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Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship & bearer of Element of Magic, was in search of an old book whose pages were torn off. She, along with Spike, decide to go to the Royal Sisters to ask their assistance in accessing the restricted section of the Canterlot Library as they had done during Sunset’s recent arrival. They agree & Twilight is left to search for the book. Her search leads her to find a book titled ‘The Journal Of The Two Sisters’. Seizing the opportunity to read the Journal of the oldest deities, Twilight & Spike decide to read through it. What they don’t know is that they are going to know a lot of secrets that Equestria never knew, doesn’t know & probably wouldn’t know of at all.

[Update : 20/03/2020] Thank you to all who read my story as it has 361 views!
Special thanks to Sunsetsjournal for helping me along the way!

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Special thanks to Sunsetsjournal for reviewing my story & helping me improve my story!:twilightsmile:

[Update : 20/03/2020] Thank you to all who read my story as my story has 812 views!

When King Discord & Queen Celestia married, they brought all the lands together to call it United Nation of Equestria & sent all the villains in the land to a Isle separated from the main land. Twenty years later, the children of the Main four villains : Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, King Sombra & Gaia Everfree, come together & become the best of friends & travel to Equestria to study there as per the wishes of the benovelent Prince. At this offer, Nightmare Moon has different plans. She instructs the gang to retrieve the Magic Wand & to hand it to her so that she’ll be able to do as she wishes. What will happen in Equestria? What adventures await for the gang? What if it changes their lives forever? Will they do as per their instruction or choose the path of heroes? Find that & more in this story.

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Cindershy, was a young maiden whose parents had died & was staying with her step-mother & step-sisters. She had a friend to support her through all the worse things that her family used to do for her. She loved the Prince of her kingdom. One day, a Ball is announced. But when Cindershy wanted to go to the Ball, her sisters tore her clothes & made her unfit for the Ball. Will she be able to meet the Prince or will she keep on living the life of misery with her family?

Inspired by Magpiepony & the story, Sleep While I Drive.

[Update : 20/03/2020] Thank you to all who read my story for my story now has 645 views!

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