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"Oh witnessed the amount of hatred and solitude among the different in this peaceful and harmonious land"

Hello all and welcome to our official club "Forbidden Creatures", where the hidden and outcast creatures of Equestria will finally be seen as worthy. This group was made to show off the hidden creatures of Equestria such as: Bat ponies, Dragon ponies, Hybrids, etc, and how they deal with everyday society, what their stories are that made them who they are today, and they will do to prove to society that they are "living." We tried posting our original club on Google+, but we barely got any progress so we moved our world of Forbidden Creatures into FImfic
One of the best things about this group is that, if I'm available to do it, WE WILL CAST YOUR STORIES ON OUR YOUTUBE!!!! (There will be a folder for the ones who WANT their stories casted on YouTube, its optional)
Our YouTube Channel is right here:
We hope that you enjoy this club as much we enjoyed making it!!!


1. No Nsfw

2. No criticizing other stories

3. I allow gore, but nothing that is too extreme and involves cannibalism

4. No plagiarizing (of course)

The rules is basically common sense.


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my story is about a hybrid gunfighter is that OK

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