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Sir Mortimer of Eden

Hi, my names Mortimer (no its no really my name) and i'm just an ordinary guy wanting to write fanfiction.


The legendary red repliod - Zero has found himself in Equestria with no memories of his past. Will he be able to fit in to the equestrian society or will he be considered a monster and banished instead.
But what if a recently crowned princess could change what others think of him in more ways than one, a young princess of love.

(This story is focused around Zero and this will contain parts in the Friendship is Magic comic issues 11 and 12 as well as 18, 19 and 20.)
(This Fic will crossover with the Blue Reploid in later chapters)
(This Fic is not solely a dark Fic)
This picture is not mine and belongs to 'Tomycase' on deviant-art.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 30 )

Dude, seriously, KEEP A CONSISTENT TENSE! It's so bad when it switches multiple times in a single sentence; I actually have trouble breathing trying to read through it all.

I have only one suggestion. Work on not flippantly swapping between tenses. Otherwise, I'm eager to see how this is gonna go.

Thanks for the information on that. I've fixed that now.

Another Zero fic huh? at this rate, ther'll be like,,,a gazillion by the time i finish mine up...

don't know why this intrigues me, perhaps because i never played megaman but i like it.

the only thing wich bother me is how could he not be seen in the whole chapter? If im understand rigth he is in the Castle where Celestia and Luna are right?
Ahhhh wait the forest....maybe he is in the old Castle from season 4 in the everfree forest. Now i think it´s my second option wich on is it?^^ It´s late and i am not good at thinking right now:twilightblush:

Naaaaa i think i follow you it seems to be interesting.

Why thank you for your comment Blade:twilightblush: , i'm still working on bringing Cadence and Zero closer together and explaining a few things in the next few chapters.

I imagined that Cadences armour would look similar to this picture but with no helmet so her hair would hang out as long as the picture and the red color replaced with dark pink.

I'm a horrible at drawing:ajbemused: so I used this picture instead :twilightsheepish: .


Zero is using his EX Skill System without defeating the thing he has copied first!!??!! He is becoming a sword-toting, benevolent Bass.EXE!!!

Don't worry the hole Z mark on Cadence will be explained in future chapters.

4184357 please continue. Your story makes me happy.

maybe he should saying someone at first but i think he learned that from the books.
good chapter.

I think this could be interessting keep going and have fun writing this story:twilightsmile:

I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I am totally ok with it, but since when he has magic? Did he absorbed Cadance Magic Ability or something like that? i don´t know exactly if he could do that or not, but i know sometimes Megaman could do it.

Nice Chapter and nice first impression:rainbowlaugh::heart:

Yes and No, the reason for this is that Cadence's Type of Magic (Alicorn Magic) Transferred into Zero unintentionally pretty much making him become the Prince of Love -as well as him being able to use magic- as they had both bonded with each other. (So there souls have merged and becoming almost identical - which is the reason for Zeros' eyes changed colour to Cadences and why she herself has Zeros 'Z' mark on her cutiemark).
(There will be no deep explanation in it for the story but there will be an explanation)

Oh and remember to check my new fic that will be out in about a day. It's pretty much a prequel to this fic but it will soon crossover to it. *It shall contain X and a plot twist*

4341724 Well thx for the reminder, i read that much storys last time, that i forgot the Eye thing and somthing else, i still know how they meet, but i think just forget a little thing.

i think i read your other story right now.:twilightsmile:

For some people who are wondering the part in Chapter Four for Zero as: 'The Light faded to reveal my true form'. This form will be his 'Battle Form' which makes him more powerful, being able to easily deal with tough foes. It will look like this:
In Zero's normal, not fully powered form he is still able to fight but not as strong and powerful as the 'Battle Form' but is more agile and a bit shorter. The normal form will look like this:

don't you mean x5? in the authors note

Oh yea Thanks for that! Plus Awakened Zero is Awsome.

..Tia...You got some 'splainin to do!

Please tell me that this fic isn't dead and you are still making new chapters? There hasn't been a chapter since last year and I really want to see the end :)

Now that Zero has absorbed a bit of Cadence's magic, he has gained the ability to feel empathy!

So, Light adopted Celestia and Cossack adopted Luna?

What is this is your zero Megaman X Zero from Megaman zero also I can imagine the song being played in action part[youtube=https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLwFQ370krcO3im6PdIfNQ2mjTWuar2FWn&v=JS2ztw9Ju4k]

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