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"...what did I just even read." - Wintermist


Twilight was ready. She'd survived the tricks and deceptions the draconequus had thrown her way, she'd retrieved the Elements of Harmony, she had been able to turn her friends back to their old selves, now all that was left was confronting Discord and finally defeating him.

If only she hadn't twisted her ankle during the fight.

Based on a thing Wintermist wrote.

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This was funny! XD

Remind me again why the cutie map sent Applejack to Las Pegasus?

Not bad! Made me laugh a few times, although it's not completely coherent, but I guess that's why the [Random] tag is there. Good work!

Headcanon accepted.

Well, that happened.

Honestly? Considering that the Elements require a certain level of emotional harmony, if somepony's focus is being disrupted by (to them) debilitating pain, the Elements might not actually activate. Thus considering the fact that Twilight's bookish lifestyle has studiously avoided any encounters with pain, that Twisted ankle would probably do it.

Yup, I'm, calling it. In one of the innumerable permutations of this event, this definitely happened.

Twisted ankles, The true villain of every story.

...is there a story out there about Applejack being a compulsive gambler? Because it's really starting to look like Applejack is a compulsive gambler.

Going to ask a dumb question. Which wintermist story?

It was good, but the part of the dream while funny it was not as funny

I'm not even sure of what to say. Had a few good laughs though, so take that as a nice consolation. Admittedly though, Canterlot resting on Apple property and them having the rights to the land does make for an interesting headcanon and potentially a fic.

The latest chapter of Friendship is Mind Control: Consequences had a line that was something along the lines of "If you'd twisted your ankle while fighting Discord would you have sat down and said 'Okay, you win, ice pack please?'", so it was probably based on that.

Well, that was really stupid.

I liked it!

The logical part of my brain cannot process what the hell happened, and the Chaotic part of it is laughing like hell. Feck.

I'd listen to the Chaotic part, it's so much more fun.

Yep, although my logical part is always under lock and key

Completely understandable. I too wouldn't be able to do anything if I twisted my ankle.

"Okay, you win, ice pack please?" Twilight said as she sat down.

Dammit, we literally just started and the credits are already rolling.

I'm reading this on Chrome and even the tab predicted the first line of dialogue. Excellent work with your story!

This was a blast to read. Very funny!

this was amusing. loved it

exactly 2000 words, nice

"Oh." Celestia calmed down at the news. "Sorry to hear that. I remember when it happened to me. Poor Luna had to seal away the whole Crystal Empire because I couldn't help her deal with Sombra. In that case, I demand a place to stay. Discord kicked me out of the castle."

*Face meets hoof*

LMAO!!! I love this story so much!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Ah, I see Celestia is a mare of culture.

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