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Vote Results · 9:58pm Jan 2nd, 2019

Due to lack of opinions either way, I'mma just do whatever I want :D

The next story I post will probably be pre-completed so as to avoid the same issue as the last one.

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(Vote Part 1) Time for opinions · 9:20am Nov 22nd, 2018

VOTE WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 30 DECEMBER 2018, Any votes made by means other than liking or disliking MY indicated post will be ignored

Ok everyone, I'mma have to be brief cuz I'm writing this like 5 seconds before I go to bed...
(TL;DR at the bottom XD)

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Need some story advice · 9:13am Apr 13th, 2017

So, on the off chance a few people will see this, I have a need for advice before I continue on anything I have in the works at the moment. I’m thinking of starting to take tentative steps into the world of writing on this site, but I'm not entirely sure what kind of story is best to start with. Things like romance or heavily emotional stuff probably isn't the best thing to start with as my first story ever. Any ideas or recommendations anyone?

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