• Published 25th Nov 2012
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To Live Again - _No_One_Remains_

The two puppets, Vivi and Kuja, had just learned what it meant to live when their lives ended. Blessed with second chances, they find themselves in the relatively peaceful world of Equestria.

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Vivi Day Two: New Faces

Today was pretty good. I can’t say anything really spectacular happened, but one of the ponies in town threw me a nice welcoming party. Just about everyone in the village showed up to meet me, and they were all so friendly. It made me really happy, honestly, to know that some people are willing to accept me. After all, I’m not a pony like the rest of them. I’m not even a dragon like Spike. I guess in a real sense, I’m not even a human.

Anyway, I really like the ponies around here. Maybe they were just acting nice for my sake, but they were all friendly. A few even brought me gifts for some odd reason. The pony that threw the party for me—Pinkie Pie I think—was really energetic and super excited to see a new face in town. Bobby Corwen also had an amazing time. He stuffed himself full of sweets, so I bet he’ll have a stomachache tomorrow. Oh well, at least he had fun.

I didn’t really get much sleep last night. I tossed and turned in my bed all night, until the sun finally started to rise. As soon as the first rays of sunlight fell through the window, I was out of bed and outside in the pen behind Fluttershy’s house. It felt good to be out of bed and up walking, not to mention all the fresh air. I decided to search for Bobby Corwen, because he wasn’t anywhere in sight around the farm.

I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find him. For a few seconds I started to worry if he’d ran away, but a comforting ‘kweh’ eventually echoed from the edge of the forest. I went to trace the chirp, but a concerned voice stopped me dead in my tracks.

Just like I’d gotten up super early, so did my nurse. Yep, Nurse Redheart was coming to the house to talk to me, and she caught me out of bed wandering toward the same forest I had awoken in the day before. Needless to say, she looked ticked.

“Where do you think you’re going, kid?” She stomped toward me, a glint of annoyance in her eyes.

I nervously adjusted my hat and chuckled, “I was just looking for-“

“No.” she butted in bluntly. “You need to get some rest, Vivi. I still don’t know why you passed out in the forest, and until I do, you aren’t to leave your bed without a chaperone.” She stared at me intently, sending a shiver down my back. I nodded silently.

Bobby Corwen screeched from behind the tree line, “KWEHHHH!” I recognized that kind of chirp. It was just like the chocobo that was being held in a factory underneath Dali. It was full of fear…

Out of nowhere, the baby chocobo darted into view and flawlessly leaped over the fence into the safety of the farm, smoke gushing out of his mouth. He just about tackled me to the ground, if I hadn’t prepared myself for impact. The chocobo gasped heavily, a gush of heat and smoke leaving his beak with every breath. He chirped desperately before darting into the small chicken coop on the other side of the pen.

I didn’t know what to think. I shook my head and sighed, “What’s gotten into him?”

“Poor thing must’ve eaten an Everfree Pepper.” Nurse Redheart giggled at the baby bird’s reaction to the plant.

Another fearful chirp rang out from the coop, followed by a series of disturbed clucks from the residents within. I asked, “Is he going to be okay?”

The nurse plopped a hoof on my shoulder and sighed, “Yeah, the pepper usually wears off pretty fast, but boy does it burn!” She watched as smoke poured from the coop with every one of Bobby Corwen’s breaths.

My mind snapped back to the original reason Nurse Redheart had shown up so early. “Any reason you decided to visit so early?”

She nodded smugly, “Yes, I wanted to check on your health. I can see you’re up and moving, anyway.”

A relieved chirp rang out from the chicken coop as the baby chocobo slowly stomped out of it. He had a large mouthful of hay, which I assumed he used to relieve the heat. I chuckled, “He’s a smart fella, isn’t he?”

Nurse Redheart nodded, “I suppose, as far as birds go.”

“Kweh!” Catching the nurse off guard, Bobby pecked at her hoof, startling her to the point of tripping over her own hooves. I couldn’t hold back a giggle, which was met with a scornful glare.

“F-fine. If you can walk and talk, I guess you’re healthy enough to be out. Won’t Pinkie Pie be happy to hear it?” She looked at me, expecting me to actually answer the question.

After a few seconds of trying to figure it out, I asked, “Who is Pinkie Pie?”

She looked at me with an expression that showed her utter disbelief. She sighed, “I take it she hasn’t been to see you yet? That’s weird. She usually jumps on the chance to meet newcomers...”

“Why will she be happy that I’m healthy?” I didn’t know who the pony in question was, and as far as I knew, she didn’t know me. Why would she care?

Nurse Redheart regained her footing and chuckled, “Because she’s setting up a party for you, silly!” She smiled, the first time I’d seen a genuinely kind smile on her face. Usually she held a serious demeanor.

I was taken aback by her statement. “A-A party? For me?” I stammered.

“Of course, Vivi! She always puts parties together for new creatures in town. It’s like a Ponyville tradition, really.” She placed a hoof on my shoulder and pointed down the road a little ways into the village. “It’s being held at Sugarcube Corner this afternoon, but I imagine your invitation will arrive any minute now.”

I didn’t know what to think. I couldn’t remember ever having a party in my honor, though I had attended several parties with my friends during our journey. Of course, all of those parties were cut short by one thing or another. I didn’t really think anything bad would happen at this party, though.

I chuckled, “Well, I guess I ought to get ready for the invitation.”

She scratched her mane and sighed, “I need to get back to the hospital before too much longer. Try and take it easy, kid. Don’t overwork yourself until you’re sure you’re better.” She turned toward the pen’s gate and started a brisk trot back into the bulk of the village.

I waved goodbye before turning back to Bobby Corwen. He let out a soft chirp, “Kwehhh.” He leaped up on my shoulder and pressed his face against mine. I couldn’t help but pet the little fella.

“What do you think about a party, little guy?” I turned to face the retreating nurse. Just as I stopped my rotation, I was face to face—literally—with a solid pink pony with a huge toothy grin. I froze in place, not sure how to react.

The pony took a deep breath and cheered, “Howdy there, kid! There’s been a LOT of talk around town about you! Vivi, right? I’m Pinkie Pie, pleasure to meet ya! I just talked to Nurse Redheart and she said you’re feeling a lot better and you know what that means!” She fell silent for a few seconds, long enough for me to register what she just exploded with.

I wasn’t sure how to react. She showed up out of nowhere and flooded me with words. Not certain what all she had said, I locked my brain on the last of her words. I asked, “What does it mean Miss Pinkie?” I was half-tempted to flinch away, but I didn’t know if it would be rude or not.

“Oh c’mon, Vivi, you don’t have to call me ‘Miss’ you silly goose! Aren’t ya at least gonna guess what you get to do now that you’re better?” She continued to stare at me, not even an inch away, with her ecstatic grin.

I found myself hard pressed to focus on a response, the presence of the pony starting to bother me a little. I chuckled, “I-I dunno, is there a party or something?”

“BINGO, kid! Hit the nail on the head! I’m having a party this afternoon and you’re the guest of honor! You’ll get to meet, like, everypony in town and taste some of my delicious pastries!” She finally moved away from me and waved her hooves around, adding emphasis to her description of the party.

I took a deep breath of relief and chuckled, “That sounds awesome, Pinkie. I’ll be sure to be there!”

The chocobo on my shoulder chirped, “Kweh?!” He leaped from my shoulder and darted over to her hoof. He started to peck at it playfully, feeling the energy in the pink pony.

She fell silent and stopped moving, locking her eyes to the baby animal. She gasped, “This thing is so cute! Is it a chicken? What its name? Is it yours?”

“He’s a baby chocobo, and his name is Bobby Corwen. I got him from a friend back home…” I thought about that last statement for a few seconds. After Mr. 33 and Mr. 111 passed away, the Genomes in the Black Mage Village had the baby chocobo delivered to me. My kids were really excited to have a pet of their own…

“Bobby Corwen, huh? That’s a mouthful, ain’t it? Let’s shorten that a bit…” She placed a hoof to her chin and stopped talking for a few moments.

Bobby Corwen chirped, “Kwehhh?”

I stammered, “I-I don’t think that’s a good idea! Mr. 33 wouldn’t be happy if he found out…” I think my objections went unheard, because Pinkie didn’t stop her thinking.

“I’ve got it, Vivi! We’ll call him Boco! Get it? First sounds of his names! Sounds cool, right?” She dropped to her stomach and looked the chocobo in the eyes. She giggled, “I know fella, you don’t gotta thank me!”

Bobby Corwen looked at me with a look of confusion and chirped, “Kweh kweh!” He smiled and leaped up on the pony’s back, showing his approval of the new name.

I sighed, “Well, if that’s okay with you, then I guess Boco sounds nice.”

Pinkie Pie giggled, “I thought so too! Anyway, I’ll see you at the party, kid! If you need help finding Sugarcube Corner, just follow Fluttershy when she goes! Bye-bye!” Without hesitation, the hyper pony was gone, Boco practically falling to the ground where she’d once been. She was out of view in the blink of an eye.

I was honestly amazed by her speed. I looked at the baby bird and sighed, “Well Boco, let’s go relax until the party starts.”

We started making our way back to Fluttershy’s house, but were immediately interrupted by a flying blue blur shouting at us from the distance. I sort of recognized the voice, which belonged to Rainbow Dash. In mere seconds, the Pegasus was directly between us and the door, acting as a stubborn blockade.

She scoffed, “Now where do you think you’re going, kid?”

I groaned, “Well, me and Boco were gonna go relax.”

“Nope.” Rainbow Dash landed right in front of us and crossed her hooves. She puffed out her chest as if to intimidate me.

Boco chirped, “Kweh? Kweh.”

The blue pony chuckled, “You’ve got ponies to meet, kid. There’s no way I’m gonna let you just waste away a day like this just sitting inside. You gotta get out and meet everypony, especially if you’re gonna be living here for a while.” She smiled and plopped a hoof on my shoulder, attempting to drag me through the pen’s fence.

For the first time since I’d woken up in the forest, I actually considered what she had just said. I had no way of knowing how long I would be living in Ponyville, or how long I would live in general. I couldn’t safely say I would ever die, considering everything that had happened. I tried to consider what all this meant, but I found it hard to grasp that this village could be the entirety of my new life.

We spent the next few hours going around town, Rainbow Dash introducing me to several of her friends. I met the local librarian and magic expert, Twilight Sparkle. She was just as nice as any other resident, and she was extremely smart, almost on par with Doctor Tot. She had a baby dragon with her named Spike, who seemed to be a really efficient worker. He had a good work ethic, anyway.

After meeting the purple unicorn, Rainbow Dash took me over to a nice clothing boutique to meet the local tailor. The unicorn, Rarity, definitely had a sense of fashion and looked happy to meet me. She offered to craft me a new outfit if this one ever got old, but that was a little awkward for me.

After leaving the boutique, we went over to a large orchard on the other side of town. I met a really nice pony named Applejack, whose accent reminded me almost perfectly of Ruby. I actually kind of started to reminisce about Gaia as I met all these new ponies. It was almost like the day I went to see “I Want to be Your Canary”, and ended up meeting Zidane and Steiner. I…yeah…

At about the time Rainbow Dash finished introducing me to all of her friends, the party was getting close to starting, so she escorted me to Sugarcube Corner… But I’m getting tired of writing right now, so I’ll tell you about the party some other time. My hand’s starting to cramp, and Boco wants to go outside and play. I’m actually starting to warm up to his new name. I think Mr. 33 would like it, too…

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