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I live! · 5:42am Mar 1st, 2016

Ok so for those that still follow me with your noses pressed to the screen waiting for fantastic new material. Sorry for the wait. You should probably sit back away from the screen and turn some lights on. Sorry again but I probably won't post anything for quite a while longer either. My head hasn't been into pony writing for a while, I've been working on another story... Without ponies. Don't hurt me.:fluttershyouch: I really don't want to leave Sonata's Solo sitting like

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Hooooooooo! I'm drunk! Good Celestia I can't even think straight. :pinkiesick:

Comment posted by Pony Bones deleted Dec 12th, 2012

Wow! How was I not following you!?:twilightsmile: Dang that was a shocker to me when I realized that

Saw the first episode of the third season today, probably old news for most. The show's art keeps getting better and I think the Crystal ponies added a nice twist to the Equestrian universe. Can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the season. For those who have served and especially to those who have been in the sand box Happy Veteran's day.

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