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When you were growing up as the only human in Equestria you knew you were different. With your canine fangs, these wrigglers you have on your hoof and being an omnivore, you gave up on having friends. Until one alicorn change it all.

I might switch it to third person depending on the story's perspective or you guys' opinion.

5/26/2019 Holy moly I did not expect this story to be featured on the same day, thank you so much!

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Comments ( 11 )

I’m watching. I did like the touch of a human using ponyisms, seeing as that’s how they were raised.

I can tell that you’re writing is a little bit more relaxed and some other people. I at least enjoyed reading at least a bit of it. Good start!

Good concept, but definitely needs editing

I am enjoying this story as of now. Needs some small edit. I don't consider myself any better at writing. I don't have much say in this.

> "The THICCEST tree"

Dang, that tree got curves!

Those dudes bullying Anon better get their comeuppance when Celestia finds out. It's not just some kid getting bullied, it's a political attack on Celestia herself. Gold Platinum's family would at the very least get stripped of their nobility and banished from Canterlot, if not from all of Equestria.

Enjoyable! Needs a bit of editing to tighten up some grammar but I’m looking forward to see you continue this!

This... this is good. I love it. Hope to see more!

“Sweet mother!” Prince Anonymous shouted as he flipped upside down.

Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear.

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