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Imagine large boobs.

Picture used as avatar was drawn by John Joseco and colored by MegaSweet.

FimFiction.net rules prohibit me from linking directly to the image, but it can be found easily with an artist tag search on Derpibooru.

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What's your main account

Damn, ya know, I hadn't even realized it's been six whole years since I was last active.
I'm happy to know someone remembers me! Thanks for the welcome-back! Though I can't truthfully say that I am "back", since this has always been an alternate account which I only use on the very rare occasion I write smut.

Well, there's a name I haven't seen pop up in my feed in a long time. Glad you're writing here again!

1024261 Thanks! I really like that one, myself. :twilightblush:

Your tumbler is amazing by the way. That one with Twilight and piercings is just... :rainbowwild:

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