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Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons · 4:04am Aug 1st, 2017

Heya folks! Remember that time, last year, when I shipped Sunset with all six of her friends? And maybe a couple extra on the side?

It was a lot of fun! She’s a very versatile character who can fit right into a large variety of relationships.

The site can always use more Sunset Shimmer Shipping.

So now it’s your turn.


The Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons

That’s right! To all you talented writers out there, or even those of you want to be and want a good reason to try, I’m running a writing contest of my very own. With fabulous prizes! No RariTwi or AppleDash here. Instead, this one is all about the romantic endeavors of everyone’s favorite horse-human, Sunset Shimmer.

With who, you ask?

Any canon character.

Bring on the Sunlight, the Sunsarity, the SunShyne, the SunPie, and any or every possible combination. You get the idea, right?

Though that being said, while SunLight is quite a delight, it's Sunset’s most popular ship by far., and we’ve all seen a lot it. We encourage you to look beyond, and outside of the box. Though if SunLight is still what you want to write, it’s still more than welcome.

So, on to the details.

Start Date: August 1, 2017
Due Date: August 31, 11:59 PM 2017

Word Minimum: 1,000
Word Maximum: 10,000

Rating: E or T

Stories must be complete by the end of the contest, and must not have been published prior to the start of the contest.

Stories must be published on Fimfiction.

Stories must be submitted to the contest group, found here.

Prompt: Changing Seasons


  • Oroboro
  • The Albinocorn
  • ScarletWeather
  • Dubs Rewatcher
  • Novel Idea

The story criteria we will be judging on are:

  • Creative - How inspired, interesting and unique is the story?
  • Technical - How professional is the quality of the story?
  • Theme - How well does this story fit the theme of the prompt?
  • Characterization - How much do the characters feel like themselves?
  • Impact - How powerful is the story on an emotional level?

And of course, what you’re probably all really here for


1st place: $110 and first pick at an art commission from either Adge (SciSet Daily) or Below-Depth (Sunlight-Horizons)
2nd place: $85 and second pick at an art commission.
3rd place: $60

Special thanks to Undome Tinwe for contributing money to the prize pool!

If anyone else wants to donate to the prize pool, to incentivise all our wonderful authors, feel free.


  • Can I ship Sunset with an OC? - No. Sunset’s potential romantic partner must be a known character from the main show, Equestria Girls or the official IDW MLP Comics.
  • Can I write in an Alternate Universe? - Yes, but the story needs to be readable completely on its own. You can’t require another story being read to read yours.
  • Can I just do friendshipping? - Nope! Romantic relationships are a requirement!
  • Can I submit multiple entries? - Nope! One entry per contestant. Though we wholeheartedly support writing more Sunset Shimmer shipping stories.
  • Can I do a sequel to an existing story? - Nope. We won’t read any prequels, so the story must be completely standalone.
  • Can it be part of a larger anthology of stories? -  Nope! Needs to be uploaded as its own individual story.
  • Can it be a “already together” story instead of a “get together story?” - Yes! Just be sure to sell us on why the characters are together.
  • Does the story have to end with Sunset in a romantic relationship? - Not necessarily. The goal is to have Sunset Shimmer in a romantic relationship at some point in the stories timeline, but the romance must be a primary focus of the story.
  • Is poetry allowed? - Nope! Prose only, sorry!

I think that about covers anything. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Now then, get writing!

Special thanks to Adge for doing such a wonderful banner for the contest!

Report Oroboro · 11,531 views · #Sunset Shimmer #Shipping #Contest
Comments ( 69 )

At long last, my unquenchable thirst for Sunset shipping can be sated! Not for long enough, unfortunately, but I'm calling August the Month of Shimmer after this contest.

I'm so happy to finally see this contest posted! It feels like forever ago when we were just joking about it. Looking very much forward to seeing what awesome stories people come up with.

Now, time for me to get planning; after all, I need to win my money back or the loan sharks will break my legs.

Posh #3 · Aug 1st, 2017 · · ·

Goddammit. Now I have another thing to work on this August...

EDIT: And someone already took my idea of shipping Sunset with Marble Pie to fight a gemstone monster! If I ever find the son of a gun who did that, I swear...

Darn haven't the time for it, but I'll be participating in spirit with a sprinkling of Sunset shipping in my own work

I'm already working on a RWBY story but I think I can pull this off.

Clarifications on eligible characters (not that I'm likely to use them, or even write anything): revealed Movie characters; EqG-versions of pony characters (or vice versa); unnamed background characters that appeared for like twenty frames in a more recent episode where we haven't been as dedicated to characterizing them?

Wah-Wah-Waaaaaaaahhhh :pinkiehappy:

Hmm...finally noticed a contest more than a week before it closes...I think I may give this a whirl for once.

Well, I look forward to all the stories that'll come out of this.

I might give this a shot when I have the time and there's plenty of it.

Oh ho. I'll definitely need to give this one a shot. One question, though: How do the rules feel about canonical background characters with no established personality of their own?

Author Interviewer

>tfw you have a lot of potential ideas but none of them are quite ready to be written D:

Hmm... Now the real question is which character will be lucky enough to be shipped with Sunset... I've already got a few ideas that may work, but they'll need fleshing out.

Hold on, does it have to be in Sunset's POV, or could it be from her lover's POV as well?

Any pov is fine. Even a third party, as long as the story is still centered around Sunset's romantic exploits.


Movie charecters are fine, EQG counterparts are fine, background ponies are fine.

Ew, shipping :rainbowwild:

Good luck, dudes

Changing seasons? Is that the theme?

Hmmm...you know, I might just enter this. Or try to, at least; I have a pretty decent idea but I'm not sure if I can hammer it out before the end of the month. Well, it's worth a shot at least.

You say it has to be any canon character...

What about characters that have not appeared but must definitely be there? Like, for instance, Human!Starlight?

EDIT: nevermind it was already answered xDDD

... Oh dammit this is giving me RariShimmer prompt ideas, and the prompt itself looks very interesting. I still have another story I want to finish, but it's almost done...

What the heck, I'm going to try this one out and see what happens.

Not positive I would win, but I'll be in it for the fun of it.

How literal do I have to take the "changing seasons" theme?
Does it have to be a story set during the change from winter to spring for example or can I go with a more loose interpretation like changing from on part of ones life to another?

Feel free to interpret the prompt in a way that works for you, but try to make it a core theme of the story.

Feel free to work on an AppleDash idea for that contest instead, then!


Author Interviewer

Oh yes.

Because I have so many of those.


Get thinkin', then! :twilightsmile:

Ah hahah. An Excuse to do some of that shipping Sunset with a different character than Twilight?


Sorry, but you can't promote your contest on here unless you're submitting for this contest too. It's in the bylaws somewhere.

Oh, wow, with all these distractions, I'm never gonna get my big story done (get ready to lose, everypony, cause RainbowSparkle3 is coming in!). :applejackunsure:

*cracks neck and knuckles*

Oh, the choices. Hmm...

Right then. Muse interested and working. Look forward to seeing the results!

Feeling pretty good that I'll finish up my current story by Sunday, so count me in on this one for sure. Time for some RariShimmer!

Ah, why not. Gives me an exuse to branch out, even though I'm totally gonna get stomped by everyone else.

I'm bringing in StarSet!

Does the story have to have a happy ending? Or can it end on a sour note?


Sour as you'd like.

Part of me is saying "give this a shot". The other part is saying "you'll never get it done". and the last part is reminding me I only have one Sunset Shimmer ship and not a clue for a premise.

>inb4 Sunset x Tom

Does the story have to be written from Shimsham's POV?


As long as the story still focuses around Sunset's romantic exploits, you can use any PoV you want, even that of a third party.

QUick clarification since I've never gotten on board with one of these things until now:

1. So do we submit to the contest group when the story is finished and published on FiMF, or will there be a "submit it now" date type thing? I like to know these things in advance so I don't jump any guns on things like that.
2. How firm is that 10,000 word maximum? I'm not sure I can do mine in under 10,000 words. I can certainly trim it down to that after the fact and then post the unabridged version after the contest is over, of course. Again, just asking for clarification.


1: Submit it on the site whenever you feel like its ready, and enter it into the group.
2: There's a little bit of leeway there, but don't go overboard.

Cool, thanks for the clarification!

Somehow I didn't notice the changing seasons theme... There goes my idea of Sunset and Princess Luna bonding over a solar eclipse. Not that it would've actually been competitive, I'm just curious how I would've done. I do have another idea, but I'm not sure if I'd even be able to get it to be presentable. There's no rule about having to be a competent writer to enter, is there? And for the serious question, what are the rules on prereaders and editors?


Being competent is not required to enter. (though it likely will be to win. =p)

As for prereaders and editors, feel free to use as many as you can get.

So can we write them as the equestria girls versions of the characters, or does it have to be the pony versions?

Pony or EQG is fine.

Why the hay wasn't I following you before? Had I been, I might have known about this contest and been all prepped to enter. I could still enter, but dang it, I don't know if I could and have a quality story in the process. :raritydespair:

Aaand I have a working idea. From contest awareness to conception: 7 minutes.

This is gonna be fun. I miss contests! :raritystarry:

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