• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Treasure-Your-Own-Trixie - CategoricalGrant

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure romance fanfiction; can you win the magician’s heart?

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Chapter 11

“What do you say, my house, tomorrow at around 5?”

“Trixie agrees.” She smiles softly at you. “I shall see you then!”

The knock on your door sounds at around seven in the evening, just as the skies are beginning to darken with clouds. You scamper quickly to open it, revealing Trixie standing outside wearing saddlebags you assume must be filled with magic supplies.

“I have arrived!” she declares, her voice full of grandeur. She quickly muscles her way inside and unceremoniously sweeps your coffee table clear of trash. “Let us begin!”

Happily, you skip over to your couch and sit down, eager to see the show.

A little over an hour later, Trixie finishes her last trick and you clop your hooves together in celebration.

“Wow, that was great, Trixie!”

“Thank you, thank you,” she tells you, ingratiating with a bow. With a practiced flourish of magic, she gathers her belongings into her saddlebags. “I’m headed out. Trixie will see you at her next show, yes?”

“Of course.” You nod violently.

“Excellent.” Hefting her saddlebags onto her back, she trots to the door. “Ta-ta,” she says, throwing the door to the outside open.

It is absolutely pouring outside.

Trixie halts, staring out into the blackness of night punctuated by heavy, pounding rain. A flash and loud shock of thunder follow a few moments later.

“Oh, no…” you sigh, not really that sad.

“How is Trixie supposed to get home now!?” she whines sharply, stomping a hoof on your floor.

“You can always stay here,” you suggest bashfully.

She slams the door. “Fine. Trixie will stay.” She slumps her bags off of herself and they fall with a thump to the floor.

“Oh, wonderful,” you celebrate.

Trixie glares at you.

Wilting under her gaze, your eyes dart back and forth. “Would you, uh, like some wine?”

“Of course I would,” she pouts, marching over to collapse onto your couch.

Quickly, you hop up and run to your kitchen, where you open up a fine bottle of wine you had preemptively bought, along with two wine glasses. Returning, you place the glasses down onto the table, filling Trixie’s first.

Trixie nabs her wine glass in her aura and gulps almost half of it down immediately, leaving a dark red stain around her mouth. You wish silently that she would display some sign of being impressed by its quality, but alas, you are disappointed in that regard.

“I can cook some nice dinner or-”

“Why is Trixie’s show not more popular?” she asks you, frowning. “I am the best magician in Equestria, am I not!?”

“Oh, you most definitely are,” you concur. “I think, umm…” You rattle your brain as you think of a suitable answer. “That people are just...intimidated by your artistic genius!”

Trixie smiles and downs the rest of her wine. “Good answer.” Sighing, she slouches back in your couch.

“More wine?” you offer.

“Absolutely,” she confirms, kicking her hooves up onto your table.

Quickly, you refill her wine glass. “It was a really spectacular show you put on for me.”

“Of course it was,” she says, taking another big gulp. “You know, Trixie likes you.”

Your ears perk up. “R-really?”

“You always know how to say the right thing,” she muses, scooting over closer to you on the couch. “I do not mind your presence.”

What a compliment! “I, um, certainly don’t mind your presence either. I like it, in fact.”

Trixie places her wine glass down after taking another sip, and pushes you with her hoof down into a supine position.

Blushing, you curl your forelegs up to your chest in surprise. “T-Trixie?”

She clambers over you to lie half on top of you, and half on the couch to your side. “Trixie is going to hold you.”

“D-does this mean y-you’re into me?”

Trixie kisses your cheek before bringing her muzzle up to whisper in your ear. “Was there ever any doubt…?

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