out of her rear... eventually.

So the madness begins. I almost expected Pinks to be a werealigator, but I'm not complaining.

And Sunny's gone full b**ch mode. Great. That's going to make things so much more chaotic.

Friedländer meeting Twilight is definitely going to be fun.

Good job making it feel like an episode of the show.

Celestia’s eyes widened. “I didn’t think you two would be stupid enough to actually do it.”

“Go to hell!” Sunset snapped.

“I’ve been, thank you. I found it quite lovely.” Celestia grinned.

someone been seen Hocus-pocus movie

Hmm. Looks like someone actually kept the safety overrides in place for this holodeck malfunction. Though they'll want to confirm that before daring Applejack to blow off Sunset's head. This will be a very delicate bit of negotiation.

So the madness continues. And its such fun madness! Fun, chaotic madness! What will happen next?

Also, Hocus-Pocus references abound. Good times.

This is really fun so far, looking forward to more.

Very entertaining.

Sunset stepped away, pulling her arms out and rubbing her shoulders. “Ugh. I smell like manure and inbreeding.”

“That’s on you, not me,”

She's not that far off, eh? The inbreeding, I mean.

The student in the toga reached up to brush a lock of blonde hair out of her eyes. “How do you normally stop objects causing magical disruption?”

It's Derpy, right?

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Satan definitely won’t show up for you three. He’s got too much dignity.”

HAHAHAha:rainbowlaugh:, way to burn the Edgelord McDork, Sunset.

Twilight saw Sunset glare fiercely at her and mouth ‘I hate you’, followed by an obscene adjective.

I mean, from a certain perspective, she's not even lying.

“Ten thousand dollars!” Sunset called out. “And the best horse our kingdom has ever raised!”

... Wait, whose hoof in marriage did Sunset just promise? Because there are arguments for Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and even Applejack herself.

“Ugh. I smell like manure and inbreeding.”
“That’s on you, not me,” Applejack replied with a snicker.

She'll need aloe vera for that one.

... Best Human as Socrates. I am overwhelmingly okay with this.

I don’t, alright? Just, you know, this is my turf, no one messes with these schmucks but me.

There was always good in her. She just got very good at ignoring it for a while.

Flash, you aren't Spike. You're never going to be Spike. And if you ever did manage to summon Lucifer, he'd probably just laugh at you.
Really, hitting him in the face with a folding chair was a mercy of sorts.

Now to see what's going on on the roof...

Sunset lifted her eyebrows. “Chair?”

Twilight inhaled. “Fine.”

“Chair what?” Flash looked at Twilight. “What chair?”

A steel folding chair smashed into Flash’s face and he collapsed backward with his arms out, his cracked sunglasses clattering to the floor beside him.

“Did you have to hit him in the face?”


Well, I just scared my roommates with how hard that got me laughing.

Actually Flash was Ozzy Osborne.

Sunset reverted back to her bitch status from the first movie, specifically when when she was Fall Formal princess during her first year at CHS haha.

This story is getting better with each chapter.

Hope you can get the last chapter or 2 out before Halloween

Funny you should say that. :moustache:

“Not any worse than getting a luxury liner stranded at sea.” Twilight glared over Sunset’s shoulder.
“I said I was sorry about that!” Rainbow protested.

In Dash's defense, that wasn't even mostly her fault.

In any case, brilliant conclusion tying everything together. Thank you for a wonderful seasonal pile of hijinks.

Uh... Sorry to say this but your ending was a big letdown to me. I thought the one who cause it to be a person who wanted a True Halloween of fright as some people made it too adorable and cuddly, along with healthy snacks and toothbrushes as treats.



Darn it Trixie…

That was fun.

Trixie crossed her arms and tossed her hair. “You can’t prove anything.”

Famous last words for the guilty.

I'm really enjoying this story and looking forward to seeing who is behind all the craziness.

Should have known it was Trixie who caused it, I thought for sure it was Discord from Equestria behind it all. Still a very good story, I really enjoyed it from start to finish. :twilightsmile:

Finding out this was all caused by trixie I didn't see coming. Thought it was from Twilight's magic tbh.

“But everything’s okay now, right?” Trixie gave a small smile. “I mean, you said no one was really hurt.”

“And everyone made a mess around the school,” Fluttershy said.

Oh, and there's also the tiny fact that you violated the minds of every student and brainwashed them all, filling their brains with all sorts of foreign and unpleasant thoughts and giving them either the terror of (as far as they knew) being about to lose their lives or the evil of wanting to take them. That and, as Luna pointed out, the fact no one got seriously hurt was far more by luck than judgment, since just because they couldn't hurt one another with their new forms doesn't mean they couldn't have in other ways, as shown by the very real blunt objects Sunset was smacking people with and the very real broken glass they needed to deal with to get to the roof, along with the multitudinous other ways to hurt people that the average building has for those with both the resourcefulness and will to use them. So, you know, there's that.

Still, I do have to thank you for actually having there be some consequences for the instigator and not going for the "No one could get physically hurt, so that makes mass brainwashing, destruction of property and general mayhem okay and fun!" approach - I will admit, I had some fear that was going to be the case. And, well, even ignoring the problems with the attitude of "They're no longer a direct threat therefore instant friendship, everything is fixed and anything so much as a slap on the wrist would be heinous" and factoring in that the instigator wasn't malicious, merely colossally incompetent, the fact is they did cause a lot of trouble and undoubtedly caused a bit of minor mental trauma at the very least. If nothing else, considering how much Sunset's tried to distance herself from how she used to be, being forcibly plunged back into the worst of that mindset must have been the stuff of nightmares for her, if only retroactively.

Still, a very solid story, all told - amusing, clever, actually kind of suspenseful in places and with an ending that manages to be satisfying without feeling either overly lenient and mawkish or vindictive and unsympathetic. Particular props for Derpy's contribution - not just her being a great thinker, and a non-obvious one at that, but in her actually arguing as he likely might have: by asking questions to get people to think - a low-key application of the Socratic method. Also to the suggestion of using Sunset's powers to clue her in - didn't work, but a very good thought and one that failed for a believable reason.

Only two real quibbles, really. Firstly, a minor one: I think you could have done a lot more with Rarity, particularly as a scientist. Not, admittedly, one with a directly relevant portfolio, but still, I think there was some unused potential in her and her guise.

And secondly, maybe I'm being dense, but... why exactly wasn't Twilight affected mentally by the spell? I mean, I wasn't sure if she was actually going as a superhero or as her Equestrian self when it was established. - again, probably just me being dim - but either way, she should have been just as subsumed by her costume as anyone else. Fluttershy was also a bit odd, since becoming a "witch" or a "knight" is no less of a transformation than becoming a ghost, but those roles were just as mentally overwhelming as most others. Though, that said, maybe the spell just had a lesser effect on her because her "costume" was so slapdash? Either way, could probably have used some explanation.

Still, both those points are easily ignorable and the story overall was extremely entertaining. Very well done.

Thank you for the praise. :twilightsmile:

For Rarity, agreed. I made her some sort of scientist because I wanted to do something unique with her, but the type of scientist I went with really had not much to contribute that I could think of. I regret it.

Fluttershy and Twilight, they were still "them" in their costumes, Fluttershy was a ghost but still Fluttershy, so she retained her own personality, and Twilight was herself too. If you think of it in terms of "Sunset became what she would be as a Princess" or "Applejack became what she would be as a cowboy outlaw", it makes sense.

I like how the video only has Tara Strong listed as the voice actor, and all the others are just the characters.

Once again I am left with the desire for a proper crossover between B:tVS and EqG.

Le sigh


Wait, whose hoof in marriage did Sunset just promise?

This is pre-redemption Sunset. Obviously, she promised her own because she is the best, or will be when she takes over.

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