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This is a fan group for the game series Shin Megami Tensei and all associated spin-offs.

Please feel free to share your first experience with the series on this thread.

1. Love and Tolerate: If you don't like someone's story just don't click on it. If you don't like SMT why are you even here?
2. Everything Must be Related to SMT in Some Way: Anything you post here must be in some way, shape, or form relate to SMT or any of its spin-off's. But this also means you can feel free to come up with game ideas for the series or story ideas that involve elements of the games.
3. Have Fun: That's why we're all here isn't it? We're on this site because we enjoy ponies and we're in this group because we love the SMT series. So if you arn't having fun then find some way to have some.

(please note the name Denizens of Amala is temporary we may change it some time in the future)

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Hey, just joined the group and I'd like to know what you're stance on Devil Survivor is. Overclocked is what got me introduced to the Megami Tensei franchise.

392527 Peronsally, I suggest you start with SMT: Nocturne. And yes, this is because I fucking love it. PUNCH DEMONS IN THE FACE!

392526 Oh cool, Thanks. Welp, What am I doing here? I got some games to check out!

392525 Well, once again, if you have a PS2 still or 3Ds, My suggestions are there. You can't go wrong with the Persona series either. (Both Persona 3 and 4 are on the PS2, and Persona 4 can also be picked up on the PSVita under it's enhanced "Golden" subtitle.) Persona 1 and 2 are a mixed bag, and be found on the PS1 and the PSP. Try those only if you are deep enough in the SMT series that you think you can take on something a little more retro.

392524 I don't own any games but I've been a fan for about two months now. (I fell in love as soon as I saw a trailer on the 3ds Estore. Don't remember what it was called. I just unconsciously pressed on it)

392507 If You are playing the Persona games on the PS2 (3 and 4, I believe), then maybe you should first check out Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Then, move onto the Digital Devil Saga series and maybe the Raidou Kozunoha series. If you have a DS, check out Strange Journey, Devil Survivor series, or Shin Megami Tensei 4.

Protip: Nocturne is AWESOME!

I've only just gotten into the SMT series... I want to see more but I have no idea what games are in the series! All I know is the persona games and that's all... I'd love if someone could tell me a little more about the series.

353777 Don't worry:twilightsmile: I've been playing persona 4 for months now and I can't beat ameno

Been playing SMT IV for months now. Still can't beat Lucifer. Lilith, why are you so useless!?

348047 Dullahan? She's at level 25, so make sure that your guys are 24-27. Make sure that your player character is immune to Dark. I don't remember what demons may have resist-dark or null-dark that early.
One major demon that you should definitely use is Megami Parvati. She starts off with Rakukaja which can help with Blight. Also she starts with Media, and nulls Dark. Hope that helps.

I dont think so

348065 sounds like a angle you should be looking into also are there counters?

348061 The thing is with SMT, if your party members miss, or use a move the enemies absorb or are null to, you lose turns, but it goes both ways.

348060 fraid not but i get the drift a general rule of thumb for rpgs is to have a "medic" in the party to midagate damage and heal that that is done since you already know the bosses weakness i presume you took the time to grind and acquire a ability of that type if all else fails try equipping some stuff to speed up your turn/half/absorb the damage the boss does hopefully this works for you i used a similar tactic on jenova (second fight) and beat her handily.

348058 You've played Nocturne right? The battle system is just like that!

348056 how many party members do you have and what is the item availability?

348055 It's more like a traditional rpg, with turn based combat.

348047 what's combat like more towards shadow hearts or xenosaga?

348045 I'm still stuck at the beginning! I can't beat that hunter that turns into a headless woman thats weak to zio, I can beat the corpse monsters just fine, but not her.

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