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A retelling of the ending of "Bats!". Twilight's spell was able to help Fluttershy get her mind back...but unfortunately, she's stuck as a batpony for the rest of her life! Naturally, Fluttershy is distraught, but luckily, her lifelong friend Rainbow Dash is there to help her get use to the change...while also unable to get over how hot she thinks Fluttershy looks now!

My entry in the FlutterDash writing contest.

Cover pic by Silbersternenlicht.

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Not bad good sir not bad. Also add a romance tag

It's the funniest flutter-Dash shipping ever and in character no less. Bravo:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Saomaster1450 deleted Sep 27th, 2016

Is that a good Oh my gosh or a bad one?

A surprised one. That was a super long commment... Although a bit unneeded:twilightsmile:

There it was needed, my life complete!

My entry for the FlutterDash group contest was originally going to have been a very similar premise to this story. That could have been awkward.

Ooh, thought I had added it in. Thanks for catching that.

Oopsies. :twilightsheepish: Didn't mean to beat you to the punch. Or are you just saying that you're glad you decided to go with a different idea? In any case, do you have something else planned for your entry?

I enjoyed the hell out of this story. 12/10

Haha. Well Rainbow got through to her, that's for sure.:rainbowdetermined2:

7597908 No worries, you didn't actually beat me to the punch, though you could have. This was the first idea I had, but I ended up not going for it.

Long time no see Eddy :pinkiehappy:

Reasonable story.
You made Flutterbat/Dash work well. The whole Fluttershy speeding and keeping up with RD could have done with perhaps a bit more surprise on both their parts. But other than that, and the kiss description i found it a good story.

Glad you liked my recent FlutterDash tale. And don't worry, the next chapter of "I'm Foreign?!" is in progress. I believe I've got just one more fourth to finish before it's done.

Oh, then what kind of plotline did you decide to use?

Mostly natural. Compact and solid. Great.

That last sentence in the description sure looks cocky though. :twilightsheepish:

7599556 "Is" instead of "in" in the last sentence? Looks like an amusing typo. Just saying.

D'OH! :facehoof: Thanks for catching that! Didn't even know about that.

7599196 You'll see soon enough. Hopefully that will be before the deadline. :twilightsheepish:

Still hate that Fluttershy is always right when she ignores the plight of her friends to side with the animals - stupid Bats episode. Oh well, at least the shipping was good.

I always thought that Fluttershy was trying to come up with a compromise in that episode. Still, if you want to, just imagine that being stuck as a batpony for the rest of her life is karma for her self-righteousness. Still, glad you liked the shipping.


Been, like, years since I saw the episode, so my recollection's a little dim, but was she ignoring the plight of her friends? I thought she was trying to find a solution that benefited both parties.


There was two ways about it. Bats have to go, and settle somewhere else (harmless, simple option). Or bats stay and leech off Applejack's crop - which supplies Ponyville with what seems to be a staple food source and is AJ's family's only real income. Fluttershy says the bats stay. AJ and the others say they go. There was no compromise, just that Fluttershy, in song, says they help her trees and something about how they're cute little families.

Which, I thought, was bullshit. If it was true, don't you think AJ would have heard of that from Granny or someone? "And this is a necessary thing for you to know as you take over the running of this here farm, AJ: Vampire fruit bats are a straight up blessing for the orchard." Instead, she has foul-mannered parasites everywhere eating her profits and meals. Fluttershy, through song, also sees them as kind and sweet and cute and innocent little things which wasn't the case.

But lo and behold, when Fluttershy says something is one way it turns out that way in the writing. AJ and everyone else were wrong and had to apologize to her for not wanting to let the bats stay and infest the farm instead of relocating them to some other place they won't cause damage.

She did something similar in the season two premiere. Beaver floods AJ's orchard (this can be absolutely devastating for fruit-bearing trees), and Fluttershy makes AJ apologize to it for calling it a 'varmint', while she lets it get away with apparently cursing in animal-speech at AJ after potentially killing some of her beloved trees to begin with like it wasn't completely at fault.

It's annoying that when it comes to 'animals or my friends whom I've risked my life beside and who've stood up for me' she'll favor the animals over the problem of her friends and the writing always makes her out to be in the right.

I apologize for the rant but I can't really stomach her outside of shipping. Her 'kindness' is too soft, selfish, biased, judgemental, and at times too risky. Canonically speaking, anyway.


I am completely okay with this! Will there be more?

Well, I am contemplating the idea of there being a sequel, but I haven't really banged a plot out yet.

SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL"chanting" oh um sorry about yelling . more please!?

Seriously considering it. :twilightsmile:

Uh, for the record, the episode where the beaver nearly flooded Applejack's trees was the episode where Discord was reformed: "Keep Calm and Flutter On", which was a season three episode.


There was no compromise, just that Fluttershy, in song, says they help her trees and something about how they're cute little families.

Actually, what the bats do isn't much different from what actual animals do to fruit trees. It DOES help the trees. But helping the trees and helping the Apple family aren't mutually exclusive.

Well I'm not a very big fan of FlutterDash I still thought this was quite enjoyable it's hard to find a Flutterbat Story with this kind of concept where she's even either able to switch back and forth between her bat pony state without it affecting your mind order she's permanently stuck as a bat pony but still remembers who she is

DUDE!!! Bonus Chapter, please?

Sorry.:ajsmug: But there's the possibility of a sequel in the future.

Very well done if I must say so myself. Very well written and a few parts made me laugh.:twilightsmile:

Am I to guess some of the Pinkie Pie parts were among those?

Yup,and the story was good overall.:twilightsmile:

That was a fun read. You did a good job keeping them in character

Thank you! :twilightsmile: Hopefully, this story will net me a win in the FlutterDash contest. Wish me luck! :raritywink:

I have 2 serious problems with this story and both of them involve Fluttershy's sudden burst of change that is way too common to be called ironic anymore. Of course, no one seems to care about that so my problems are irrelevant.

The concept of Rainbow Dash making Fluttershy comfortable with her new form really interested me too. But I did like seeing Rainbow Dash talk some sense into Fluttershy's fear.

Your making me ship Flutterdash now!

Glad I was able to inspire a new FlutterDash fan, just as a FlutterDash shipper inspired me. :twilightsmile:

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now #94.

My review can be found here.

You have a lot of said tags that lack their comma(s).

"Oh dear" Fluttershy said nervously


"Still looking" Twilight said


Twi" Spike said

matter" was the reply.

print" Pinkie Pie said nervously "That's

print," Pinkie Pie said nervously, "That's

Applejack" Rarity said solemnly "We

and so on.

Fluttershy's bats apparently got used to her new look immediately.

Don't need apparently.

Fluttershy's scaly appendages

…Bats are mammals.



tetanus shot

…Fluttershy would have to have tetanus first.

Even if that spell can't be applied again, plenty of others could. Like, say, turning her into a Breezie.

It's…cute, I guess, but Fluttershy's always felt like an Earth Pony at heart to me; she rarely flies anywhere; she's happier on the ground [that's how she got her cutie mark]; her terror response isn't fly-like-bird but drop-like-stone…often it feels like she never wanted those wings in the first place, in canon.

This was a good read. I'd enjoya sequel if you made one. Either way, nice job!

A fanfic can't help but follow the original, but that particular show episode was so poorly researched that it tainted the fanfic.

Fruit bats spread seeds in their droppings--which seeds would sprout and need to be pulled up like weeds, because it's an orchard on a farm, and no farmer wants cross-pollinated wild apple trees cluttering up the place. Wild trees tend to produce crabapples, not much good for anything.

Also, the apple harvest lasts only a few weeks. The bats couldn't hang around long after then, they'd starve.

Nothing more to say, it's your typical Flutterdash goodness. Was expecting to like it and enjoy myself.

This...I like this.
Someone needs to make something like this only instead of a one-shot turn it into a full-length story.
Please make a sequel.

Now this story I liked, a lot!^_^

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