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We all know the story of Artemis Fowl II. A genius teenager with all the ambition of an entrepreneur, he sought to reclaim his family's lost wealth through impossible means. But what if he had never contacted the People? What if, instead of finding an advanced subterranian society, he instead devised a way to traverse a whole other world in search of riches?

Original Story by Prothean.

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This first chapter is just a re-write and edit of the stuff Prothean Brony already wrote. As of Chapter 2, I'll be writing my own content. At any rate, I hope you all enjoy reading! :twilightsmile:

Yay! I saw then when Prothean had it, and I was disappointed when it never updated. Do a good job!

And there it is. Nice job, considering you were only editing it. Just enough to be noticeable, but not alienate former readers who might enjoy a continuation of this.

Oh my gosh Artemis Fowl. My memories! You are making memories come back!

Yay, it's Artemis! ... Oh wait, I forgot. he's an asshole... Yay, it's Artemis!


I was considering making an Artemis Fowl crossover, but now, well...

Very interesting concept. This is going right into my read-later stack for when I can better attend to it.

Artemis is a difficult character to write since he has his uptight attitude along with his intellect. So good luck with writing him because there is allot that can go wrong. And remember, it was after Artemis met the people that he slowly stopped being a prick,:trixieshiftleft: but until then he relied heavily on butler. So id expect reactions similar to Rarity from him if he has to do things without Butler's aid, like being in alone in Equestria for the time being.

But anyways, good luck.:moustache:

Evil Artemis is best Artemis.

Artemis? Hm... You know, the concept of Artemis works so damn well with this.. It's scary really. (Read Later)

That said, he's being a BIT too coldhearted, even for the Artemis before book 1. It seems very illogical for a guy who's been searching for sentient nonhumans for years to just up and attack the first one he encounters. I could drop a blurb about the science, too, but meh. A plot device WAS needed to get this to function, after all.

All that said, no Holly? :/

I'm glad that someone took over this story. It was good even if it was never updated. I hope you can maintain a good quality story. I would be glad to help with this story in any way. Even if that means only showing my support.

1379456 You have to understand, at the time Artemis's rage first 'breaks', he is unaware that the pony is anything more than an animal. Therefore, when he learns that she can talk, he is still stuck in his rage-induced ideal of killing the creature. :raritywink:

And no, you cannot drop a blurb about the science. It's Artemis-fucking-Fowl. He made the freaking C Cube and the Eternity Code. He can do whatever the hell he wants! :rainbowlaugh:

Alas, no Holly Short or Mulch Diggums (my personal favorite fairie). :pinkiesad2:

1380095 As long as you continue giving me feedback, you're doing more than enough for me, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Well, the C Cube and the code were both based on fairy tech. A lot of it was stolen, in fact. They were also freaking computer tech, not blatantly random physics-tech.

It would've been more fun if you had somehow managed to timewarp No. 1 in for the whole dimension-hopping business, but then again, that would take an absolutely retarded amount of twisting to get right. I can forgive some plotdevice usage here. But keep in mind that while he certainly is a genius, one doesn't simply throw together a dimension hopping device from scratch in a month or three - even if you are Artemis Fowl.

I'd have let it slide a lot easier if it was, say, post book 4 Artemis, who has easy access to a lot of fancy fairy tech on demand (pretty much) and a lot more experience with the whole thing than his younger self. Just giving you a word of caution on excessive plotdevicing.

As for the ragebreak thing, I'm slightly doubtful to the stance on that. Sure, he's mad, but 1: he's what, 11 years old? and 2: he's a child genius with an unsatiable lust for SCIENCE. He's not the coldblooded killer, that's Butler. The few times we see Artemis in combat situations, he is VERY hesitant and insecure about his actions. In fact, I think you might even be overplaying his physical capabilities a bit. My point, though, is that Artemis in a ragebreak...I just can't see it.
Manipulative? Yes. Cold-hearted? You got it. Merciless? Well, not entirely, but he's pretty far along. Reflect on the opening scene of book 1, with the drunken fairy in Ho Chi Minh City or whatever. He uses her to his ends and manipulates her pretty harshly, but he fulfills his end of the bargain. He doesn't leave her to die just because. Additionally, if there's one thing Artemis pretty much NEVER does, it's loose his cool. I honestly can't remember one single scene in the book where he does that (Well, maybe except for the times with the trolls. And a few other places) Rephrase: he doesn't let his temper get the best of him. That'd be childish. Artemis does not want to be childish. He doesn't have time for that stuff.

Okay, enough ranting, but I think you see where I'm going with this lecture ^^; Sorry for overdoing it, but if you feel it's doing any good, I'd be happy to assist.

Artemis... I know he's ruthless, but harming sentient creatures.... I don't think that's his style. Good story though.

1382478 I just have to point out that you're arguing scientific facts in a crossover between a book for younger-audiences and a show for even-younger-audiences. :rainbowlaugh:
At any rate, you should also keep in mind that the first chapter is just a re-write of what another user already wrote. Nothing in this chapter was original, it was all thought up by another user. I simply edited and added a few bits here and there. :twilightsmile:

Which is why I'm simply remarking on it, rather than flaming you for something you're not responsible for.

In any case, I hope you can make it better. It is very good to start with, so work hard!

Since I first arrived onto this site, fresh and ready to make my mark on the internet, I have watched in silence for the crossover I knew would one day arrive. I knew that soon, I would have to prepare for the arrival of the Artemis Fowl and MLP fanfiction that would inevitably occur. At last, my lonely vigil comes to an end.

My body is ready.

Oh crap...Angel Isn't Happy. Wait...What The-

-Screen Shatters, before Showing a Pissed of Angel brandishing a carrot-

*TimeLord Scans Angel*

Oh my....

*Angel Bunny-Level 72 Beast Dragoon*
Hp??? Skills:Jump
Def. 127 Lancet
Str.145 Gungir
SpeedMAX Dragoon Fury

Artemis? You Are BUCKED.

Wonder how fast little Arty will open up this time huh?

I have my fingers crossed that Butler gets a chance to beat his way through some royal guards. Between friendship and his Sig Sauer P226, Butler chooses the Sig.

Artemis, whut r u doin. Put down the sword. ARTEMIS. STAHP. I can understand him protecting his mother, but shouldn't he have gone for a more non-lethal method of subduing the rare alien creature? Perhaps he grabbed a trophy (wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/thumb/f/fa/Saxxy.png/250px-Saxxy.png ) or a large candelabra instead.
It was Artemis Fowl, in the bedroom, with the candlestick holder!

..... yeah
Artemis going into berserker-with-sword mode doesn't work for me at all.

1422495 I've been considering re-writing it, actually. After going back and reading the first book, it has become obvious that it is too OOC for Arty. I was only re-editing what another user wrote, though. I will go back and change it before posting the new chapter. I hope you come back for a second chance. :twilightsmile:

I will!
I greatly enjoyed the books, even though they are meant for a younger audience. Since you say you'll be fixing it, I'll be glad to stick around.

Suggest re-working Butler a bit too, he's smarter than the version of him shown here.

1432109 I've already fixed the rage-break-Arty though, if you want to see the changes. :raritywink:
Also, I haven't really depicted enough of Butler for anyone to assume he's dumb or smart...

First?! First. :rainbowkiss: (First first!)
Good to see your own writing now, as well as Artemis going about the magical land so analytically. Unlike the original story, Arty has the better tech and he's the one that would rather not be discovered! (Foaly is laughing in his tinfoil hat at the near-complete role reversal.)
Now comes the part where Artemis steals their colors to sell to crayon companies! (That's his plan, right?) :trollestia:
Don't out-science yourself there, mate! Anything's a conductor when you apply enough voltage.

1435028 Hey, I figure the science is already screwed up, why not just roll with it? :rainbowlaugh:

The first thing Butler would do next with a flying technicolor equine hurtling at them??... Hmm.. He'd shoot it in the freaking face. Or do some tai-jutsu or karate to kick her out of the sky, slam her down, subdue her, and then knock her out. :rainbowkiss: Oh Butler you :trollestia:

1435142 OR just hold his arm out and let her clothesline herself.

1435243 .... The amount of Lulz that would get from me are.... :moustache:... over 9000!!!!

I would laugh so hard if Butler just plucked Rainbow out of the air.

You seem to be doing good with my theoretical child. If you need any ideas or stuff, just ask.

1436096 I'm glad you approve. I'll probably take you up on that offer eventually. :twilightsmile:

Was Fluttershy sent back to earth or just right on top of where artemis came in?
So far so good, messing with science is fun and easy as long as you use long words:twilightsheepish:

From what I understand of Butler's fighting style, he'd probably apply what he knows of anatomy and assume that her neck is as vulnerable to attack as any creature's is and then attempt to strike a nerve there with a well-placed palm strike or thumb press, if trying to incapacitate her and, if not, simply snap her neck in as efficient a manner as possible.

So awesome! :rainbowkiss: Keep it up!

Shit just done got real.

Not bad at all! Pretty unique take on an Artemis Fowl crossover. I look forward to the rest! :pinkiehappy:


Interesting chapter. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Thank you for editing the sword out! He'll have a lot less explaining to do to Fluttershy's friends now. :scootangel:

Other than that, looking good. :pinkiehappy:

Yep, we humans come in peace. We're certainly not here to get rich off a bunch of naive magical creatures, especially not the high-class ones that can locate gemstones. No sir... :duck:
I applaud the literal smackdown at the hand of Butler. :rainbowlaugh: Rainbow Smash!
Sounds like Arty had an interesting adventure at zee manor. Onward to Chapt. 4!

Three figures?

Oh-ho-ho! Things get interesting!

I wonder, are you going to implement the faeries?

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