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In the past, Ponykind attempted to create alicorns, legendary creatures said to be like the goddesses themselves. But then, the War started, the goddesses vanished, and the constructs of science and magic turned their abilities on the living.

Now, years later, the world is struggling to pick up from where it left off, and the constructed alicorns are ingrained into everypony's mind as being soulless monsters. And despite the warring factions outside destroying what alicorns they come across, the Alicorn Project is still in operation.

In contrast to the outside world, for the new alicorns, life seems perfect. They're permitted to interact with each other, communicate with the Interface who acts as their teacher, and grow for Placement in a registered family they could call their own.

But one alicorn named Twilight, set to be placed with the Sparkle family, struggles with questions. Why her family-to-be seems so protective of her. Why the Interface refuses to tell her everything.

And why everyone refuses to let her go Outside.

Chapters (3)
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Admittedly I've had this story in my head for a LONG time, I just didn't bother posting it until now.:twilightblush:

So yeah, AU fic time! As for Applejack and Rarity being the first ponies introduced to in the War, I may have subconsciously got that idea from Friendship is Witchcraft.:scootangel:

It's kind of like a pony Umbrella Corporation. Sure, we blew up the world... but there's still Science to do! :pinkiecrazy:

This is great, looking forward to where you'll take us with this!

No. you are not alive. Robots will never feel.... *sighs as I drink a cup of tea a tear coming down*

6360855 Well holy crap your alive! Nice to see you around here again rainbow

Hm... so are the alicorns now running the Project to make a true, perfect alicorn on the level of the sisters? Because wouldn't they have killed off their creators first thing? What's up with Celestia and Luna? This is sort of... drastically OOC for them. Do they actually have as much influence over the world as the ponies think they do (being nothing more than beings who move the sun and moon), or are they just uncaring?

Do the ponies running the Project even understand what other ponies think of the Construct Alicorns? What do they think is going to happen to their precious little cyborgs?
They said these Alicorns are more organic--the original Constructs already looked near-pony until you looked into their eyes. How will anyone notice one of these disguised Alicorns? It sounds like they're trying to make a more stable set of Alicorns. Is Twilight the only one of this batch to actually succeed in that, or are there a number out there who are trying to find acceptance as she has?
I'm assuming that the Constructs were so violent because of dissonance between their organic and mechanical aspects, or something along those lines? There isn't really a logical reason for them to try to exterminate ponykind when they could live amongst or rule over them. Were any of the attempts Rarity mentioned of pretending to be a real pony examples of Constructs trying to avoid conflict and have a more normal life?

Now that you've introduced the setting, will we be seeing Twilight next chapter? Is she still in her "Sector" (I'm assuming the family she was placed with? Considering what ponies think of alicorns, is it just a simulated family?), or has she already been forced out of it at the start of the story?

Through Magic, We Grow,

Through Flight, We Rise,

Through Science, there is Deliverance.

Nothing for Earth Ponies?

I absolutely loved this, believe it has a lot of potential, and think it is a huge shame that you seem to have dropped it. Your blog mentioned that you were returning to writing--any chance that this is on the list?
There is one thing I have to criticize, though; Rarity's journal. She knows the story. What reason would she have to recite everything out into the journal? It feels forced. Maybe she does that for the first entry of every journal she writes?

6389175 Don't worry, this is on the list—I have almost all of one of the next chapters written. :)

Lately I've mainly been working on my fics for Inside Out.

6405569 I love the T2 theme!:pinkiehappy: It really does fit with this.:twilightsmile:

so twilight is the alicorn of robots

Twilight Sparkle -> Twilight Spark-All -> Twilight All-Spark

Twilight is Optimus Prime.

I-it's out? You wrote it?

Well, I think I see why Shining Armor is BBBFF in this fic. SO curious as to what's going to happen from here. Hopefully she gets more skin soon, walking around with her lungs showing would creep her family out even if they are all sciency. I'm assuming this is happening at some point in the past... how much time will pass until she meets outside ponies?

Also, I think it is awesome that they have figured out the science of the soul. I'm interested in how you'll manage to get her to interact with other ponies. If she disguises herself as a normal pony, she won't be able to prove to them that she's "alive"; if she reveals herself as an alicorn, past suspicion will lead the other ponies to straight-up try to kill her (do note the emphasis) and won't listen to a thing she says. I suppose... either Fluttershy or Rarity might be willing to give her the benefit of the doubt... I'm inclined to think Rarity, though, given the first chapter and the character tags. Generosity comes in a lot of forms...
Also, you have Rarity and Applejack singled out as characters, but Rainbow Dash is also in the story picture--was there just not enough room, or will it only be focused on those two? Does Spike exist? Are these new Constructs capable of getting cutie marks? I figure that would go with having a soul, but I do they still count as being ponies to magic itself?

What role will Celestia play? If she's what ponies think she is, she wouldn't interact with anypony. If she's capable of helping, she'd definitely be doing so. She has a tag, but I don't see how she'd even be there.
Although I do have a theory as to what happened with the Constructs. The stars were just the stars that released Nightmare Moon, and she and Celestia duked it out because nopony could wield the Elements, sort of breaking Equestria in the process. The Nightmare then moved on to inhabit the Constructs, forced out of Luna's body for whatever reason (she's dead?). The Constructs (seeing a show ponies are still alive) are vastly weaker than her because she's splitting her power. And they'd still be soulless, because whatever the Nightmare is... I don't think it has one.


Both owned by Hasbro... from now on, any mechanical sounds the constructed alicorns make will be Transformers noises. In my head, at least.

*By chance, looks at bottom of page*
"Page generated in 0.114 seconds"

6748920 Don't worry, Twily will get more skin soon. :) And all of the Mane Cast will play a part in this, those were just the ones who fit. As for Celestia, you'll see.:raritywink:

How dare you only write two chapters XD
This is really interesting!

You have a good point about the Earth pony mention, I changed it up a bit. :)

As for Celestia and Luna seeming drastically OOC, in this universe the mortal ponies have never actually met them, and they're more like mythical gods than anything else as far as they know. Mentioning that Celestia was laughing at them was more meant to be metaphorical, so I'll clarify that. Celestia, at the very least, will appear, but probably not in the way you're expecting. :raritywink:


I've gotten back into the fandom again so I'm hoping to catch up on stuff. :)

I love it when stories I've all but given up on seeing move again are revived. Glad to see you're back!


I've gotten back into the fandom again so I'm hoping to catch up on stuff. :)

Congrats on coming back 1 season left

The Sparkles are pretty eager about this.
Do the ponies involved with the Project understand what the world is like outside?

Hey this looks- *notices it only updates once every three or four years* -nope, nevermind.

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