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While the Decepticon lair was being destroyed by the power of the malfunctioning space bridge, Megatron and Starscream are sucked into its portal which foils Megatron’s master plan of conquering Cybertron and defeating the Autobots. However, both Decepticons arrive in a colorful world which they have never seen before. Once they discover its inhabitants and the magic it contains, Megatron sees his ultimate chance to get his revenge on his worse enemies and conquer Cybertron.

Note: This happens after Transformers: Animated season 2 finale “A Bridge Too Close” and MLP: FIM season 7 finale “Shadow Play”.

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“Simple, Starscream... we will play this game in the Autobot way.” Megatron planned, malevolently grinning.

Uh oh....

Oh, interesting! Megatron trying things like Optimus would, cool!

Interesting start, let's see where this story goes.

I wonder how Megatron will react to a certain pony who has the same voice as Sari Sumdac.

Then again, there's only one and 1/4 of them. How much damage can they do?

Megatron's cunning mind and immense power are all they need to cause some serious damage.

Scene I'm hoping for: Rumble talks to Starscream, and Starscream tells Rumble the truth, thinking that no one would ever believe a young one.
Megatron would not make that mistake, as he remembers that Sari Sumdac is part of why he is stranded.

Fetch, transform and combine!
(Yep. I share my name with a mini-con. One of the ones that's its info card listed it as being with the Decepticons. His alt mode is a dark blue tank with twin missile launchers)

Interesting idea about Rumble and Starscream’s dialogue. I’ll take it into account.

I think I remember watching an episode or two of the cartoon many years ago.
Wish CN would freaking re-air it and other older cartoons instead of just re-airing um.. rather iffy cartoons.

I bet everytime someone says the Decepticons protect truth and justice there and everytime Megatron lies about the Decepticons being good, someone from the Autobots just twitches and feels like there's a big disturbance out there while that is going on.

I truly do miss the old times when cartoons were actually great to watch... :pinkiesad2:

Honestly many cartoons recently don't seem to click as good as cartoons in the past for some reason.

This would be worst if Animated Soundwave was here.

AJ's Honesty sense must be going crazy. Megatron is a smoother talker than Flim & Flam. I just hope that AJ figures it out before it is too late.

There's going to be trouble.

Is Animated Soundwave going to be in this story? I always liked that version.

Well, I might have an idea that could come in handy.

Will Starscream actually beat Rainbow Dash in a fight this time?

If he actually gets his body back, he might. We’ll see.

Was anyone ever freaked out at the fact that technically this Starscream was of the Cybertronion undead?

This just went from Good/Bad to Great/Worst.

By the time they figure out they're helping a Power-Hungry maniac, they'll be locked in chains.

I bet the more Megatron keeps saying the Deceptions defend truth/justice and such, the more Optimus Prime cringes all the way from the other dimension.
Kind of wonder how much Megatron and Starscream can take it, they must be certainly cringing on the inside on having to pretend to be "nice" and such.

😂😂😂 Oh gosh, I can imagine Optimus’s reaction.

Optimus: Ratchet...

Ratchet: Yeah, Prime?

Optimus: I just felt a great disturbance in the Autobot force... an enemy’s taking my role.

Probably something like this too.

Ratchet: Eh??
Optimus Prime: And its.. making me cringe. By the Allspark!

Megatron: Why do I feel like laughing for some reason?

Yeah, laughing because it’s both good and uncomfortable at the same time. :rainbowlaugh:

I can just see it gets even more hilarious.

Pretty wondering how would things go for Luna or Spike in this fic?

I knew you would be concerned about them. Don’t worry; while I won’t spoil anything, they will have a big part to play along with Celestia and Twilight.

Ok then.

Random funny thing to say in.
Which of the 2 Decepticons would most likely crack from the entire "playing nice" stuff.
Its only a matter of time before their tolerance of the "niceness" Autobots do starts to run out.

Starscream: Lord Megatron, can we see about getting me some sort of body? Or at least a convience so you don't have to carry me everywhere?

RD: I think airship parts are the best we can do for ya.

I mean, Starscream is a bit of a gaseous sycophant, so seeing his head attached to a blimp isn't too far fetched.

Whoa. Nice job on the intensity, Prince.

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