by CategoricalGrant

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A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure romance fanfiction; can you win the magician’s heart?

The Great and Powerful Trixie’s overwhelming presence and stunning showmanship have won your heart. The real question is: can you win hers!?

A 2nd Person CYOA romance fic between you and Trixie! If you want to fall in love with another character, I’ve also done:

Rainbow Dash
Chrysalis (currently down for editing)
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Cover art is a pic by xXpaw2001Xx

EDIT: Featured 1/7/20!


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The magician, a shock of her startling silver mane fluttering gently behind her, stands on her hind legs to address the small cheering crowd in front of her stage. “Thank you,” she booms, bringing a forehoof to her chest and closing her eyes in satisfaction. “Now, for my next trick, The Great and Powerful Trixie will perform a feat of daring never before seen by pony eyes! I shall saw my assistant Starlight two!”

A wooden half-coffin, decorated in the sorceress’ motif of stars and moons on a purple background, is dragged onstage by a blue aura. Inside, a tired-looking lilac-coated unicorn lies silent.

“Phh, I’ve seen this trick before,” mutters a pony next to you in a quiet complaint.

“Shhh,” you shush him sharply. If you have anything to say about it, there will be no complaints about this stunning spectacle. You had recently wandered into the crowd, vaguely interested in whatever event was going on outside Ponyville’s town square, but you are now enraptured with the magician Trixie’s performance. Or, more accurately, are enraptured with her.

There is something about her that is entrancing. Perhaps it is her air of unbridled confidence. Or, maybe it’s the way her smooth, commanding voice echoes across the crowd. Maybe it’s simply her gorgeous mane and piercing eyes, hidden far too often for your tastes under her hat. Whatever the case, you need her.

As she pulls the ‘two halves’ of her assistant apart, the crowd breaks into another set of stomping applause, and your cheering is the loudest.

It feels as if your heart is beating through your chest. Taking a deep breath as you work up courage, you bring a hoof up and knock on the wooden door on the side of the stage.

The quiet rustling from within suddenly halts, and a pattern of hoofsteps follows after a moment of rest. The door opens after a moment, revealing the mage’s assistant Starlight, now miraculously in only one piece. You gasp in awe.

“Umm, hi!” she replies in a timid greeting. “Can I help you with something?”

You let out a long, shaky breath and clear your throat. “I-is t-the Great and Powerful Tri-i-xie h-here?”

Starlight Glimmer’s ears perk up. “Oh! I think she i-”

A pair of blue hooves seem to appear out of nowhere, firmly shoving Starlight out of your view. With a regal and commanding presence, the most powerful enchantress this side of Canterlot glides into your vision.

“Stand aside, Starlight,” she commands, as a small yelp and crash sound from inside the stage’s inner workings. “The Great and Powerful Trixie has a visitor!”

Your jaw falls as you gawk at Trixie, who smiles coyly at you. After a moment, her smile fades and she squints her eyes.

“Wait a second, Trixie doesn’t know you… are you one of Bootleg’s ponies? I told your boss he’ll get his bits when he gets his bits!”

You struggle to inhale and shake your head. “N-no, I..I just came to see your show, was the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen!”

Trixie blinks twice, seemingly surprised, before her coy smile returns, larger than before. “Well well, I’d say this is a surprise, except it’s really not. Did you expect anything less than perfection from moi?”

She’s actually talking to you! This is your chance! What should you say? Your brain races as you try to think of possibilities.

To talk about Trixie’s magic, proceed to Chapter 1.
To compliment her cape, proceed to Chapter 2.
To compliment Starlight to make Trixie jealous, proceed to Chapter 3.
To buy a season pass to all of her shows, proceed to Chapter 4.

Chapter 1

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“Your ‘Quintuple Chain Escape’ w-was unbelievable!” You gush. “How in Equestria did you do it?”

“A magician never reveals her great and powerful secrets.” Her eyes narrow. “Last time Trixie did, she was stuck in magician copyright court for months and lost her lawsuit against The Marvellous and Itinerant Simon.” She pouts for a moment. “More like the cheap and steal-y Thief!”

You’re less interested in Trixie’s legal history than the mare herself. “A-and the Water Tank Breakout! I-I’ve never seen-”

“A stallion of discerning tastes!” she praises. “That one is my personal favorite. It’s taken me many hours to master, you know.”

You know exactly what to say next.

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Chapter 2

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“Y-you’re just stunning,” you ingratiate. “Your presence is...I mean...Your cape...It’s immaculate and magnificent!”

Trixie quickly uses a hoof to cover up an ice-cream stain on her purple cape, as she smirks at you. “Indeed. It’s hoof-stitched by Chineighse artisans, you know.”

“Sweat shop workers, you mean,” Starlight’s voice calls from somewhere backstage.

Trixie’s head snaps to her right. “Don’t you have some cleaning to do?” she orders, the sharpness in her voice sending a chill down your spine and causing you to shiver in delight. Returning her attention to you, her smile reappears. “Anyway, I think it compliments my eyes. You’d agree, of course?” She flutters her eyelashes at you.

You practically choke out your response. “B-beautiful...T-the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen…”

“Not merely that you’ve ever seen,” Trixie replies smugly, leaning against the doorframe. “That anypony anywhere has ever seen.”

Starlight scoffs derisively from inside.

You know exactly what to ask next.

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Chapter 3

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If you’ve learned anything from those magic crystal VHS tapes you ordered through the mail, it’s that the way to a mare’s heart is to make her feel threatened. “I was really impressed with your assistant.”

Trixie’s brow furrows. “Really?”

“What was her name? Starlight? She’s really skillful.”

“Well,” Trixie pouts, “‘Skillful’ is not the word Trixie would use. ‘Adequate’ might be more-”

“And she’s stunning to boot!” you tack on.

You can see Starlight’s head peek out from the backstage space to look at you curiously.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Trixie growls, frowning. “Thank you for your time, but Trixie has a lot of cleaning up to do.” She uses her magic to rudely push you back before slamming the door.

After a few silent moments, the door opens again and Starlight is pushed out in the same manner. “You too!” Trixie’s voice booms. “Out!”

The door slams again.

You glance over at Starlight, whose ears are flattened against her head in surprise. Meeting your gaze, she blushes and paws at the ground with a forehoof.

“So, uhm, I guess my afternoon is free now…” she begins. “W-would you like to maybe...I dunno...Get some hot cocoa with me?” She smiles up hopefully at you.

[Not so] BAD(?) ENDING

Chapter 4

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“C-can I buy a season pass to your show! I never want to miss another one!”

Trixie grins. “Of course you ca…” Her ears flatten against her head as she struggles to maintain her smirk. “D-did you say ‘season pass’?”

“Uh huh!” you nod.

“I, uh...Yes! That will be...One thousand bits…?” she states, seemingly a little unsure of herself.

Paying absolutely no mind to the cost, you fling a massive bag of bits out of your saddlebags. “I can pay 700 now and wire you the rest in an hour from the bank!”

Trixie’s eyes widen as she nabs the bag, her lips trembling as if it was a slice of the Canterlot Hotel’s finest cake. “...One moment.”

The door slams shut. Some furious scribbling noises are heard from inside.

The door opens again, and Trixie uses her magic to float a torn half-sheet of paper to you. It reads ‘Seezun Pass’ in sloppy hoofwriting, and is signed underneath.

“AND IT COMES WITH AN AUTOGRAPH!” you cry, stamping your hooves in delight.

You know exactly what you have to ask now.

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Chapter 5

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“Do you have a fan club I can join!?” you ask in excitement.

Trixie closes her eyes and chuckles somewhat derisively at you. “The Great and Powerful Trixie does not have a ‘fan club’. Those are for narcissistic Wonderbolts and self-absorbed Princesses.”

“Oh,” you whisper, crestfallen.

“However,” she continues, “I do have an Enthusiast’s Society.” Using her magic, she floats over a large business card with her Cutie Mark on the front and several small boxes on the back. Pulling a stamp from somewhere within the stage, she stamps the first of the boxes. “Come to five of my shows, and I shall fulfill one of your wishes!”

Your eyes widen. “I get a wish!?”

“Of course. Trixie performs dazzling feats of power on a daily basis! Granting wishes is foal’s play. Now, if you will excuse me...uh, what’s your name?”

You tell her your name, your voice trembling.

“Yes, if you will excuse me I have to finish cleaning up after my show. I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.” Trixie flourishes a bow to you before the door closes in her magical aura.

“Only four more shows, and I get a wish from Trixie…” your muzzle scrunches up in mischievous glee. “And she didn’t say there were any restrictions, either!

You burst into applause as Trixie’s show ends. It was a little rough this time, sure. Starlight’s mane might have caught on fire, and Trixie herself may have fallen through some broken floorboards on her stage, but her performance was no less dazzling than you had come to expect from her.

The crowd finishes its half-hearted applause and begins to disperse. You, on the other hoof, happily prance over to the backstage access door. It may have taken you almost six weeks and a spate of train tickets to catch Trixie’s next four shows all across different towns in the Canterlot valley, but it would soon be worth it!”

You knock on the door, and Starlight opens it, the blackened fringes of her flowing mane still smoking. She regards you with a bemused expression and rolls her eyes. “Trixie...Your #1 ‘Enthusiast’ is here…”

“Stand aside!” she barks, pushing Starlight away. Trixie smiles and greets you by name. “I am very impressed with you, you know. There are so many fair weather admirers, and you are not one of them.”

You hand in your card to her, which she stamps. “I congratulate you on being the first member of my Enthusiast’s Society to complete your stamp card!” she booms.

“And also on being the first member of the Enthusiast’s Society in general,” you hear Starlight call.

Trixie’s horn glows blue for a moment. You hear a loud crash and a yelp from Starlight. “Now,” Trixie continues, “You have earned a wish, and Trixie is here to fulfill it!” She poses gallantly for you, a hoof pressed to her chest.

To ask Trixie to be your friend, proceed to Chapter 6.
To ask Trixie for a kiss, proceed to Chapter 7.
To ask Trixie for a private magic show, proceed to Chapter 8.

Chapter 6

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“Well, my wish is that I’d like to be your friend,” you tell her bashfully.

Trixie maintains her pose, but opens one eye to look at you. “ friend?”

You nod. “You’re really great, and, well...I’d love to call the most powerful magician in all of Equestria my friend.”

Trixie steps down from her pose to face you. Her eyes betray an expression you’ve never seen her wear before...uncertainty, perhaps? She looks as if she’s deep in thought.

Finally, she closes her eyes again and turns her muzzle up smugly, although she can’t hide her smile. “Trixie already considers you her friend. That wish doesn’t count- pick another one.”
TWO wishes? This must be your lucky day!

To ask Trixie for a kiss, proceed to Chapter 7.
To ask Trixie for a private magic show, proceed to Chapter 8.
To ask Trixie out for dinner, proceed to Chapter 9.

Chapter 7

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“Can I have a kiss?” you ask her.

Trixie laughs. “What an absolutely simple task for-” Her eyes flash open and her posture collapses. “A...kiss?”

“Uh-huh!” you nod emphatically, adrenaline rushing through your vessels. “There weren’t any restrictions on the wish, right?”

Trixie blinks a few times and scowls at the ground. She sighs. “Trixie will have to add some fine print on the card next time. Very well, I shall kiss you.”

Starlight’s head peeks out from around the corner. “Can I watch?”

“No.” Trixie’s horn lights up and throws Starlight out of the stage, who screams as she flies through the air and lands with a thud in the grass.

Trixie takes off her hat. “Come inside.” She shuts the door behind you, turns around quickly, and pecks you on the lips.

You’re so surprised that you can barely even feel it. “Th-that’s it?”

“Of course! I completed your wish!” Trixie protests, pouting.

“B-but it wasn’t very good…” you whine like the soy-colt you are.

Trixie gasps, holding a hoof to her chest. Her gaze narrows. “Well, I never! We’ll see about that!” Stepping forward quickly, her hooves wrap around your neck and she presses her lips forcefully to yours.

You melt forward into her hooves, and you can feel her place more of her weight on your back as she shifts to maintain balance. Her warm lips part just a moment later to lock with yours. The kiss lasts just a few seconds longer before she pulls away, her tongue lightly brushing over your lower lip as she leaves.

“There!” she responds, turning her muzzle up. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…” Trixie’s horn lights up and she gently pushes you out of the door before closing it.

Your heart is racing, and your mind is so overwhelmed with the sensory ghosts of Trixie’s kiss you can hardly fathom whether or not she is mad with you.

The next day, you’re returning home from the shop, your saddlebags full of groceries for the next few days. As you approach the door to your house, you notice something taped to your front door.

Curiously, you approach the taped object. It’s an envelope, and you waste no time opening it.

You forgot to pick up your new Enthusiast’s Club card.


A new card is in the envelope along with the message. In addition to the initial at the bottom, the letter is sealed with a kiss mark in blue lipstick.

“Heh, nice.”


Chapter 8

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“Can you give me a private magic show?” you ask her.

Trixie snorts in self-assured glee. “Of course,” she tells you, grinning in her magnificent pose. “Where and when?”

To ask for a Private Show at her wagon tonight, proceed to Chapter 10.
To ask for a Private Show at your wagon next week (when a terrible thunderstorm is scheduled by the weather Pegasi) proceed to Chapter 11.

Chapter 9

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“Hmmm… I wish...for you to go out to dinner with me.”

Trixie grins. “Trixie is always available to fulfill her friend’s wish of having dinner in her glorious presence!” Her smile falls. “Only...let’s do something cheap, I’m not trying to blow my bit purse.”

“Oh, I’ll pay,” you tell her. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll pay. We’ll do something nice. How about the Ponyville Bistro tonight?”

Trixie purses her lips. Then she takes off her hat and cloak, and quickly scribbles something on a card. “I would like to personally welcome you as the first member of the Great and Powerful Trixie’s Diner’s Circle.” She slips the card, marked with one filled box, into your saddlebags. “Pay for four nice dinners and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, and you win a trip to Las Pegasus, where I will personally introduce you to my estranged father!”

You smile. “That’s great!” You frown. “I guess.”

She steps up beside you and takes your right forehoof with one of hers. “Shall we?”

Blushing and holding on to Trixie’s hoof, you walk with her away from the stage. She leans into your side as you walk with her into the sunset and towards the location of your first date.

“So...Am I just supposed to clean up here by myself?” Starlight calls after Trixie, to no avail.


Chapter 10

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“How about at your wagon, tonight?” you ask.

Trixie chuckles. “The Great and Powerful Trixie will prepare wholeheartedly for your arrival!” she gloats. She cracks open an eye. “How about, like, 6:30?”

“Sure, sounds good,” you agree.

“Excellent!” Trixie declares, closing her eyes in victory again.

At six-thirty sharp, you walk up to Trixie’s wagon and knock quietly on the door. Immediately, it swings open, revealing the cramped interior of Trixie’s wagon. Oddly enough, however, Trixie isn’t there.

“Welcome!” her voice booms from somewhere inside. “Watch in awe!”

Two marble-sized smoke bombs hit the wooden floorboards and explode, filling the cabin of Trixie’s wagon with thick lilac smoke. It spills out of the doorway and outside, washing up against your hooves. Accidentally inhaling some, you cough several times to clear your lungs.

As the smoke continues to clear out of Trixie’s wagon, you hear additional coughing coming from inside. Slowly, Trixie’s hooves are revealed, and then her body. She is hacking profusely, with tears streaming from her eyes.

As the last of the smoke flows out of her wagon, she lets out a final salvo of coughs and takes a rattling breath in. “Now,” she wheezes, her legs trembling, “stand stunned as Trixie entertains you!”

An hour into Trixie’s show, you let out a round of applause, the hammock you’re seated on swaying softly with your movement.

“NOW,” Trixie booms, “FOR MY FINAL TRICK OF THE EVENING!” Quickly clearing off her table, she takes a wand in her magic and taps it several time. “Hocus Pocus!”

You blink several times. “Was something supposed to happen?”

Trixie scoffs. “Check behind your ear.”

You bring a hoof up behind your left ear. “There’s nothing there.”

She rolls her eyes. “Your other ear,” she groans.

You bring a hoof up and gasp. It returns holding a single white rose. “Oh, wow!”

“Thank you, thank you,” Trixie self-congratulates, beaming at you. “This concludes my private show! Thank you kindly for attending!”

“Thank you so much, Trixie! That was incredible!” You stand up, slowly albeit reluctantly preparing to leave.

“Wait,” Trixie halts you, quickly moving her magic table back toward the end of her wagon with her magic. “Before you leave, Trixie has to ask you something.”

Surprised, you feel your heart rate shoot up. “Y-yes?”

Trixie clears her throat. “Trixie was wondering if you would consider becoming her assistant?”

“Your assistant?” you repeat, confused. “What happened to Starlight?”

“Oh, no, Starlight will remain my magic assistant.” Beginning to blush, Trixie looks down at the floorboards and rubs one forehoof with another. “I want you to be my p-personal assistant.”

“Like a secretary?”

Trixie bites her lip and removes her hat. “N-no, not like a secretary. Like a pony who is always around to support Trixie emotionally, and take her nice places, and spend holidays with her. A-and maybe cuddle...sometimes.” Her face is turning bright red.

Wanting to help, you decide to speak up. “Oh, I get it! An assistant!”

Trixie’s head rises to look at you. She appears relieved. “Yes! Now you understand!”

“And of course, it’s a volunteer position, right? I might have to pay for things too.”

“Y-yes!” she agrees. “Unfortunately Trixie enjoys expensive jewelry.”

“I think this is the opportunity of a lifetime,” you agree. “I accept!”

“Excellent!” Trixie crows, shooting up to stand right in front of you with a beaming smile. “Oh, I am so excited to have you as my assistant!”

“When do I start?” you ask hopefully.

“Right now!” she coos, kissing you on the cheek and grabbing your hoof. “Let’s go take a walk and get ice cream!”

“Blue moon?” you ask.

She leans her head over to rest against your neck as you walk out of her wagon and towards town. “Oh, you know Trixie so well.”


Chapter 11

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“What do you say, my house, tomorrow at around 5?”

“Trixie agrees.” She smiles softly at you. “I shall see you then!”

The knock on your door sounds at around seven in the evening, just as the skies are beginning to darken with clouds. You scamper quickly to open it, revealing Trixie standing outside wearing saddlebags you assume must be filled with magic supplies.

“I have arrived!” she declares, her voice full of grandeur. She quickly muscles her way inside and unceremoniously sweeps your coffee table clear of trash. “Let us begin!”

Happily, you skip over to your couch and sit down, eager to see the show.

A little over an hour later, Trixie finishes her last trick and you clop your hooves together in celebration.

“Wow, that was great, Trixie!”

“Thank you, thank you,” she tells you, ingratiating with a bow. With a practiced flourish of magic, she gathers her belongings into her saddlebags. “I’m headed out. Trixie will see you at her next show, yes?”

“Of course.” You nod violently.

“Excellent.” Hefting her saddlebags onto her back, she trots to the door. “Ta-ta,” she says, throwing the door to the outside open.

It is absolutely pouring outside.

Trixie halts, staring out into the blackness of night punctuated by heavy, pounding rain. A flash and loud shock of thunder follow a few moments later.

“Oh, no…” you sigh, not really that sad.

“How is Trixie supposed to get home now!?” she whines sharply, stomping a hoof on your floor.

“You can always stay here,” you suggest bashfully.

She slams the door. “Fine. Trixie will stay.” She slumps her bags off of herself and they fall with a thump to the floor.

“Oh, wonderful,” you celebrate.

Trixie glares at you.

Wilting under her gaze, your eyes dart back and forth. “Would you, uh, like some wine?”

“Of course I would,” she pouts, marching over to collapse onto your couch.

Quickly, you hop up and run to your kitchen, where you open up a fine bottle of wine you had preemptively bought, along with two wine glasses. Returning, you place the glasses down onto the table, filling Trixie’s first.

Trixie nabs her wine glass in her aura and gulps almost half of it down immediately, leaving a dark red stain around her mouth. You wish silently that she would display some sign of being impressed by its quality, but alas, you are disappointed in that regard.

“I can cook some nice dinner or-”

“Why is Trixie’s show not more popular?” she asks you, frowning. “I am the best magician in Equestria, am I not!?”

“Oh, you most definitely are,” you concur. “I think, umm…” You rattle your brain as you think of a suitable answer. “That people are just...intimidated by your artistic genius!”

Trixie smiles and downs the rest of her wine. “Good answer.” Sighing, she slouches back in your couch.

“More wine?” you offer.

“Absolutely,” she confirms, kicking her hooves up onto your table.

Quickly, you refill her wine glass. “It was a really spectacular show you put on for me.”

“Of course it was,” she says, taking another big gulp. “You know, Trixie likes you.”

Your ears perk up. “R-really?”

“You always know how to say the right thing,” she muses, scooting over closer to you on the couch. “I do not mind your presence.”

What a compliment! “I, um, certainly don’t mind your presence either. I like it, in fact.”

Trixie places her wine glass down after taking another sip, and pushes you with her hoof down into a supine position.

Blushing, you curl your forelegs up to your chest in surprise. “T-Trixie?”

She clambers over you to lie half on top of you, and half on the couch to your side. “Trixie is going to hold you.”

“D-does this mean y-you’re into me?”

Trixie kisses your cheek before bringing her muzzle up to whisper in your ear. “Was there ever any doubt…?

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Chapter 12

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A year and a half later, Trixie opens your door with her key and wipes her hooves on your doormat. “You better have a good reason for dragging me out here through the snow!”

You are adorned in a top hat and a magician’s cape you had hoof stitched, although poorly. “Welcome to my magic show!”

Trixie snorts. “Oh, this oughta be good.” She takes a seat in front of you.

On the folding table in front of you is a small box. “Watch, as I reveal the mystical item inside of this secret box, using the secret, magic words!” You ready your wand and tap it three times against the table. “Will you marry me!?”

A small puff of smoke dissipates slowly, revealing a diamond ring.

You smile nervously and look at Trixie, who is wearing a blank face. After a moment, you garner the courage to speak up. “S-so? What do you think of the trick?”

Trixie snorts again, albeit derisively this time, and shakes her head. Sighing, she rolls her eyes. “That was one of the stupidest magic tricks I’ve ever seen.”

Your heart sinks in your chest and a feeling of dread comes over you. “Really?”

“Really.” Trixie stands up and floats the ring over onto her horn, now unable to hide her smile. “But, luckily for you, Trixie will marry you anyway.” Trotting over to you, she plants a warm kiss onto your lips and melts into your embrace.

“I love you,” you tell her softly.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” she scolds. “That’s after dinner talk.”