• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Treasure-Your-Own-Trixie - CategoricalGrant

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure romance fanfiction; can you win the magician’s heart?

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Chapter 10

“How about at your wagon, tonight?” you ask.

Trixie chuckles. “The Great and Powerful Trixie will prepare wholeheartedly for your arrival!” she gloats. She cracks open an eye. “How about, like, 6:30?”

“Sure, sounds good,” you agree.

“Excellent!” Trixie declares, closing her eyes in victory again.

At six-thirty sharp, you walk up to Trixie’s wagon and knock quietly on the door. Immediately, it swings open, revealing the cramped interior of Trixie’s wagon. Oddly enough, however, Trixie isn’t there.

“Welcome!” her voice booms from somewhere inside. “Watch in awe!”

Two marble-sized smoke bombs hit the wooden floorboards and explode, filling the cabin of Trixie’s wagon with thick lilac smoke. It spills out of the doorway and outside, washing up against your hooves. Accidentally inhaling some, you cough several times to clear your lungs.

As the smoke continues to clear out of Trixie’s wagon, you hear additional coughing coming from inside. Slowly, Trixie’s hooves are revealed, and then her body. She is hacking profusely, with tears streaming from her eyes.

As the last of the smoke flows out of her wagon, she lets out a final salvo of coughs and takes a rattling breath in. “Now,” she wheezes, her legs trembling, “stand stunned as Trixie entertains you!”

An hour into Trixie’s show, you let out a round of applause, the hammock you’re seated on swaying softly with your movement.

“NOW,” Trixie booms, “FOR MY FINAL TRICK OF THE EVENING!” Quickly clearing off her table, she takes a wand in her magic and taps it several time. “Hocus Pocus!”

You blink several times. “Was something supposed to happen?”

Trixie scoffs. “Check behind your ear.”

You bring a hoof up behind your left ear. “There’s nothing there.”

She rolls her eyes. “Your other ear,” she groans.

You bring a hoof up and gasp. It returns holding a single white rose. “Oh, wow!”

“Thank you, thank you,” Trixie self-congratulates, beaming at you. “This concludes my private show! Thank you kindly for attending!”

“Thank you so much, Trixie! That was incredible!” You stand up, slowly albeit reluctantly preparing to leave.

“Wait,” Trixie halts you, quickly moving her magic table back toward the end of her wagon with her magic. “Before you leave, Trixie has to ask you something.”

Surprised, you feel your heart rate shoot up. “Y-yes?”

Trixie clears her throat. “Trixie was wondering if you would consider becoming her assistant?”

“Your assistant?” you repeat, confused. “What happened to Starlight?”

“Oh, no, Starlight will remain my magic assistant.” Beginning to blush, Trixie looks down at the floorboards and rubs one forehoof with another. “I want you to be my p-personal assistant.”

“Like a secretary?”

Trixie bites her lip and removes her hat. “N-no, not like a secretary. Like a pony who is always around to support Trixie emotionally, and take her nice places, and spend holidays with her. A-and maybe cuddle...sometimes.” Her face is turning bright red.

Wanting to help, you decide to speak up. “Oh, I get it! An assistant!”

Trixie’s head rises to look at you. She appears relieved. “Yes! Now you understand!”

“And of course, it’s a volunteer position, right? I might have to pay for things too.”

“Y-yes!” she agrees. “Unfortunately Trixie enjoys expensive jewelry.”

“I think this is the opportunity of a lifetime,” you agree. “I accept!”

“Excellent!” Trixie crows, shooting up to stand right in front of you with a beaming smile. “Oh, I am so excited to have you as my assistant!”

“When do I start?” you ask hopefully.

“Right now!” she coos, kissing you on the cheek and grabbing your hoof. “Let’s go take a walk and get ice cream!”

“Blue moon?” you ask.

She leans her head over to rest against your neck as you walk out of her wagon and towards town. “Oh, you know Trixie so well.”