• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Treasure-Your-Own-Trixie - CategoricalGrant

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure romance fanfiction; can you win the magician’s heart?

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Chapter 2

“Y-you’re just stunning,” you ingratiate. “Your presence is...I mean...Your cape...It’s immaculate and magnificent!”

Trixie quickly uses a hoof to cover up an ice-cream stain on her purple cape, as she smirks at you. “Indeed. It’s hoof-stitched by Chineighse artisans, you know.”

“Sweat shop workers, you mean,” Starlight’s voice calls from somewhere backstage.

Trixie’s head snaps to her right. “Don’t you have some cleaning to do?” she orders, the sharpness in her voice sending a chill down your spine and causing you to shiver in delight. Returning her attention to you, her smile reappears. “Anyway, I think it compliments my eyes. You’d agree, of course?” She flutters her eyelashes at you.

You practically choke out your response. “B-beautiful...T-the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen…”

“Not merely that you’ve ever seen,” Trixie replies smugly, leaning against the doorframe. “That anypony anywhere has ever seen.”

Starlight scoffs derisively from inside.

You know exactly what to ask next.

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