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You are a relatively new arrival to Ponyville, but you've made one friend there who's made all the difference. Now, she's coming over to exchange gifts and celebrate! Too bad you've forgotten to take down your mistletoe...

The fourth story in my December Christmas Carol writing project: this is based off...I dunno...Justin Bieber's 'Mistletoe', I guess? (I just thought this was a fun idea to write, sue me :P)

Be warned...there is PG content within! :rainbowwild:

Cover art by Skyline19

EDIT: Featured less than 6 hours after publishing, on 12/12/17!
EDIT: 2nd Place Featured 12/12/17!
EDIT: Now with an AUDIO READING from LotusMoon!

Chapters (9)
Comments ( 155 )

no trixie or maud BOOO (not really tho good story by the way very festive

I'd read the Starlight chapter before making assumptions, if I were you :raritywink:

No one wants to kiss Flutters ??

May all brony kind find their waifus.

hugs for Flutters is ok.

This was very cute, I'm glad each chapter wasn't just a rehash with different poners, you did a great job at making each feel unique.



Thank you both! I’m glad you enjoyed :D

Well darn. Bird flu is pretty bad. Go take a shower Fluttershy you dirty pony!

Indeed. Starlight would make an excellent Sith.

Could it be that you don't like Fluttershy ?:rainbowlaugh:

Well everybody can have their opinion.

“Sultry blue Santa Hooves can make your dreams literally come true,” she purrs softly.

I need my very own sultry blue Santa Hooves now. And miss Pie, too.

It's the season, then.
*jolly screeching*

Perhaps Discord has something to do with that virus, you know to kill off anybody who kisses her.

Luckily for me as an immortal alicorn this disease bothers me not :trollestia:


My favorite chapter, probably because I have a bias for Luna! Great work, I enjoyed the uniqueness of each chapter! Out of all the ponies here I only wouldn't want to kiss AJ, Pinkie and Trixie, sorry you three but no.

Yeah? Well, guess what? They don’t want to kiss you either!
:raritydespair: *horse sobbing noises heard in distance*

Figures Pinkie would the most forward about this.

High standards much?

Okay, I take it back. Applejack is the most forward.

This chapter alone earns you a like! I loved Rarity's reactions, especially the "It's too cold to walk home."

I'll give them hugs and snuggles though!

HOW DARE YOU!!!! YOU WERE MEAN TO RARITY!!! She didn't have an attitude at all!! She just wanted a kiss!!!

Actually, I was thinking you were being a jerk for not including a simulator of Princess Celestia.

Thought about it, too much work for one story though.
You can check out my story ‘Cuddle Your Own Celestia’ for a CYOA

I really liked this one

Ahahaha, I kinda expected this from Rarity :rainbowlaugh:
Still, I'll kiss her the first chance she gave me, her rather 'narcissistic' nature about her own beauty is her charm to me :raritywink:

I expect nothing less from the almighty Ponk

I can just hear her being faux dramatic in that trans-atlantic accent

Was that entire thing a set-up so that Starlight could play matchmaker with you and Trixie?

This is a cute idea, and well-done at that. Great job!

This story is AWESOME!!! Well done!



Thank you both! :D It means so much to hear you like it!

did you mean to link the dialog post decapitation of dooku, or the whole fight?

i'd have swapped placement of the hot cocomoo and

“First, we have do our reading under the mistletoe.”

its weird reading the word "first" at the beginning and then at the end of her lines.

Ob my goodness I love Twilight so much <3 <3 <3

I'd like to snuggle and read with Twilight :twilightblush:

Were is celestia or maby Discord or derpy

Liking because patient zero skepticism is a new side of fluttershy commentary I'm finding I love.

Now I know what you're all thinking: 'CategoricalGrant, what is this, some pitiful attempt to make your deluded fantasies real life'?

Bullshit. We all know you wanna do romantic things to ponies like everyone else.

So, it’s treason, then? *Screeches defensively*

perfect use of gene wilder.

it's like you're preempting your audience.

No telling where we're going! The rowers won't stop rowing!

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