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If you're doing reviews... Could you please have a look at my story? It's my first MP fanfic. Muchly appreciated. :rainbowwild:


If you could look at my latest story: Avalon

tl;dr summary: OC stallion and Derpy romance in a Canterlot club, leading to a steamy one night stand.

Relevant musical inspiration: Avalon by Roxy Music

(Particularly the title song)



I, er...

After I eviscerated poor darf you want me to try to do the same to you?:rainbowhuh:

If you insist.


First comment! :yay:

Anyways, I read your comment reviewing Twilight's Gradual Descent Into Sluttiness. Pretty interesting.

I'm curious what you think of Young Colts, Tight Bondage, my story that I just started. It's still in progress right now. My story has a similar sort of motif-- Twilight becomes corrupted by sexy material around her-- but it's meant as deliberately farcical and on the silly side rather than dark. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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