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I'm not going to let you pathetic losers get the last word in. I know it's unlikely that you will ever come back to this page to see it, but I'm getting in one last word here after all the crap you put me through.

First of all, I find it quite laughable at how easily you were all manipulated by that utterly pathetic sociopathic cunt. Did you ever check her hospital records to see if any physical evidence was found of her having been raped? Perhaps deposited semen? Torn flesh? Maybe even a missing hymen? I guess you ED hackers aren't all you're cracked up to be. Lazy asses. This is exactly why the guys at Kiwifarms are better than you. Maybe you would've been able to present yourselves in the right in some morbid fashion if you actually had a good reason to target me in the first place, but you only made yourselves look like complete retards who can be manipulated by any woman as long as she claims she was raped, evidence notwithstanding. If you checked for evidence, you probably would have realized you were wasting your time and saved us all a lot of trouble.

Also, who are you to tell me what to do? Have my writings ever actually caused anyone actual harm? True, I confess my writings for the first few years after I started were far from great and I am genuinely not proud of most of them. But as for the qualities of my writing now, do I really need to say anything? Lots of decent people find enjoyment in my writings and they have even helped and inspired others. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that once upon a time, my writings saved someone from suicidal urges. That means I'm doing something right.

You do not command me and you will NEVER command me. You have no authority over me and I will not stop writing for anything. I enjoy it, others enjoy it, and if you don't personally care for it, I can respect that. Still have too big of a god complex to listen to reason? Well then, the only way you will ever get me to stop is to come to my house, break the door down, barge inside, and kill me. You want me to stop writing? Then fucking KILL ME ALREADY!!! Can't be bothered to put in the effort, afraid I may kill you in self-defense, or don't like the idea of running from the law for murder for the rest of your days? Or just don't have the capability to do anything that doesn't involve hiding behind a computer screen? Then shut up and move on, cowards.

It's sad, really. Your skills in hacking could actually be used for a lot of good in this day and age. But you continuously squander your potential on petty harassment of people who may or not deserve it. You losers are the bottom feeders of the internet. Even worse than people who go around searching for child porn and yes, I'm saying that with a straight face. At least I can give them the credit of not actually going out of their way to harm others unlike you who take joy in directly making other peoples' lives miserable instead of just looking for pictures and videos. You hacked my e-mail account and insulted my newborn nephew as an "ugly-ass baby". It's no exaggeration when I say that the world would be better off without you. So please. I don't say this lightly and this is quite frankly a first for me, but just do the world a favor and die. Preferably with a dose of bleach or a razor to your wrists. And if that's too difficult to bother going through with, point an airsoft gun at a cop. They'll happily assist you in your suicide.

I will not stop writing. You will never get me to stop. You will never win this war you started. So go fight a real enemy if you want to actually do some good in the world. But if you'd rather be the sadistic pieces of shit you are now and do nothing of honor for the rest of your pathetic lives... Well, at least you do a good job of making decent people feel better about themselves. That's the only good thing you've ever done. And I appreciate it. At least I can smile at myself in the mirror and say that I'm not like you morons and am respected and liked unironically for honorable reasons. Something you will never be at this rate. Unless you happen to be rotting in federal prison for cyber crimes at this point, which would render this retort moot.:twilightsmile:

One last thing. If you read this and don't like it and decide to hack all my online accounts like a tantrumming little brat who thinks he always has to get his way, all you'll be doing is proving my point and putting yourself in the wrong. If you want to prove yourself as being the total social failures and bullies that I've made you all out to be, go ahead. You'll gain nothing from this.

done in DA

yes is for that but go to your Da OR THE CHAT Be

go to chat room now

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