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This is the Mane 6 group! Dedicated to any stories that have the mane 6 in them (except mature rated and/or NSFW stories)

1) No mean comments, and/ or hating certain ponies/ people. Remember, love and tolerate, we are a friendly group :twilightsmile:
2) Please post stories into correct folders, it's just a hassle to change it all around.
3) As stated earlier, no mature rated or NSFW stories or images to be posted.
4) Stories can be posted multiple times. However, if you have a story that contains all the mane 6, please do not also post it into every folder of each character.
5) Stories in the mane 6 folder must contain the mane 6 character tag.
6) Warnings, then short bans or permanent bans will be issued if these rules are continually broken.
7) These rules may change if problems arise.

Depending on how popular this group gets, I may need admins. If we need some and you are interested, please PM me :)

Have fun!

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MANE SIX RULES I like Dash but their all awesome in their own way :rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile::yay::pinkiehappy::ajbemused::raritystarry:

Twilight is my favorite Mane Six! But they're all awesome! :pinkiehappy:


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