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Being stuck in a world with multicolored,talking,magical ponies who want to turn you into nothing than a statue,along with a pink pony who refuses to follow the laws of physics trying to stuff cake in me,is not how I imagined my summer would turn out,oh well,life is life.

Also if you want to do a crossover with me, PM me

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Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Nov 15th, 2018

I find myself agreeing with you there, but I would like to query your use of the word 'legoes'. LEGO is an abbreviation of the Danish phrase Leg Godt, so presumably the plural is also lego.

Personally I prefer it as follows; one LEGO brick, two LEGO bricks.

I was referring to the building blocks marketed to kindergartners, genius.

I'm sorry, but this is basically unreadable. You urgently need an editor and proofreader. I'm available.

He was referring to the children's block, genius. Man, its almost like Lego is a Danish company!

It is a Danish company, do some research.

Comment posted by HypeMasterFlex deleted Nov 14th, 2018

don't mind me just a transformers lover come to add awesome music from a good video game by an awesome dude

hope you like

HAHAHHAHAHHA! Finally that rainbow colored blue wench gets it!

"Rainbow Dash! Are you-" Twilight stopped speaking when she saw me, and following her were the rest of the Main 6, Royal Guards, and...the princesses. Well, that could've gone better.

and with this ending, I can only think of this happening after

*skip to 0:39 to understand better*

Oooo romance tag.. before I read, who's being shipped with who?

Comment posted by OPTIMUSPRIMEG1 deleted Dec 5th, 2018

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Oh gosh, that just happened. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Well, this is certainly an interesting turn.

Hating a being for what he is and what he can do rather than judging his actions. That certainly won't come back to bite the ponies in the flank.

Oh boy, things are going crazy.

I am really hoping Celestia gets a reality check before too long and realizes she has been persecuting an innocent being and genuine hero.

maybe she will or she might shot, who knows

Well, at this point she has no justification at all for declaring war on Optimus.

well looks like Celestia is going to get her oversized ass handed to her

Oh look its the bitch who extended my doorframe. I suggest using a laser to burn off those extra pounds if you don't mind me saying.

now what of the Galvatron from The Transformers movie (i think 2001) you know with Unicron the planet devourer

Oh I like when multiple look alikes are talking or better arguing. Remember that one episode with Discord literally talk to himself.

the rest of the Megatrons will appear, even the galvatrons, just soon

"Oh really? Because from where I'm standing, a threat to Equestria is about to be vanquished. How is that bad."

How could you possibly have reached such a conclusion when he has done literally nothing wrong?!

Good to see a story with Sari in it.

Oh scrap, Celestia and her ponies are going to be in a BIG surprise.

Hell yeah!!!!!!!! Celestia will think twice to mess with a prime😁

I think you made him insane with this. Well, most likely for a little bit.

i truly love this i want more plz

Just for a idea you should make Omega suprem the protector of the crystal empire

Comment posted by OPTIMUSPRIMEG1 deleted Last Friday

They're~ here~

I took Sari and Nyx to the new lower levels of the Crystal Tower, when we arrived, they both let gasp, for underneath, the Crystal Empire, were Wheeljack and Crystal pony unicorns making a large variety of robots, vehicles, golems, and droids, they were all from different movies and TV series, Star Wars, Minecraft, everything that I was a fan of ranging from the small astromechs like R2-D2, to the large AT-TE, Iron Golems, and finally my personal favorite, the one who started my love for robots, the Iron Giant.

OUT OF THE HOUSE, OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! May the spirits be out of this house.

When did SupCom enter this story?

Supreme Commander. The image linked is the Tech 3 Engineer seen in Supreme Commander and its expansion pack, Forged Alliance.

oh when I did my crossover with another displaced and he gave me some tech 3 engineers

Who, namely? I'm a SupCom fan and would like to read it.

story is called, A WAR OF UNSEEN PROPORTIONS, By ArkKane

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