• Published 12th Oct 2017
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All Hail the Overlord - TheAncientPolitzanian

An alternate reality requests the aid of the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses in fighting the greatest threat they may yet face. However, this threat goes by a name familiar to all of them: Thorax.

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Adoption Notice

If anyone wants to continue this story in my stead and take over it, or even rewrite it from the beginning with your own plot points, please let me know in PMs and I will most certainly let you. I don't want to leave this story eternally unfinished, but I'm probably not going to be the one to finish it because of real-life issues. Thank you, sorry for the disappointment any readers are having seeing an updated chapter but no actual content.

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It's okay! Sorry to see the story go though.

I'd continue it for you if I could, but I've got my own Changeling series to do. I do hope it gets adopted though! Maybe if it doesn't get adopted by the time I've wrapped mine up, I'll come back and offer?

Sad to see this go, even when someone else finishes this amazing story. You will always be the one who brought this story to life. Good luck to you

How would this story have ended?

It'll still probably be here when you do. Unless someone else takes it of course lmao.

But yeah, I'll keep the feelers out for a while.

Alright then. I do hope it gets picked up though

Comment posted by TheAncientPolitzanian deleted Oct 18th, 2022

I'm somewhat interested in picking it up, but I'm not the best at writing this kind of long, high-octane adventure. Unless there's a preexisting outline I can stick to, I'd probably stall out after a couple of chapters myself.

There is a way I might be able to "hold the fort down", though. If I'm remembering it correctly, you mentioned in an earlier comment that you were interested in having a proofreader/editor look over the story at some point. I have some experience proofreading, so maybe we could do something along the lines of:

  • You transfer the story to my account.
  • I give the story a quick proofreading pass (and, if possible, try completing and publishing any unfinished chapters that might exist).
  • Once 11384352 Melody Song's wrapped their own changeling series up, I can transfer the story to them and they can write the rest (as they offered to do).

Admittedly, it's a bit roundabout, and I'm not entirely sure it's what you had in mind, so I'll understand if you're not interested. Just figured I'd throw the proposition out there in case it actually held water.

Whatever happens, best of luck with finding someone to carry the torch!

(Also, sorry for the double-post; I accidentally replied to the wrong comment.)

It seems like a good plan. Minor problem with it on my end is that I'm going to be entering college next fall, though I still plan to remain active on the site. So I myself might need an extra hand or two making sure chapters go up on time. (maybe co-writers or proofreaders, idk)

I do like the idea though!

Makes sense. Like I said, I do have proofreading experience, so (hypothetically speaking) I might still be able to help in that regard after I hand the story off to you.

Of course, it obviously also comes down to whether or not Disappointment approves of the arrangement. They mentioned that their experience with "adopting" fanfics mostly comes from the way it's done on fanfiction.net. I'm not entirely sure how authors do it over there, so it really depends on what Disappointment specifically meant by "adoption": the right to create a sequel story that serves as a continuation (i.e. what Rated Ponystar's doing with Darth Link 22's Journey to the First Flame right now) or the right to inherit the original story outright (i.e. Level Dasher adopting A Daughter and her Dragon from Crystal Moose's account back in 2015). I was thinking more so along the lines of the latter, but I'd perfectly understand if they were uncomfortable with their story entirely leaving their account.

Disappointment hasn't been online since the 9th, so once you've seen this, I'll send them a PM to get their attention and see what they think.

Yeah, that sounds reasonable. I was thinking more along the lines of the way we adopt things on Fim, with a transfer of the entire story. I'm game if you are

Alright, I've sent Disappointment that PM I talked about. Now we just wait to hear their opinion.

Uh... Sorry to be a bother, but in chapter 23: Defeat

The former author wrote
Author's Note:
To any and all interested in it:
I made a discord for the people who are fans of this story and my others. Here is a Link: https://discord.gg/Gqvdstt

Do you know have that or is that not a thing anymore?

I'm fine with it either way, but I thought it would be interesting to know. Anyway, good luck with future chapters of this amazing story and I hope to see some for this new year, not rushing of course. Have a nice day

Comment posted by Mlpfan0307 deleted May 11th, 2023

song for villan

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