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Also, yeah. I think the artist was trying to emulate the over the top fashion of Part 5. But you have to admit, her outfit in that pic does kinda suit her.

Speaking of fashion. Here's the artist's version of Rarity with her stand.

Actually, the cannon is the sub-stand called April Lady. Much like how Sheer Heart Attack is the sub-stand to Killer Queen.

Wow... Not what I had in mind for the character. The Stand looks nothing like the idea I had, it's male for starters, and from what I can tell its power is more centered around Pinkie's party cannon. Plus Pinkie in my story dresses in a manner not unlike Equestria Girls, while this Pinkie seems more like a carnival barker.

Well, you seem to like my stories so much. And you can post a review from the stories themselves. There is a spot to do that for each chapter.

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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