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This story is a sequel to A Fall Day's Date

Giving gifts is one of the many struggles every relationship has. Especially when money is tight. On this Hearts and Hooves day, Anon comes up with a gift that may not be expensive, but means a lot.

Knowledge of the previous dates is not necessary for this story, but never the less is part of a series.

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Comments ( 11 )

Happy Valentines Day, Priest.
Love you.

Awww, this was sweet! :heart: Happy Valentines Day to the peeps out there, :yay: And nice story friendo.

You bite your lip, looking down to your wallet. Your empty wallet. Some boyfriend you are. Sure, work is hard to get as a teenager. Especially a human teenager in Equestria. Plus balancing that with school, and-

Mr. or miss. writter person, you read my mind here. Not everything (I'm actually long graduated). But the being broke part.

Normally I hate these kinds of stories (all I've seen would have me be massively ooc to how I really am.) But this might be the only reader insert series I actually like.



Happy Valentines!

I'm just so wet right now.

No they're not tears I swear.

... Do I want to know what this wetness is then?

That was really sweet. Now I have to read the rest of the series. :heart:

Such a warming fic!:twilightsmile:


D'aaww, they are adorable together.:trollestia:

They need to get married

Lots of d'awww. Thanks Flutterpriest.

Im super glad I found this series. It's short and concise, and just the right break I needed from my usual entertainment.
I'm about to get a cavity from this sweetness.

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