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This is a group created so that new authors and / or existing authors can share their work, make friends, and simply have a chilled out, relaxed time by having a chat with each other on the forum page! Come and share your work, express your worlds and narrative voices, have a friendly chat, discuss pony politics, etc! All are welcome in this group!

My friendship, everypony's friendship, your friend's friendship, you know you want it.

The only rule that I will lay out for this group is very simple:

Every other stories aside from Mature and Clop are allowed onto this group, reason being that I want this group to be a family-friendly group for everyone of all ages. Teen stories will generally be okay unless they contain very strong themes involving narcotics and harmful substances. Everything other than that is fine, just to keep this group appropriate for the younger ones!


All I ask is that you ensure that your story is added to the folder most suitable to its content, genre and general tags. If this rule is ignored by people, then the story will be removed from the folder it was assigned to.

That is all!

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Fantasy folder is missing an Add Stories button, too.

Check the permissions.

It should have one, so I'm not really too sure on why it doesn't.

Why does your Adventure folder lack a "Submit stories" button?

It's nice to see you again, Twifight! It's been far too long since I've seen you on this site! I'm glad you could join in with the group. We're going to start expanding soon enough with what I've got in store for the future, starting with the new Discord server that will prove some use i upcoming livestreams and such. However, we'll see!

Happy to be here. ❤️

423655 Sounds cool mate. I can't wait to see where this group will go!

Welcome, Cap'n! It's been a while since this group has had any new members or updates, so glad to have you onboard! I'm thinking of starting up a Discord server or a Twitch server soon, too. Might start livestreaming at some point in the future for random videos and readings.


With love, from England,

- FireRain

Here I stand! Happy to be here. :twilightsmile:

343864 Welcome to the herd, dude!

Pinkie Promise you'll enjoy your stay?

Hello new people!:rainbowkiss:

337227 Welcome to my group, The Princess Rarity.

Enjoy your 'Royal' stay! :)

you know you want it

THANKS FOR THAT :rainbowlaugh:

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