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“It'll move mountains! It'll mount movements!” ~Sheogorath, Prince of Madness.
“Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?” ~Discord, Master of Chaos

Two beings from distant worlds, similarities in abundance. One killed by his Champion and set free from the Order that plagued his life. The other reformed by the very powers of Harmony and Friendship that he once despised. The powers of Madness and Chaos are none to be reckoned with, as any creature that’s encountered either could tell you. Separate, they are grand; together, they are endless.

Chapters (10)

Both of them searched for purpose during their lives. Both of them were puppets designed to kill and manipulate. Both of them encountered a single individual that taught them the meaning of life. And then they passed away. One was a villain determined to destroy everything. The other was a child looking for security in his limited life. They found themselves blessed to have a second chance in a new world.
They were blessed to be able to live again…

Chapters (34)

We all know the story of Artemis Fowl II. A genius teenager with all the ambition of an entrepreneur, he sought to reclaim his family's lost wealth through impossible means. But what if he had never contacted the People? What if, instead of finding an advanced subterranian society, he instead devised a way to traverse a whole other world in search of riches?

Original Story by Prothean.

Chapters (24)

"It's amazing how one act of kindness can get you dragged into a proverbial roller-coaster of insanity, ain't it? All because of that Changeling that came through here, I've been stuck listening to the ramblings of these patrons for a while. At least they have to sleep. But I don't think this contest'll end anytime soon. No, I figure it'll be going on for a little while longer."
~Journal of Barman, Proprietor of Shady Trough

Chapters (10)

Caught in the middle of an accidental affair, Shining Armor is thrown into a nightmare that continues every night. Being forced to climb the large tower of blocks above him or die at the hands of the creatures that chase him, he must reach the door at the end and continue living one more day at a time. All he wants is to set things right between him and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, and end the mistake that was his affair with a mare named Catherine.

But every time he finds himself trying to break off ties with Catherine, he wakes up the next morning after his nightmares to find her lying in his bed. Not sure exactly how this started, and unable to remember his dreams in detail, Armor is forced to face the reality of the two mares he’s involved with, and make a decision on just what it is he truly wants in his life.

This story is not only set in an alternate-universe Equestria, but also set before Armor and Cadence’s wedding.

For any fan of the story of the hit puzzle game “Catherine”, this story is right up your alley! Rated Teen for sexual themes, strong language, use of alcohol, and violence.

Chapters (18)
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