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She said "Sweet of you to notice", He said "I kinda like it myself"


After straining for a while, it turns out that Rainbow Dash needs reading glasses, which sucks, because that's super uncool. But it's worth it to get to read the new Daring Do, and besides, it's not like she needs them all the time.

Reading with friends can be fun.

A short, unplanned story written in a couple of hours.
Big pop!
V.nise cover image edit provided by Skijarama.
Now also with a neato reading!

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Comments ( 61 )

I know your pain Dash, I really do.

The struggle is real.

Yeah, trust me, having the same condition as Dash, except needing more than just reading glasses, I can empathize here.

Wait, she can dilate her eyes at will? I agree with Twilight, that's kinda creepy.

I like this story about Rainbow wearing glasses, it gives her a lessen in humility in my opinion

Me like-y.

Pretty sweet read honestly.

Ri2 #7 · August 9th · · 5 ·

It's times like this I remember why Rainbow can get on my nerves.

Fun story

All of this and more with that raspy ass voice, just imagine...

Thanks boss

So, you aren't supposed to be able to dilate your eyes at will? Oh, well, my eyes are creepy then. Heh. XD

I want them to make an episode about this now.

"Call me Professor Egghead."

Lol awesome story. I especially love the Spongebob reference with Rainbow and Twilight's back and forth

I guess Friendship really is Witchcraft.

........I have follow up questions.

Early Source Film Maker days w/ ME2 models and the audio track from an actual 1800-Contacts advertisement.

Thank you kindly for your assistance grinning-ace-flutter-pony-man.

You're welcome, Standard Bearer of the Coming Eldritch Horror Abomination.

This started out well, but faded in the middle when they had that completely pointless argument about the definition of 'perfect vision'. It wasn't interesting, it wasn't really in character for Twilight to tease Rainbow, and it just felt awkward.

Are you kidding, that's totally something Twilight would do.
Mostly because it's based in faulty semantics.

Good story, I really enjoyed it.

However, I did find a bit of an error that I figured you should know about.

"Well, strictly speaking Rainbow, if you have Hyperopia then you're eyes can't be perfect."

I'm sure this was just a case of something slipping by unnoticed. Perhaps you're the one that needs reading glasses? :raritywink:

Yeah, I can see Rainbow being like this about glasses.

Nicely done. Especially to see Twilight get some snark in at her.

Also, the circular conversation between Twi and Dash about "perfect vision" was, well, perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

I think Dash would look adorable with glasses.

I'll have to wait until they invent glasses for glasses, corrected, cheers.


I think the picture speaks for itself on that one, and it's pretty cute.


Simple, funny and very in-character – nicely done :twilightsmile:

Although, I hoped that at one point AJ is going to burst in, along Spike and tease RD about it :trollestia:

I really like this cause its a slice of life in its best form.

Lovely story, and some great talks between these two characters. Nice work :twilightsmile:

I kept scrolling at the end because I was wondering where the rest was. I suppose that's good in it's own way though.

If no one else posted it, I was going to. Have an upvote then!

Without thrust vectoring, that's really gonna be more of a Friesianler than a Herdst maneuver.

Thrust vectoring could be possible, depending on what Rainbow's had to eat recently.

Comment posted by veryoriginalponyname deleted August 11th

This was some good horse.

"Pfft, weak muscles, yeah right, I'm a world class athlete Twi, no weak muscles here." Rainbow retorted, flexing her wings.

"Oh, and I suppose that includes your eyes then?"

Rainbow didn't reply, she just sat and stared at Twilight, pupils dilating over and over again.

"Um, you can stop now please, Rainbow, that's kind of creepy."

:rainbowlaugh: I'm tearing up. Never give Dash any silly ideas.

While it may not work due to ponies eye size, there is a certain thing called contacts.

I also have this weird thing with my eyes where I can make them vibrate at will. Freaks people the fuck out.

to be perfectly honest, you can have perfect vision and need corrective lenses, it's the idea of 'overcompensation' now i know thats a big word so bear with me on this, what that means is.

your vision is so powerful one or more of your eye's puts a little too much power into your sight and thus causes your vision to fail despite there being legitimately nothing wrong with your eyesight, this is a real thing.

i say this because honestly the way twilight covers it with rainbow makes twilight sound bad, not rainbow.

Anyone else think Rainbow looks really adorable in those glasses? :twilightsmile:

That was cute, and totally something I could see them basing an episode around too.

Nice Job! :twilightsmile:

Gah! I totally forgot about that one! Nicely done! :moustache:

Thank you, mans.


That may be true, but Hyperopia is a flaw with the eye. I would also argue that eyes being too powerful is a flaw, especially id it effects the ability to see, unless it grants some kind of wacky superhero zooming ability. Or maybe X-ray vision.

She was sure that there had to be another way, some kind of eye spell for super sight or something, but the dumb doctor said that there wasn't anything like that, that Rainbow was just going to have to accept she needed glasses, and that he didn't appreciate being called dumb.

Wait, she actually spoke that "dump doctor" part out loud?
Actually... I can see that happening.

She approached the elegant, finely decorated door, and kicked it open, letting it crash against the wall. Always make an entrance, Rarity had taught her that.

:duck:: "That's not what I had in mind, darling."

"There's no big deal, it's just a matter of semantics!" Twilight cried in frustration.

Than stop teasing poor Rainbow!

She was pretty sure that was how it went, she'd have to practise again later just to be sure. It was a new move that had been presented to the Wonderbolts by some crazy Germane pegasus, the Herdst maneuver or something like that. It allowed a pegasus to change the direction they were flying on a dime, which was pretty neat.

Hmm. I’ll keep this in mind and try using it with an aircraft in War Thunder.
I dunno why, but I feel like trying it out.

As someone correctly pointed out below, it's only possible in aircraft with thrust vectoring, so your choice in planes is going to be pretty limited. Worth a shot, though.

Comment posted by Zaten the Changeling deleted August 12th
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