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The Great and Powerful Trixie’s overwhelming presence and stunning showmanship have won your heart. The real question is: can you win hers!?

A 2nd Person CYOA romance fic between you and Trixie! If you want to fall in love with another character, I’ve also done:

Rainbow Dash
Chrysalis (currently down for editing)
Twilight Sparkle

Cover art is a pic by xXpaw2001Xx

EDIT: Featured 1/7/20!

Chapters (13)
Comments ( 90 )

Yes! First time around, I get an awesome ending! Now I gotta see how badly I can mess it up!

First try baby!

I tend to get the good endings on my first try with these XD

Welp, time to go hunt for the insane hidden ending I know you put in there somewhere.

Sweet, another CYOA from the master of adorable!
Any ending is a win-win here. I can't get enough of this stuff!

That "(not so) bad? ending" was just amazing. I'll take it too lol

I got the awesome ending on my first try too.

That's fine with me, Trixie is easy to sway but hard to master.

Like rolling blading and dancing.

Or writing drunk.

Comment posted by Jake The Army Guy deleted Jan 11th, 2020

I’ll take it!

Surprisingly, I still haven’t gotten any bad endings (as long as you don’t count the Starlight one, which I don’t)

Yeet. Do one for Starlight

A little strange, but okay

Great story. Only complaints include three chapters leading to the same place, and Starlight being (mostly) neglected

Okay, first attempt went infinitely better than expected. Now let's see how badly I could’ve bucked it up...

This is adorable and I love it

First try and it went great! Now to try again! I love these!

Cocoa sounds nice too!

And finally, I get the perfect first try, guess I just know Trixie too well

I always thought Trixie was treated really poorly. My head-cannon was that originally she didn't talk in third-person and that it use to be a stage persona. But after she spent years alone and incredibly unsuccessful and disgraced, she kinda just lost her way.
Decided, or simply became the thing every SAID she was. A braggart, a two-bit show pony and rude. Twilight tried to be understanding, but her friends just couldn't accept a fake pony and hassled her performance one by one until Twilight was forced forward. Trixie really IS an amazing mage, she just isn't Twilight.

I kinda lost my point somewhere in that, but it was meant to be this; I think Trixie has an identity problem, like multiple personalities but her stage personality was the only one to survive after her years of isolation and rejection. Poor Trixie, you deserved a better fate. She's like among the ten most powerful unicorns in Equestria, she really is great and rather powerful! XD

Number one rule with trixe always say how great she is

Woo hoo, I got the good ending! Heh, this was cute.

Poor Starlight, tho! Gurl put up with so much.

Neat! Its been a wile you released a choice adventure :yay: Lets see were it leads me :pinkiehappy:

First run choice is nr. 1 'Chapter 1'

Interessting. Wonder were i will land. Conversation run different than expected :raritywink:

Mu-hahahaaa :pinkiehappy: No restricted wish? I smell a date perhaps?! :coolphoto:

First run choice nr.2 'chapter 7'

:yay: First try good ending. Perfect for the first run :ajsmug:

To bad no date happens. Im to spoiled perhaps :derpytongue2: Nice adventure :twilightsmile:

Time for my second and third run :rainbowkiss:

Second run to see were its leading me.

Choice nr2 'chapter two'

Interessting this is my second run and i get to chapter 5 again. I guess its a nice fixed point :raritywink: Lets see what my next ending will be :eeyup:

Second run . Lets go for the 'private show' :eeyup: ... Im to optimistic i guess :rainbowlaugh: Anyway here we go :moustache:

Second run... Lets have some fun :pinkiesmile: Chapter 11 here i come :pinkiehappy:

O yesss:raritystarry: Second run is the charm it seems =3 Totaly worth the effort :rainbowdetermined2:

Nice! :yay: Second run for the best ending it seem. Well... Cant get really go better from here :raritywink: Wonder what Starlight Glimmer is doing :duck:

Great and Powerfull Foals ahead :ajsmug:

Here comes my third run! Lets see were im ending this time :pinkiehappy:

Amazing adventure :rainbowkiss:

Chapter 3 this time ^-~

Huh ... Neat... My third run was shorter than expected... :applejackunsure: Still a win-win chapter :yay:

Final run is nr 4. :twilightsmile: How fitting the last run ends with the chapter 4 :derpytongue2:

Fourth run and... Huh... Didnt think our character was rich... We better dont skip meals for that :applejackconfused:

Run nr.4 and i choice the last i didnt have yet.
Friendship is magic after all :ajsmug:

Damn! Didnt think the fourth run still get a hype out of me! :raritystarry:

CategorialGrant your amazing :ajsmug:

Dinner Date :yay:

Fourth run... Basicly i payed her 1000 bits in advance, befriend her and now on the way to become familie :coolphoto: Maybe write a chapter with the Perfect ending as bonus? Loved the 4 runs i had :twilightsmile:

Great and Powerfull adventure :eeyup:

This chapter was left after i complet 4 runs. This one was so cute :twilightblush: MAGNIFICENT magical relationship incoming :heart:

First ending, and ain't so bad either. Don't mind if I do! :pinkiehappy:

A more worthy 'Season Pass' than my recent Fortnite Purchase! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Very nice and sweet. I got the Perfect Ending! Go, me!

While this ending was nice to read I can't help but feel it was a bit too sudden and unrealistic.

Ok, so I'm fully aware that CYOA means Choose Your Own Adventure, but every time I see the acronym, my brain immediately thinks it's a Russian word and tries to pronounce it as such.

First ending for me is an awesome one. Nice!

Ok...Lemme see here...
Friendship...not forward enough.
A kiss...WAY too forward...
Maybe a private magic show?

There are 3 better endings bro ;3

Yeah. I know. But, still. I got a good ending. I'm happy with that.
I've also already gone through many more times to see what all the possibilities are.

“...hot chocolate? Yeah that sounds great.”

Took me three tries!

But that ain’t bad.

Thanks for doing these! So much fun!!

“H-How can you afford to drop this much money and not think twice about it.” Trixie gasps

“My mom is Princess Celestia.” You respond casually.

“...your joking...”

“No...w-why? Is that bad?”

“NO! NO! Not at all it’s just...well...what are you doing Friday?

-6 months later

“Can you believe it Twilight?” Spike bounces with his present in his claws. “The prince, engaged?”

“Good for him, he was always so sweet if not a little naive. But Celestia did shelter him a little.” She says with a small sigh.

“Is that jealously I hear?” A snide voice says coming up from behind.

“Trixie? What are you doing here?” Twilight exclaims trying to hide her annoyance.

“The Great and Charming Trixie was invited to this engagement party by the Prince, If you must know.”

“Starlight? You were invited too? What’s with that camera?”

“It’s my present to the bride to be.” Starlight sighs with a bit of chagrin.

“Well, let’s not keep them waiting.” The magician says bouncing up to the door. Before looking back.

The door swings open and the Prince is having his collar adjust by Celestia magic. Before pulling back

“There she is! The main attraction. The mare who enchanted my heart!” The Prince of Equestria swoons as he approaches Trixie.

“Oh stop it, My dear sweet Prince Charming.” She smiles big and genuine before looking over to Starlight.

Twilight is stunned “What the FU-“

“SMILE everyone!”


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