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It's an ordinary day in Ponyville, until Applejack says Twilight is purple. She should have known better.

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I actually really want to hear more about this, "Neighmann Hypothosis...", sounds like fun! :rainbowkiss:

Unfortunatey, after Pinkie tried explaining it a second time, Rarity's ears started bleeding, and Applejack tried to swallow her hat. Some things are not meant for this world...:pinkiesad2:

Still, my favorite part is Pinkie's reference to Twilight's flaming in S1.

Well that was something.

Applejack coughed. “Uh, sugarcube, ya realize these doors open out , right?”

No they open inward.

Actually, Twilight is a pale, light grayish mulberry, RGB #D19FE4. :pinkiehappy:

Also, the chapter title is totally misleading. I mean, Applejack got a black eye! From one of her friends!

Why did I even mention that? It sounds so serious even though it's not meant to be taken seriously.

Edit: Changed the color of my colored text from the standard purplish one to the exact shade of pale, light grayish mulberry. Just found out that you can choose any color you want with a RGB hex triplet. It's a cool discovery!

I'm pleasant surprised they never made that a running gag. Just one time in S1 and never again. The show usually does a good job of not repeating itself.


No they open inward.

It may not be something the show is consistent with, but the shot I used for reference shows them opening out.

:twilightangry2: Oh don't you start too!

Also, the chapter title is totally misleading.

Is it? :pinkiecrazy:

I can’t wait until somepony calls Rainbow ‘blue’ or Fluttershy ‘yellow’. Fortunately orange is orange is orange so AJ is safe and nopomy can argue any colours for Pinkie Pie. She’s so obviously pie coloured.


:twilightangry2: Oh don't you start too!


But why not? I'm the most accurate of them all. I looked up your wiki page, even provided you with a RGB hex triplet, Twilight. :twilightsmile:


:rainbowkiss: Mulberry, huh? And is that a shade of purple? Or violet?



Comment posted by Droll1 deleted Aug 21st, 2018


Wow, that's a blast from the past. I completely forgot that movie existed!

“Oh my goodness! They must have… umm, nevermind. Everyone, can you let go of Lilac Links please?” The sound of a thousand bees buzzing in unison rent the air before the lifted like a cloud from the trembling pony. “Are you okay? I’m so, so, so very sorry!”

...Can the custard colored pony join my army?


Fluttershy is OBVIOUSLY Custard.

Georg #14 · Aug 21st, 2018 · · 1 ·

What's worse, Rarity is technically Grey (white horses are grey, no matter how white they are).


What's worse, Rarity is technically Grey (white horses are grey, no matter how white they are).

*cue Rarity running into the bathroom and not leaving until she's plucked every last grey hair from her coat*

I thought it being fitting for the theme. :twilightsheepish:
Except it has nothing to do with purple color.

I wonder if this argument would work for Starlight's fur as well.

“But...isn’t green a mix of blue and yellow?” Fluttershy asked innocently.

"No. Green is a primary color used additively to construct the spectrum."
And that is how Rainbow won. :rainbowdetermined2:
The Reimann Hypothesis is an unsolved mathematical puzzle that dates back to the mid 1800s. In fiction, it's one of the standard references for "I need a character to do something highly intellectual that suggests a great deal of education in abstract, theoretical, or logical pursuits." Especially since amateurs go after that sort of puzzle all the time.

For reference, this is what Lilac Links looks like. She's a real background pony:

Try explaining the difference between Applejack and Scootaloo.

Twilight is plum. I win.

I'd assume purple, seeing as it has a normal RGB value. Sorry, Rainbow. :moustache:

Actually, Fluttershy is a pale, light grayish gold (pale, light grayish gold, in case you can't read the bright text), RGB #FCF4A4. Surprised me when I found out, I mean she doesn't look gold, but I guess she's just so pure that it can't be anything else. :pinkiehappy:

You're right that she's gray. Specifically, a light gray (light gray, that's a bit hard to see), RGB #F1F1F3; huh, the name isn't as long as the others.

Hey, I just found out that you can change the text color to anything other than the standard so long as you know the RGB hex triplet! This is gonna be so useful! I've just changed all of my colored text to exactly the coat colors of the ponies in question. Like I said, useful! :pinkiehappy:

Demonstration: Behold, the color of Lyra Heartstrings' coat! Very light aquamarine, RGB #94FFDC!

No, I win! *childlishly pouts*

Wayell Akchually...

Twilight is... Complicated. And calling her something as simple as a 'named' color is doing her a great disservice. I mean, this is Book Horse we're talking about. She would accept nothing less than the most complicated, systematic description of her fur coloration possible.
So she's obviously a nice shade of, to quote Sweetie Bot "110100011001111111100100".

Also, apparently this has been asked before, look at the bottom of that page.
I just plugged in @Yutah123 's Hex code response.

Aside: The world is a funny place. In a time where we have access to literal 'millions of colors', we insist on trying to name things.


Try explaining the difference between Applejack and Scootaloo.

Well, I'm not Darkest Dreams, but I'll try!

Applejack is a brilliant gamboge, RGB #FDC363. On the other hand (or is it hoof?), Scootaloo's coat is light brilliant gamboge, RGB #FFBE53. A small, practically non-existent difference, perhaps, but a difference still.

The "white" horses that are actually grey are the ones of typically Arabian stock or heritage. There are actual white horses.

A site I went to specifically said Bright Ube.
Twilight Coat Color

I never know whether to use the wiki's colors (as you did, and as I usually do) or the colors prescribed by The MLP Vector Club on DeviantArt.

Here's what they say for Scootaloo.

I kind of imagine Big McIntosh coming in and settling things.

"Now as Ah see it, she's a shade o' purple."
"Ahnope, lemme finish. See, ya gotta treat it like a set o' numbers; 'purple' is a color set that includes various subsets o' the color most folk refer ta as 'purple'. That includes all them fancy shade names, so you can call her purple and that's sufficient. Sorta like how every number in th' fractions set o' numbers can be called a fraction, even if'n they're all different. Everythin' else is jus' opinion."
*Cricket chirp*

Well, there seems to be two versions: a bright one and an even brighter one. The only way to know for sure what colors our beloved ponies are would be to have a look at the official assets, so if you happen to have those...

If only everything had sources like a good Wikipedia article.

I'm stunned at the Mane 6 and Starlight. I don't get how they can all be so wrong.

...Twilight is clearly an 🍆(-coloured pony).

MLP wiki is pretty reliable, so is the MLP Vector Club on DeviantArt. I know some people have official assets, of at least some of the characters. They were leaked a few years ago. One character we definitely know the official color of, because a layout artist told us, is Vinyl Scratch: #FEFDE7.

Huh, weird. I've never noticed that she's cream colored until now; we don't get to see her much, and I guess that lead me to think that she was white. Well, looks like I learned something new!

Heh, thanks for using my response. I got it from the MLPFIM wiki.

Soooo, what does џä mean? I don't get what that binary is supposed to mean. So, if you would enlighten a curious person...

Also, haven't I read one of your stories before? Excuse me, I have something to do.

*searches through stories that you wrote*



Hey, you're the one who wrote the Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger! I really liked that story! Thanks for writing it! :pinkiehappy:

So, you're saying that Scootaloo is Applejack Light?


I don't know how to respond.

Oh hey, this story got featured! Congratulations, Empty Shelf! :twilightsmile:


The binary is the three RGB values of Twilight's primary coat color. I just took the spaces out.

I never realized english had so many purple subcolour names.

9123686 Just saying they are the same color only Scootaloo is lighter. So I was just making a silly diet/lite/light reference, I know it wasn't funny.

As of this post, the story has zero dislikes, meaning nobody's thrown shade on it.

Of any color whatsoever.

Maybe I just live under a rock

Oh. So I'm guessing that RGB binary values are different from Ye Olde Binary Code, and won't work when put through a normal binary to text.


I never realized english had so many purple subcolour names.

That's because purple is just a mix of red and blue that kinda looks like violet, but it’s not the real thing. As a result, no one could ever agree on it. :rainbowdetermined2:

And 103 thumbs up and no downvotes--probably sets a record for this site, especially as so many of us are still arguing about the colors themselves! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
And congrats on getting featured on your first story! :trollestia:

Even if know more about something than someone else

Even if I know


Even if you know

or more correctly,

Even if Twilight knows more about something than someone else


Thank you! I'm over the moon right now.
Luna: Get off me!
Argh, can't believe I missed that one.

Poor Lilac Links, lol.



Hey, you're the one who wrote the Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Love Ranger! I really liked that story! Thanks for writing it!

Ahhh, I must have missed that one, it must be the remake where the explorer meets Cadence instead of Twilight! :pinkiehappy:

(Just kiddin' ya, i know a typo when I sees one! That was a great story, too. Can't believe it was only a few months back that I found it)

Lavender Unicorn Syndrome has returned with a vengeance!

All shall perish in the Purpling.

Was going to say, hey where is the ivory...spbtb....yeh nevermind....

Well...whatever you do, we better not get Celestia's fur color involved in this, seeing her technical in-show coat color is FDF5FB, which, isolated entirely on it's own though, appears almost as if a really, really, really, super-duper pale...pink.


(of course, this color doesn't have a proper given name per se, but its more officially described as a "light fuchsiaish gray"...which only further confuses things, but there it is.)

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