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Spoilers... · 3:38pm Feb 11th, 2013

Dear FimFicFanatics,

I'm gonna soon post another fic. Here's some uneditted spoilers.

"The closer she got to her home, the more she trembled, as the chilly wind whipped her over and over again. It got harder and harder for her to breath, her lungs seeming to have been pricked by a ton of large needles as she did. She neck and chest felt frozen and numb. So numb that she couldn't feel the muscles in her chest."

As you can see, I'm drunk. Not literally, of course.

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I'm just happy you are reading it:pinkiehappy:
thanks so much


I'll see about that when that hurdle clears in view. So far, it's not existent. In other words, your fics are really good! Unfortunately, your fic will not be the first fic I will read :fluttershysad: BUT, your fic will be the first chapter-by-chapter story I will read :pinkiehappy:

Oh! And if I do need some editing done to it please tell me:pinkiesmile:

Thanks! now following you

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