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Just another FiM fan whoes decided to write his own Story and some Smutt.


Writing Resumed! Health update · 5:36pm Jun 29th, 2017

So I had thought I did this a week ago, but since it's clear I didn't, I'd better do it sooner then later!

I have started working on the story again!

*Listens to the sound of crickets roaring*

Okay okay, now that that's done with! I mostly started by running though notes left by my editors and fixing major issues left over from before I went to the hospital. Nothing to show for it yet, but it's a start and hopefully soon I will have something worthwhile to show for it.

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Dusk Shine's Saga - List of Character Profiles · 7:53am Sep 10th, 2014

03/05/2015 - Updated with now and upcoming profiles!
06/29/2015 - Updated again with six new profiles!
07/26/2015 - Updated with three new profiles!
08/19/2015 - Updated with two new profiles and our first revised profile!
12/23/2015 - Updated for 7 new profiles that are in progress for release with next chapter and many more in progress

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Dusk Shine's Saga: Glossary · 1:28pm Apr 21st, 2015

In order to help reduce confusion, I've decided to create a Glossary of terms used in Dusk Shine's Saga to help reduce confusion and expand the world. Any suggestions for terms to be added are always welcome!

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A unit of measurement? Probably, but its a objective measurement system based off a pony's natural magical talent, with allowance for variance. Due to the subjective nature, it's difficult to be more precise, though ponies who are magic sensitive, most unicorns, some pegasi, rare in Earth ponies, can sense magic in others as well as ambient mana in highly magical places, though few ponies can use ambient mana without taking hyper additive doses of Black Lotus.

Is there a quantification for magic? I just read your recent additions and Dusk talked about how there was so much mana. Is there a unit of measurement or is it just subjective and general?

2349947 So that's how you'd refer to them when talking to a third party, but how about them directly? "Mom, mom, and dad don't want me to do that."
"Hey mom. What's mom doing?" Cases like this would be really confusing, especially if there's a third mom involved. How would the child distinguish?

2349941 multiple stallion herds would be seen as rare and odd unless they were partners and (fatheaded) traditionalists wod still be inpolite about that.

On vocabulary? I've hinted at it a little with Thunderlane and Rumble but you got it 95% right. Sire and Dame for biological parents. Herd mother for non biological mares. Still trying to figure out a non demeaning term for non bio stallions as gelding has too many extra negative connotations related to how they were gelded to be polite to use.

Same comes up for brothers and sisters. Herd sister/filly means no shared dam bio sister. Herd colt/brother no shared dam bro. In most herds, a no shared sire child would usually be adopted by the sire unless there was excessive animosity between the sire and his non bio child.

And yeah, the use of herd mother vs dam to specify bio mare or not seems like the logical choice, but i suppose if a foal hated one of her herd mothers they would refer to them as 'herd mare' instead of mother to express such emotional seperation.

What do your ponies call their non-biological parents? For example: Dash would refer to her birth mother as her dame and he who inseminated her as her sire, but what about members of her parental herd who have no blood connection? Would she refer to all her father's mares as mom, or maybe use their names? "This is my mom XX, and this is my dame XX."
Would the same apply if she came from a herd with more than one stallion parent? "These are my dads, XX and XX. XX is my sire though."
How exactly would such family members be described?

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