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Caught in the middle of an accidental affair, Shining Armor is thrown into a nightmare that continues every night. Being forced to climb the large tower of blocks above him or die at the hands of the creatures that chase him, he must reach the door at the end and continue living one more day at a time. All he wants is to set things right between him and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, and end the mistake that was his affair with a mare named Catherine.

But every time he finds himself trying to break off ties with Catherine, he wakes up the next morning after his nightmares to find her lying in his bed. Not sure exactly how this started, and unable to remember his dreams in detail, Armor is forced to face the reality of the two mares he’s involved with, and make a decision on just what it is he truly wants in his life.

This story is not only set in an alternate-universe Equestria, but also set before Armor and Cadence’s wedding.

For any fan of the story of the hit puzzle game “Catherine”, this story is right up your alley! Rated Teen for sexual themes, strong language, use of alcohol, and violence.

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I may not have played the game this is based on (or even heard of it until you sent me a link to the Wikipedia page), but I know I'll be watching this!:eeyup:

YES BRO! I FUCKING LOVE CATHERINE! Kudos to you bro.:pinkiehappy:

I'm keeping an eye on this. I'll thumb it up or down at some point.

>Catherine Crossover

Dear god I think I'm in love.

I sincerely hope this isn't just a word-for-word recreation of Catherine with "Shining Armor" instead of "Vincent", but I have a feeling you won't be doing that.

I am following the HELL out of this story!

690438 I promise you may want to do some research before you read this... you'll be really lost later on. :twilightsmile:

691354 Thank you. I've been playing Catherine a lot recently, and this just hit me! :pinkiehappy:

691432 Naaaaaaah.... well, maybe a little! :derpytongue2:

691504 Don't worry, my friend. Things will be different, but I'm going to stay true to the Catherine experience! :scootangel:

:pinkiegasp: I saw this and did a double-take. I have been a HUGE fan of Catherine and I can't wait to read this! :pinkiehappy:

one of the greatest and possibly strangest games ever: now with ponies.
did someone say best thing ever?

will have to read later though:rainbowkiss:

Catherine was one of my favorite games of all time...well okay I liked the story mostly. The multiple endings were great. SPOILERS!!! My favorite ending is where Vincent becomes the new emperor of hell. It's kick ass because who wouldn't want kick ass horns and become hell's new overlord. It's all sex, drugs and rock and roll...man.

I have high hopes for this and I hope to see multiple endings. This fic has so much potential for awesomeness. I'll track it to see where this goes.

691969 I assure you, I do plan on having multiple endings at the end. Although I think I'll leave the story ambiguous until the end, I will definitely have different options for endings. :pinkiehappy:

Cool a Catherine crossover. Now I have the need to play it again.:pinkiehappy:

Man, Catherine sure worked her succubus-like magic on Shining Armor pretty fast! Oh man, he's gonna be in a bit of a pickle...

Take all the time you need with writing those next chapters, but when they do come out I shall read them! :pinkiehappy:

And there's gonna be multiple endings?! AWESOME! :yay:

I just love how all of his friends have human names and he has a name like armor.:ajsmug:

Still this a great story and it's off to a great start.:pinkiehappy:

Keep them coming.

Darn it you beat me to it! Catherine was my favorite game that I actually bothered to complete! But are you going to have Shining answering questions or climbing blocks? In any case I cannot wait to see what you do with this story. Also if you are doing the quote things how about this one?

Ability is nothing without opportunity
~Neighpoleon Bonaparte:pinkiehappy:

696802 I do most definitely plan on having Questions and Block climbing, although the latter of the two will be tricky... :pinkiehappy:

As for the quote...I'm trying to use quotes that are a bit deeper than that, and involve Romance, Triumph over Obstacles, and the Evils of Man. :twilightsheepish:

The human names kinda ruin it for me. It kinda breaks the idea of them being ponies with human names. Like John(The smoker from the game) can be smoke stack or something. Also about the towers, How are you going to get armor to work it, his unicorn horn can be a gamebreaker unless you have the blocks immune to magic or something. Sorry if I am being critical of your story.:fluttershysad: I do not want a lame crossover

:pinkiegasp: A story update as I was about to go to bed?!? Sleep for finals can wait. This is more important.

703742 Can't tell if backwards priorities or avid reader. :unsuresweetie:

To be completely honest, the only thing that I didn't like about this chapter is how you portrayed Fancypants. Quite a bit out of character, considering that he doesn't seem to be the kind of person to use people for his personal gain. If anything, Blueblood would have been perfect for the part instead of Fancypants for the bar scene. Fancypants was perfect for the nightmare scene, considering that he seems like he's the kind of person who would go out and help other ponies, regardless as to who they are or their social status. Other than that, great chapter! I can't wait until the next one.

Good story, good chapater, looking forward to the next one. Please keep up the good work.:rainbowkiss:

Love how you described the nightmare, and how you gave an explanation as far as the pillows go, making sure they disappeared as Shining Armor touched them. Yay for making in-game item placement work for a story!

While I do agree with AddictedToVideoGames on the issue of Fancypants, I thought it was a great chapter other than tat! Especially because Shining Armor loves Cadence for being herself and not her social status. :twilightsmile:

Also, one last thing, caught a minor typo: The pony cheered, “I don’t know what’s inside of it, but you mind find a use for it later on!" That probably should be "might" there. :scootangel:

Can't wait for the next chapter!

I really can't wait to see how both Cadence handles the situation. So many things could happen if she decides to not take it too well

703890 Ah, but you seem to miss the 'Alternate Universe' aspect of the story tags. While I understand Fancypants isn't a complete and total prick in the show, this is an alternate universe. He is still the rich and influential stallion he was in the show, but underneath his helpful and supportive demeanor, he is a manipulator and lecher. At least in this Universe. :twilightsmile:

704433 I had to go back and change that a few times to fit what I wanted. Also, thanks for catching the typo! :twilightblush:

huh just realised that Cadance could also be spelt Kadance...... food for thought:pinkiehappy:
a great chapter none the less! can't wait for the next one!

I hope this doesn't end like the game did Cadence is just too good to give up

Which ending for the game? There are eight.

Good job on the names. How much of the game will you put into the story. You added the pillows so I guess Armor gets a "retry" Can he undo the puzzles or is he playing in hard difficulty? Your Fancy pants was kinda of harsh and counteracts his helpful nature or are implying he is misogynist? Nice touch making "Catherine" more concrete to everyone else at least this story is not beat for beat like in the game.

Also are you sticking to OCs only or are more backround ponies get thrown in? Also, again, you did a good job depicting climbing the stairs but even the first level was not even that simple, oh I cannot wait for the next update.:twilightsmile:

707335 I promise, I'll explain everything in the next chapter. Astaroth will make his first 'appearance'. And I wanted Fancypants to be harsh, because at the beginning of the game the stray sheep had somewhat opposing personalities to the faces they put on in the bar. A lot of things in this story will stray from the game, while all the while holding true to the formula and moral lessons within. :scootangel:

I will try and implement as many actual ponies as I can, but I can't guarantee there will be too many. I'm trying to make all of the 'stray sheep' have real pony counterparts. I hated making the counterparts of the main characters OCs, but I didn't have much of a choice. And I made the first level simple for...reasons. :twilightblush:

Great chapter man.:twilightsmile:
The only problem I found in this is the fact that ponies know what hands are.:facehoof:
I loved the nightmare and the aftermath, but I can't believe that Fancypants could do something like that to mares, but blueblood would fit that perfectly.
Amazing story, don't stop:pinkiehappy:

712266 "Sh*t in one hand, wish in the other..." :facehoof: I can't believe I broke Pony-mode there....
I'm glad you're enjoying this, and I do intend on getting better from here on out! :pinkiehappy:
As for Fancypants: "What's done in the dark will be brought to the light." Alternate Universe logic.

This chapter is good but the ending part with the hooves coming up to try and kill was a little bit scary.

714045 You must be new here/never played Catherine before. :ajsmug:

At the end of every boss stage, the boss tries to deliver a final blow to Vincent... (This case Armor).

i have one reccomendation stop using the word hell so much

714186 Play the game, bro. Hell, fuck, and shit are said soooo much in it that I honestly think I'm not giving enough credit to the words. :pinkiesick:

Now there's a partial nightmare-version of Cadance in the nightmare too? Oh boy... wonder what Shining's gonna do when he realizes, or if Nightmare-Cadance fully reveals herself on her own.

I giggled a little at the abbreviations for the ponies. :twilightsmile: I liked the nightmare aspect of this chapter quite a bit - at least Shining Armor has some others to help him through all this!

715564 How are you so certain that it's Cadence in the nightmare? :trixieshiftright:
And I got really tired of typing 'the pony with a __________' all the time... :twilightsheepish:
The nightmares will only get better. :pinkiehappy:

715690 The mention of the pink hooves with the golden tips - only pony who I can think has that, plus a multicolored mane, is her. :twilightsmile:

And hooray for the nightmares getting better - or rather,worse for Shining Armor, but you get what I mean! :pinkiehappy:

715712 Okay, now I wonder if you can tell me the symbolism behind it being Cadence's hooves? :unsuresweetie:

715722 Well, I shall tell my best guess... Shining Armor is feeling guilty for cheating on Cadance with Catherine, so his subconscious is manifesting his fear of her finding out and getting angry into this rage-filled nightmare-self.

Just a theory though. :scootangel:

Hell yeah energy drink.:yay:

I just have a few questions:
1. what was his first choice between the corpse and the squid?
2.Where do you get all those sayings that you put at the end of each chapter, I'm quite curious?:duck:

Can't wait for the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

718523 Energy drinks are beast. Especially if you play on Very Easy mode! :derpytongue2:

1. "A cephalopod-like alien or a beautiful corpse." Left=Alien, Right=Corpse. So corpse. :pinkiesick:
2. I get them from: http://www.atlus.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9068 and other random sites. :twilightsmile:

714060 I'am not really new to this site per say, but I have never played the game called Catherine before. So for me that part sounded really interesting but scary at the same time, so in other words I am Loving Every Second Of This Story.

721130 I hope I didn't come off as a prick with that last comment... :facehoof:
It's understandable. The first time I played the game (and even while writing that part) I got chills. It's just so creepy to think of a pair of disembodied arms trying to kill someone... :twilightsmile:

721148 Hey its a cool:twilightsmile:, I am going to have to play the game so I can see and play through that first hoof. Anyway, good story and keep up the good work.

Yeah, this chapter's a little sporadic, but I have my reasons why. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

That being said, I'm glad to finally be back working on this fic! :yay:

I'm uncertain as to how I haven't seen this yet. Catherine was an awesome game, and I feel from this intro that it will be awesome! Hoorah for taking it off of hiatus! :yay:

Seems you finally overcame the devil known as writer's block

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