• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Treasure-Your-Own-Trixie - CategoricalGrant

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure romance fanfiction; can you win the magician’s heart?

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Chapter 6

“Well, my wish is that I’d like to be your friend,” you tell her bashfully.

Trixie maintains her pose, but opens one eye to look at you. “...my friend?”

You nod. “You’re really great, and, well...I’d love to call the most powerful magician in all of Equestria my friend.”

Trixie steps down from her pose to face you. Her eyes betray an expression you’ve never seen her wear before...uncertainty, perhaps? She looks as if she’s deep in thought.

Finally, she closes her eyes again and turns her muzzle up smugly, although she can’t hide her smile. “Trixie already considers you her friend. That wish doesn’t count- pick another one.”
TWO wishes? This must be your lucky day!

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