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Warning! Stories may contain any combination of the following: Adventure, Dark, Gore, Romance, Slice of life, Clop (very occasionally). Also may contain traces of nuts. The insanity kind.

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Oh yes, I still havnt had time to find a new host and upload everything and do new links since photobucket decided they wanted to charge $30 or $40 a month to do image hosting.

It was about the 3rd party image thing not working.

Oh, May I still know what it was? I feel odd having deleted comments.

Nah that was me, I posted about something that had already been answered.

*checks fimfiction after agonizing Cisco classwork, sees notification that there is a new comment on MM. Clicks and sees it is deleted* I didn't delete that did I?

Hello, fellow horse person :pinkiehappy:

Greetings horse person. o3o/)

2438756 Don't worry. I am a very slow writer myself! :twilightsheepish:

Sure! I'm actually in the middle of writing one, but I don't really like a part of chapter one. I need to write a lot of it before I release it though because I write very slowly.

2435557 Also, will you keep me notified if you post a story? :twilightblush:

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