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As is made obvious by the title, this group is dedicated to the shipping of Dr. Caballeron and Daring Do. Of course, you may place stories in here which feature them together just as enemies as they are portrayed in the show (or as friends).
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I blame watching the newest episode leak...
but then again I ship Maudbra.. soooo It doesn't really matter how I was converted..

I always pictured these two as being former lovers and adventures together, until their views and reasoning for pursuing archaeology and adventuring started to differentiate.

Daring Doo wanted to do it for the adventure, knowledge and inspiration, Caballeron wanted to do it for the glory and recognition (plus why search for an artifact if you can't keep it for yourself to serve as a rainy day emergency fund):trollestia:

One day, these different goals and views caused them to permanently split, and have been enemies since. Although there remains strong lingering feelings between them to this day, hoping one of them would get an epiphany and change to their side to be together once more, but they both sadly know that the odds of that happening are slim to none.


Hehe... that seems really interesting... STORY TIME!

402287 XD It seems to me like Rainbow Dash ships her with Ahuizotl. Just because of her facial expression when Daring is flirtatiously smack-talking with him.

However, I can certainly see Twilight shipping it. Maybe she and Rainbow Dash get into debates on the subject. :rainbowwild:


Does anyone else think that Rainbow Dash secretly ships this?

My story "The Early Life of Blueblood" isn't about this pairing, but chapter eight has Twilight and Blueblood act out a shippy scene. I might revisit that in future.

401859 I'll try to make a Daring Do x Dr. Cabballeron story, as soon as I finish my IWAM sequels and spinoffs, I don't know why I had to plan out all those stories.

401684 Glad to hear it! I obviously love this ship myself. :raritywink: I usually love any villain x hero ship, though.

401704 So true. Daring Do x Ahuizotl is kind of amusing to me (I love Daring's hilarious line about "proposing" to him), but I actually see Caballeron having a thing for Daring Do because he wanted to join in her in her adventures, then became excessively bitter about it after being rejected. Plus that adorable ship tease in the chapter books! Smells like a pouty ex-boyfriend to me.

You know what this site needs? Lesser Daring Do X OC stories and more Daring Do and Dr. Cabballeron.

I tried looking for Dr.Do stories, I only found Daring x Rainbow and Daring x Ahuizotl.

This is my new OTP.:raritystarry:

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