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I'm a simple writer. I write whatever I feel like at the moment and I don't stick to any one genre very much. I just want to entertain with my work.


Not Terribly Active Any More · 2:46pm Sep 2nd, 2014

Here, I mean. I still write some but not pony stuff. I've decided to put some serious (if struggling) effort into my original writing and try to make something people might enjoy. Heck, maybe I'll even have more pony stuff someday, I still love the heck out of the show.

What I stopped in for is to shamelessly try to garner onlookers as I attempt to be an interesting human being so, if you like, follow me over to my little tumblr thing:

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I love how you write best pony, Photo Finish. Every time I read a story of yours with her In it, it's a good read. She doesn't have too many fans, so it's nice to see her getting attention. :coolphoto:

Ah, thanks, it's nice to know what people like. I just don't care for random sex stories and I think sexuality is inherently funny so I try to make it something appealing and happy.

Might wanna steer clear of my darker stories if that's what got you. Hopefully I'll have some new ideas (Though probably not clop again any time soon :twilightsheepish: )


I'm a sucker for M/M, and you do write it well. The way you get the characters into situations is unique, but believable. I don't want to spoilerize your stories right on your own page or anything, but... let's just say that the way you've messed around with gender roles has made me laugh out loud. (Think Fluttershy with a magazine. That was gold!)

Thank you, it's nice to have my work loved. It's not often that someone bothers to take a look into a persons store of writing beyond the first one they read. Anything in particular?

My god, I love your writing. Followed!

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