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I don't know, man. Those weasels were on fire when I got here.

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Content note: Not too sad, but poignant in places, so the tag's added as a cautious courtesy

Shining Armor has always been a hero, especially to his family. He's a strong right arm for his wife-- sometimes literally, when she wants to rest her head on his right bicep. He's been a brother and mentor for his sister, and now is proud to be one of the archmages serving her as the Princess of Magic.

And he is a father. Which means sometimes, he has to field the tough questions.

Doubly so at bedtime.

Little Flurry Heart is a born alicorn. Just today, she saw a brilliant pony make the transition between 'here' and... where? She isn't sure. Her father has been a protector to her, she knows that in a vague, happy sense. A teacher, and a storyteller. A question-answerer.

"I need an explanation, Daddy."

"Okay, Chirpy Bird. I can tell you any story you want."

Art from dm29 used without permission, will take off if DM'd by artist.

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