• Published 12th Oct 2017
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All Hail the Overlord - TheAncientPolitzanian

An alternate reality requests the aid of the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses in fighting the greatest threat they may yet face. However, this threat goes by a name familiar to all of them: Thorax.

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Chapter 3: Dragon Lord against Overlord

Overlord Thorax sighed. Pharynx was an idiot, no doubt. He should have at least seen the dragon coming but nope! He was knocked about like ragdoll by it. Pathetic.

He put his head into one of his clawed hooves. "I am honestly not surprised at this point."

He was about to get up from his position when a changeling warrior burst through the door to his throne room and came to a screeching halt before two Overlord's Guard, who stopped him.

The Warrior wore a suit of black mail, with a black breastplate and 4 black metal low boots.

"My Overlord! We have a problem!" the warrior said with desperation.

"Really?" The Overlord cocked his head to the side in curiosity. He pulled himself to his feet and began walking down the stairs lining the throne. "Is it the remnants of the Equestrian army, attempting to make one final stand to retake this capital?"

The warrior pointed through a large opening in the wall that lead to a balcony. A rather large cloud of black smoke had formed in the sky, a kilometer or so away, and it was approaching rapidly. "Dragons, my lord! They are closing in on us!"

The Overlord grimaced and slowly walked towards the balcony. He set both of his forehooves on the crenulations. "It would seem that they are like vultures, attempting to devour the corpse of Equestria and steal this city out from under us. How pathetic."

The Overlord turned to a rather tall changeling standing by several Overlord's Guard, who had walked over to look at the smoke cloud that was closing in on them. "General Barxt, I trust that you set up the harpoons."

The changeling, standing taller then most of the others, but shorter then Thorax, and Pharynx, wore a black suit of plate armor, with a dark grey face scarf covering the lower half of his face. "Of course, my Overlord. It was the first thing I did when we conquered this city."

The Overlord smiled at this. "Well done Barxt. You'll earn a promotion if you survive this battle."

Barxt smiled. "Wonderful my lord," he said. "General Haras and General Lurick have already started mustering the troops and manning the walls, and Lord General Morian has put the Overlord's Guard into a defensive position at the keep."

"Good. Now, to the front lines with you."

Barxt bowed before heading off, leaving the Overlord's Guard that were escorting him and taking to the air outside of the balcony.

"I have good servants, do I not?" he said to himself, before turning to the warrior. "Return to your post, soldier. You've done a good job so far. You'll have first feeding rights when we defeat the dragons."

The warrior bowed and ran out. The Overlord turned to the smoke cloud; by now, it had closed in on the city.

General Barxt stood on a rather large tower next to a large ballista. The ballista, which had two bows that crossed together into an X, was loaded with a large Barbed arrow.

Several other of these ballistae were set up along the wall. Alongside them, standing on the main sections between the towers, were large groups of crimson changelings with flaming eyes, wielding crossbows, aimed at the smoke cloud. Black banners flew in the wind, which featured a Crimson flame.

Behind the wall were large groups of crimson warriors, wielding weapons of every kind, mainly swords and spears made of black metal.

General Barxt stood still, wielding a large spiked mace. The black smoke covered the sky in front of him.

"Remember! Our goal is not to defend the Pathetic Ponies, but the city itself. They are expendable; it is not!" he shouted to his men.

"ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD! LET EQUESTRIA BURN!" the warriors shouted back in reply.

It was quiet for a little longer. Before a single dragon burst from the smoke. It was small, barely taller then the Overlord at full height, but it wore dark grey armor that covered its entire body, and was completely coated in fire, as if it was a burning effigy. It clutched a Warhammer in both hands, and was leaving a trail of smoke and embers behind it.

Braxt held his hand up and turned to the Ballistae. "Hold your fire, that one is too small for the harpoons to do any good."

The dragon was soon followed by 5 giant dragons. "Those, however," he said, before pointing at the dragons with the tip of his mace, "are the perfect size. FIRE ON THEM!"

The ballistae fired, the barbed arrows attached to long metal chains. Most of them missed, but the ballistae closest to him struck a large purple dragon in the chest, tearing through the flesh. The dragon roared, before the chains of Dragon harpoons began to be reeled back in, dragging the purple dragon downwards. It struck the side of the tower and was rewarded with a pike to the skull.

Barxt ran over and unhooked the chain from the arrow, allowing several artillery crew members to hook it to another arrow.

Barxt turned to see that the Changeling crossbow men were firing at the larger dragons. "Hold your fire, you fools," he said with a frown as a mass of smaller dragons suddenly burst through the smoke cloud. "Your bolts cannot even touch the armor of the Wyrms! Aim for the smaller ones; their scales are weaker!"

The Changeling army turned as one and began to open fire at the smaller dragons, dropping many out of the sky.

Barxt smiled before he was suddenly tackled off the tower. His carapace felt really hot, and he turned his head to see the flaming Dragon that had led the invasion had been the one who had tackled him.

The Dragon took him to the ground and slammed him into the cobblestone streets of the city below, before jumping back, allowing him to see the armor and dragon better. The Armor had large spikes emerging from it's shoulders, and two curling horns, resembling that of a goat, emerged from the sides of it's head.

"I must thank you changelings, you saved us a lot of trouble, we were going to take this place, but you already took it for us." The dragon said, the voice being female, with a metallic undertone, mainly due to helmet he believed.

"If you think we will give up this city you are wrong. We conquered it fair and square," he said as he raised his mace.

The Dragon's flaming armor extinguished as she slowly marched towards him, and twirled her Warhammer. "Then I guess that all of you Changelings will die," she said as the top of the city wall, behind her was lit aflame as one of the larger dragons shot a wave of flame towards it, killing many of the changelings atop it.

Barxt charged towards her at struck her with his mace. The Dragon was knocked backwards with a hiss and landed on her feet again.

She swung her Warhammer, but Barxt ducked under it, but it seemed that was what the dragon wanted, with one powerful kick, the dragon sent Barxt flying through the air, slamming him into a wall.

Barxt rose to his feet, coughing up blood before he heard the sound of a metal claw striking the cobblestone, followed by another, and another, it was loud, and the fighting briefly stopped as all turned to the sound.

The Dragon took to the air, a flew towards the Overlord, as Barxt weakly tried to stop her by firing a magic bolt, but it was too weak, and missed.

The Overlord slowly walked through the street towards the fighting, but it had stopped, as all turned to watch him.

"Ah, you must be the Overlord!" A dragon said as she landed before him, a Warhammer in hand.

The Overlord looked to her. "Indeed. And judging by the armor, overall cockiness and temperament, you are Dragon Lord Ember, am I correct?"

Ember removed her helmet, revealing her blue scales and purple spines. "Why yes I am." She said with a smile. She turned her head towards the soldiers of both sides.

"I can see that this fighting is going to continue on for some time, so I might as well end this now by killing you!" She said before tossing her helmet aside and flying towards him swinging her Warhammer when he was close enough.

The Overlord Disappeared in a burst of fire, and teleporting behind Ember. Ember turned back to look at him, and the Overlord smiled, before in a burst of speed, leaving a Crimson fire line behind him, he rushed forwards and punched Ember in the chest, flinging her backwards down the street.

Ember landed and skidded across the ground before rising and growling. She stared down the street to see that The Overlord was no longer where he had been when he had struck her. She stood up when there was a burst of flames behind her. She turned around to see the overlord wielding a Zweihander.

He slashed upwards and Ember stumbled backwards, Suddenly a changeling resembling the Overlord made of flame appeared between to two wielding another Zweihander, and it slashed two, then another, and another.

After 4 more slashes Ember was thrown to the ground, the front of her breastplate shredded.

Her army was speechless and merely looked on in shock..

Ember slowly rose to her feet.

"Still alive are you? My, you dragons are persistent," the Overlord said as he walked towards her.

"We may be persistent," she said as she picked up her Warhammer. "But we respect strength, and we know when someone is stronger then us." She turned over her Warhammer and slammed the head of it to the ground, before kneeling into a bow. The assorted dragons who were on the floor did so too, and the dragons in the air slammed their fists to their chests and leaned forwards.

The Overlord looked around at this.

"Overlord Thorax of the Changeling Empire," Ember began," the dragon race would like to hereby extend out servitude to you, so long as you promise our people land and reward in your conquests."

The Overlord laughed at this, causing Ember to look up at him.

"You dragons are in no position to bargain," he said, causing Ember to open her mouth in protest. "But I like your spirit. Very well, Dragon Lord Ember. I accept the Servitude of your people." He turned and began to walk towards his new palace.

Ember pulled herself up with a smile.

"However," the Overlord continued, "I demand that you and your dragons clean up the mess you've caused."

Ember's smile fell at this as she slowly turned towards the area where the battle had happened.

The Changelings were currently marching away, carrying wounded Dragons and Changelings towards the Canterlot Hospital, which they had taken over.

Ash and fire covered the area, along with lots of blood.

"This is going to take forever," she said with a groan and she hunched over.

Author's Note:

Hello once again people.

I have just realized that I don't have a Image for this book. All the best stories have images as their covers, so, if anyone could create an image for this book, I would be eternally greatful.

On a side note, for better side of refrence, the overlord more or less fights like talion, phantom and all.